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  1. I've tried writing a thread and I've tried talking to people, but I found it as exhausting as real life communication is. I think that's because in the end I'm the least knowledgeable lurker here. And anyway, newb questions and discussions seem to be very unadvised here.
  2. That's a good enough reason for me. Thank you.
  3. It's great. Where exactly are you going to use your data? If it's not a secret for the sake of building intimidation.
  4. Long walks talking about nothing in particular. For example, I like to just maybe sing a song and describe how it makes me feel, or talking about global warming and how it might affect us and stuff like that. Sometimes I get a response, other times I don't, depends on he topic. But I guess that's how you learn what your tulpa likes or dislikes.
  5. I wouldn't call it happy, but I am very glad and thankful that I have my tulpas. The help they give me is essential for me. Basically, if not for my tulpas, I would've been in an asylum a long time ago. So, even if I view them in such a negative way sometimes, I still need them. I wouldn't have my life as it is right now without them, and I love my life.
  6. Hahaha she's so cute Everyone adore this cuteness And the bonus is the even more cute
  7. Weeee aaare the chaaampions, my friend.. And weeee'll keep on fighting, till the eeeend..
  8. Wow, too much detail. You celebrate how you want, and what you want. I don't want to know I am the winner and that is all there is to say on the matter.
  9. Okay I know this sounds bad, but I can't really have them go away. I now know why I have them, and I am fine with it. They are my "precious little cute" things that help me be less of a sociopath. Remember I wrote that I believe they were created by my brain when it was struggling to fix itself? I'm afraid there are two ways it could go if I get rid of my tulpas: 1) I will go into a state of complete apathy, I won't be able to function in real life, I will be officially a mentally disturbed person 2) My brain will try to fix itself once again, creating mindentities even more terrifying t
  10. Luminesce, First of all, it's great to see someone who has a similar system. But reading you post, it seems like I should've included description of all of my tulpas. I've mostly referred to one of them, Red, who definitely has more influence, but there are others. The first one to come up was Dark(originally he was "light"). None of them have actuall names, I just refer to their visible color. He appeared when I was very young and just realised that I don't feel any empathy/love/pity towards others. He was the one to make me interested, curious, kind at first. But later on all he made me f
  11. Each of my tulpas have very different feelings towards myself. They are conductors of certain emotions, but they still have personalities and can have opinions. On my side, I don't feel anything toward them as persons. I just feel disgust with the fact that I depend so very much on them. I think your relationship with your tulpa is interesting, Anderson, and I envy that you can have that. But on the note of getting rid of your tulpa.. If I did, I would be put in a psycho prison right away, to say the least.
  12. I can see why you would be so dependant on someone you love, but in my situation I am dependant on the creatures that can and do torture my mind and physical body. They do it because they know I have little to no control over them. I don't really understand how you could love something that has an ability to hurt you so much.
  13. Consider this: a person with a disability affecting personality and emotions cannot feel certain emotions on his own. Now, a tulpa, a mindentity on it's own, creates itself as a response to the person's brain struggling to fix itself. What do we get? An emotive tulpa, perhaps? I've been introduced to the tulpa community not too long ago, but I've had a tulpa for a majority of my life. I theorized a lot on the reason why I was "blessed" by a mindentity. I've come to a conclusion, however, that my tulpas(there are 4 currently) are the representations of emotions and feeling that I am supposed
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