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  1. Today i just saw some models to make my characters, it looks like im good making female puppets but for some reasons is kinda hard to make the male character, i dunno why, i love women so much and i appreciate bodies but am not too sure with men a male body is hard to draw fro me believe it or not. Now my tulpa Bios and Eddie told me about making something more simple and easy, in thbe meantime Swirl Whoops is done because is gonna take it longer in order to make it perfect, Bios said something like "if you start something big you may get the Gangnam Style Syndrome" and i said "WTF has to do that song with our thing?" and he said "if you start by making something huge it will be viral and generate a lot of views on Youtube also be worldwide famous, but, the second and third video you make it doesnt gonna have the same impact as the first one, please consider to make something simple, start by an easy job and then proceed to improve, learn, practice and that would be a great cause for Swirl whoops" so i decided to start a new story i planned long time ago with chibi models and simple designs but is gonna be good i think, i call it "Metatron's Tales: The Eater of Demons" i call it like that because the main character is called Metatron and... i wont spoil, even if is gonna look shitty i have the rule to never reveal my work to make it special, but as far it sounds like a great idea, Eddie told me about learning music, to be honest my music talent is minus 100, i dont have the slightlest idea of how to compose music, but in order to make Swirl Whoops more personal, and not ask or pay for other's music i decided to see what i can learn, hell, if i could learn flash by my own ways why not FL studio? am sure something good i can make. i wanna end the night playing Silent Hill Shattered Memories on my old psp and have a lovely time with one of my favorite games, am gonna give a rest to my pc and lay on my bed, and just as a final thought, i would like to say that my works can be ridiculous i know, but if i love what i do because is fun and sweet, i couldnt care less what others say, am not hurting anybody and i do it for fun
  2. interesting, cant wait to read more
  3. Before i begin to start with the hard part first i need to tell who is each being, later am gonna update this entry with images Tulpa - is a creation from your mind that works in certain patterns you add to the personality of such character so it gets automatically answers and develops a true nature and becomes a living ghost, a creation of your mind, in a resume, is more powerful than your imaginary friend. okay my name is Megoleret for those who does not know my name and today its 11/5/14, in this day i decided to start a journal for personal use but whoever who would like to read, i wont deny it to the public. now am gonna give you a super resume with my life: i born with Asperger, left handed, Attention deficit apart from other jewels of the Brony stereotypes, i never had a real friend when i was a little kid so i decided to start making imaginary friends. Now instead of do whatever people do that is erase your imaginary friends i decided to keep them and add new features, i develop them so much they became tulpas (and at my 9 years old i didnt know they were called like that) so my first tulpas had sons, then grandsons then all become a family until now, i have the last descendents of my first tulpas, those characters believe or not i see them like i can see a person, you must know that i have them since i was 5 until my 24 years old so i can see and hear them, i maybe crazy but who isnt? So in a way those are my Tulpas from now Bios: is the leader of the group of Swirl Whoops Cult, Rule over DNA he is able to mutate in a molecular level, create formulas and affect everythign to a living being, Rule Over Life, he can also bring minions that has the duty of give me ideas for Swirl Whoops or give me punisments when i fail in something, such as nightmares and bad thoughts and these mutants can be extremly beautiful and genetically perfect OR true monsters in demonic forms, his sons are Angel, Lucile and Tubal, im gonna detail their mothers later and give some explanations. his appereance is a tall and slim man, with blonde long hair very beautiful and soft to the touch, it was long enough to cover an eye and give the appereance of a young god, his eyes has 4 tones of blue, very beautiful, his skin is normal perfectly tan and without imperfections, he always dress a brown suit with a black tie and white shirt, in the Night of Rituals he wears a robe that is red, brown and white that represents muscles, bone and guts respectly. Title: Marquis of Life Edward: best known as Eddie or Ed, Rule over Passions, he was choosen as F*cker because he is the representation of lust, and manages desire on my person he is right hand of Bios, loyal to the death to Swirl Whoops and the followers of it, he gives ideas too like Bios's servants but he adds certain charisma and relevance so his words give him something, his appereance is a man on his 40, he was just as tall as Bios he has perfectly toned muscles, red hair, he has a goatee just as red as the hair and eyebrows, his eyes are light green and thick nose, his facial features are strong but his eyes are the only delicate thing on that brute face but he isnt ugly Title: Duke of Passions Bianca: Bios First Butcher, she Rule Over Ice, she kills distractions and ideas and i can see how she kill them, the "ideas" take a form and she kill them, She is the ambassador of my MLP OC's tulpas, she is the only Tulpa that is as Strong as Bios, even so she is a master of sadistic ideas and charming ideas. Her appereance is a woman on her 30's also she has blue-greenish skin and pink eyes, closer to red, her hair is long and dark blue, almost black, she has a perfect body, large curves where they are, she is a short person always dressing in a office suit, sometimes her hair is picked up and use glasses, sometimes dont Title: Queen of Ice Martaine: Bios Second Butcher, she Rule Over Fire, just as Bianca she kills ideas with fire, she is niece of Eddie, she is the story teller and she helps me with the writing mode in spanish and also asist me in english writings, also she tells nice stories about anythign that is not related to Swirl Whoops. Her appereance is cute: pale skin, red hair and a bit long enough to reach part of the back, her eyes are a light blue and shy look, small lips and tends to have a nervous look everytime but she is very confident with herself, she always dress a simple pick dress and sometimes leather in the Night of the Rituals Title: Countress of Fire Sarah: Bios's Third butcher, She Rule over Lighting, distraction killer, great concience to have and also a real lady, she is Bios's second wife, she manages ideas for Swirl Whoops characters and she has a motherly like nature. Her Appereance is nice: very pale, dark blue eyes, if you get closer you can see lighting bolts on her iris, her hair is brown, short enough to reach half of the neck, her lips have a nice tone of pink and her teeth are perfectly white and clean, she has a curvy slim body and her clothes is a light gray shirt that shines like if was metal, and leather pants with plastic boots (dont ask me, she wanted me to do that clothes) Title: Governor of Lighting Lotus: He is a designer, he makes the design in my eyes to make the models and drawings and buildings, Rule over Cutting he make a cutting energy with his hands that he use only to cut structures and we all know that if a Idea crosses he can cut it in no time but he isnt violent unlike the Butchers He is androginous, he has female features on his face and body, he can be easly confused with a very beautiful woman if it wasnt for his private parts and flat chest, his eyes are big but beautiful, in a metallic green and sparkles on it, small nose and mouth, he is short and always dress in black, but he isnt goth, he just like the colour. Title: Bishop of Cutting Void: Bios best friend and Rule Over Chaos, he control magic and make the Rituals, he also commands my dreams with excelent results so if i wanna dream with going to Equestria he can make it, he betrayed Bios's plan of Swirl Whoops because he want to set his own actions but Bios and the rest have another intentions. his skin is purple with pink eyes, his hair is black with some red stripes he wears only a red hood cloak, black pants with metallic parts and metallic boots that has magical properties Title: Priest of Chaos Fanchon: Bios First Wife and Rule Over Death, she is the only who kills the tulpas and put them in the place of eternity and she decides their fate, i cannot tell her what fate must be, she is a philosopher and she teaches me some lessons. she ears a black dress and severed look, deep green eyes and her hair is long and black as night, her skin is very pale and she uses a spear to take the tulpas to their underworld Title: empress of Death with all those Tulpas i made, aas i said before, the last descendants of my imaginary friends everything starts in a break up with my gf, the only one i ever had, i felt depression and i was rolling in the floor, i havent took a bath in days, i didnt sleep i just wanted to die... the girl i loved... lost... suddenly my tulpa Bios helped me to get up, he told me Bios: why you have to be like the rest of the suckers? there's no point to suffer for a lost love, i will give you a new life beyond any normal life, i offer you a reason to live and pain will never get you again me: i dont care... just fuck you, you dont exist... Bios: neither you for the rest of the universe.... but look i will help you and listen to me... can you trust me old pal? me: yeah.... Bios: good, bring me in the realm of your existence and i will try to give you happiness, make me important in your dream world and i will make you important to the rest of the people Me: okay but... what you have in mind? Bios: an animation! After other words me and all the members of the group make a deal and we agree to make a project called Swirl whoops, and it gonna contain all my visions ideas, philosophies etc, and honestly i dont really care if you mock of this or insult me, i dont care. Bios also told me: in order to keep things working you must rennounce the chance to have a new love, that may ruin our plan and the deal would be broke me: why? Bios: because a girl you talked brought us here, and if another comes you will give all to that person i know it me: well... nobody loves me why you care Bios: there will be the day you finally care for someone, and that day you will regret this deal you did to us you must learn that Swirl Whoops is very powerful, it has your soul in it Me:dont worry Bios... no girl will love me so i make the deal, i did the map of Swirl whoops, write manifests, make my own languaje, start to make Void to use my dreams for reunions and also to help me to overcome my depressions, then i felt reborn like if my depression ended suddenly, and i was another person, i feel happy and we start the project, all the group was watching my progress for Swirl Whoops even now, sometimes i see Bios nervous thinking that if a girl enter in my life this will be erased but i told him nobody will love me so whats the big deal? maybe you can think i went crazy and im talking to imaginary people and i need some help... meh whatever am not hurting anyone and if i decide to share this ultra secret if because i trust in my people (tulpa makers) normally those secrets are forbidden in the social world but i dont give a damn. So a few hours i finished the profile views of my puppets and Eddie told me to rest, then he told me to sit in the bed and relax, then he just told me that i need to rest due my leg, i have my muscles misplaced on my leg and i need to rest but i do love Swirl Whoops more than anything in the world, but Eddie was worried more for my health, and he told me to take my pills and sleep, Bios didnt like the idea but he wanted too, i remember he said Bios: i need you to be healthy... comming from Bios that was something, he never said such things, then Lotus gave me the arquitecture of the buildings of the proyect and he showed me courtyard, bathrooms, labs, kitchen and a lot of things, in the meantime Bianca was training because she challenged Bios into a fight, her reason is because she wanted to use Blender (a 3d software) unlike Bios who said that Flash is better so to put order i took some dices and make a board. After i throw the dices surpricingly it was a tie, so i declare that they both can be used to Swirl whoops... But what is Swirl Whoops? Swirl whoops is a the projects name of a animation am making in order to put all my ideas in it, i wanna make it perfect because this is gonna be my part for this world and it must be part of something important, i wont say spoilers but its gonna be as perfect as a can... i think Swirl Whoops is gonna take much more than i exoected, i think that it may be better if i start with a less difficult job... i dunno how Bios is gonna react by this, me and him were putting all our love and effort for Swirl Whoops but i think that time is valuable so i have to think in something less important just to get some views and make my presentation card, dont worry, i wont give up Swirl Whoops, i will continue with this job, i may quit internet for a while to start the project, right now i just wanna be with my psp and start in a few hours or maybe tomorrow, a less importan project... and by the way i made the female puppets at front and profile views but 3q is really hard, Lotus proposed to draw itt on paper and... sounds like a good idea.. why i have to be so perfeccionist? i always wanted everything perfect and am radical too... i dont believe in grays, just black and white for those smart enough you know what i mean. i guess i wont type more until i get online again, i may gonna sleep or play videogames, i dunno i dont want, gawd i need to rest my mind from some thoughts i have about this project and also from the Web in just a bit of hours... Okay, its been a few hours since i woke up and i just finishing my 3q puppet, i tell my parents about this proyect but my mom is just more than indiferent everytime i tell her to come to my room, is frustrating, wish to have someone to share more of this work but i have you the great ignorer, so i feel kinda better sharing this, now i may do some experiments on flash and take some notes about my findings, am sure i would get some new features for Swirl Whoops
  4. alright, i found this site about tulpas and i would like to share with you: am 24 years old from Mexico am very friendly and happy, also i feel am kinda helpful i would like to share the story of my tulpas: it all start when i was 5 years, i havent friends back then so i imagine my own and i form my first imaginary friends all of them look like persons and were mere shadows that only repeat what i want... but later, when i was seven i decide to give them more cuz i had fun time with them, so i developed their stories and imagine places, first based on games and movies i saw, later i créate my own places where they live, i remember my first ones were a group of animals with human features, like anthro, they called themselfs the Fornils and they followed the cult of Chaos saying that the world and the universe was a creation of Chaos, the high priests were 3 tulpas: Maquilaconsvit Agasia Kij and Balareth (i invented the names in those years) in those times i can phisically see them only, and event are planned by myself, Maquilaconsvit betray the Fornils cuz he had a sister that was good and pure, but later in a few years he was spotted by Balareth and Agasia, and Maquilaconsvit sister was killed in a ritual (NOTE: this may looks like am telling a story or a fiction, but trust me everyone these events happened, and this is when i lost the control of the events) after that the sister of Maquilaconsvit's soul was in a weird talismán of Balareth, he and maquilaconsvit fighted each other, i used to cry for that cuz the fight took place even in my dreams, we are talking about a "crow man" (Balareth) and a "bat man" (Maquilaconsvit) they gave me the worst nightmares ever, the sounds of they fighting was horrible, but suddenly the sounds stopped, Maquilaconsvit injured Balareth badly but he didn kill him.... some months later i decided to develope more my tulpas, i thought about the texture of the skin, their smell, even how they taste, the more vivid the better, i made an effort to hear their voices until more characters appear themselves, i just had to developed them. There was this city i called Saris, and there was 6 leaders that ruled the city, (that happen years later after a lot of irrelevant events) - Ophiel - Ledernouth - Ectakrel - Zoporukas - Maquilaconsvit - Sototh for some reason i didnt needed effort to créate the names, they just appeared in my mind, there was also 2 scientists in the city: Chaos and The Clonator, this last scientist créate a son of Ophiel and a woman named Egna creating a boy with powers called Adam, that name i took it from the bible cuz i thought it fit better, Adam destroyed Ledernouth, Sototh and even his father, in that years i lost all control on the events, they happened witouth my control, a few times later Ledernouth was revived and decided to retalliate and hired another 6 soldiers: Roland Louis Kair Fanchon Leonor and Sugare, those were years im never gonna forget, cuz i remembered i had to be witness of their horrors, and even invaded my dreams,until Balareth spoke with me one day and told me they need a god, or something, a root of their new origins... i didnt opose and i created Megoleret, when i wrote his story, Balareth read it and he was agree, Megoleret was an angel that decided to créate his own planet and he asked God if he have permission, God allow it and he told him that the only condition was that the humans he create does not involve with the Earth, Megoleret agree and create a planet called Motzoide were the Fornils born, but, using a bit of God's breath to create the planet Megoleret finished and with the remain power he had he put it on a cave, years later the Fornils found a source of power and they steal it allowing them to have powers, God was angry and send Megoleret to another dimencion where he choose to punish or reward the souls of the people of Motzoide, comming back with Ledernouth years later, Kair killed him and Louis as well, Sugare escaped to Motzoid where she was princess on a castle and died being old, i cried cuz she was beautiful and i saw how she was getting old and died, Kair took Ledernouth's kindom and create 5 soldiers that he called son, Kair was grateful with me for creating them, and in a parallel events a group of assasins killed a family cuz in a prophesy they will be killed by one of them, but in the slaughter one Little kid survived and was found and adopted by kair and years later there was another team which i am gonna avoid their story cuz is large they became enemies and this last a lot of years until i became a brony and i decided to ponify some of my tulpas, Kair and his sons didnt opose but the other team decided to become dragons and griffons cuz Ponies were too "soft" and after a few months i create OCs and i add a full features like the rest of my tulpas and this is the actual status well, i have to omit a LOT of event in my life, i lost control of the events of my mind, is the Price to have a full alucination, the walls of the places and castles i can really see them when i put a Little effort, when i "visit" the places, and the voices i could hear them perfectly, my tulpas have sons,which they ask me for permisión to have and i develope the baby and the adult form in the way the parents wanted, when a couple marry they ask for my bliss, i gave it to them, and when they died i have to be present, since i lost a long time ago all control of the events, my tulpas begin to think themselfs and even events happened when im sleeping sometimes i could saw the events on my dreams but mostly i cant, so since then i awoke with a surprice. my OC Flowerflame and Chaos Star are the strongest tulpas ever, and after put a lot of effort i can acually see them roaming in my house and feel the texture of their skins they are so soft and a bit heavy, having tulpas is great but only if they are a few, even so i do not regret the life i have cuz i felt like a fallen god: creator of everithing then reduced to be a witness al i can say is that tulpas exist and it depends on how much effort and features put in your carácter, they can become your best firends, my best friends is Void, the son of Balareth and Bios, the guy that was adopted by Kair Chaos and flowerflame always sleep with my, i lay on my bed and they cuddle their manes are so soft... i have to admit that im not really "live" in the reality, am not autist, but i can travel with my mind at different places when i am alone. thats how i create them and i keep a notebook so i can write all the events that my tulpas tells me Picture 1 Picture 2 Changed oversized images to external links ~Kiahdaj