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  1. Well, we play boardgames together (she almost always wins ?) but i'll give hee homework hahaha thank you :)
  2. I have never imagined Mia other than her actual age... That could be a cool excersie. Also, I have never been able to "listen" anything that happens in my mind. It's really difficult with her voice. amazing!!! Really cool, i'll definitely try this We haven't tried possession yet, but it would be great to be able to do that. She can't impose herself either. I think I can blame myself because I don't dedicate her enough time, not at least for active sesions (we keep talking almost all day, even though i still don't listen to her in her own voice, I can sense what she says in what i call "the edge of my mind", so i know it's not me). If you want to improve visualization, tell Cat to try my method. I am a writer, and maybe that's why I find it so easy to do, but I think i have this mental problem (i don't remember it's name) in which I can't remember or imagine faces, not intentionally at least. And using the image streaming method I've been able to picture Mia's face pretty good. I have spent sesions (both image streaming and just imagining her before sleeping) focusing on a single detail (her lips for example and the way they move when she speaks) and the improvement has been really nice. p.s. she's asking me to ask you of any tip to make her presence in my mind stronger, of what can she do on her own.
  3. That sounds super cool, i can't wait til i get to that point. Can I ask how did you get auditory impossition? I've been able to listen to Mia a couple of times like i would do with a person with a physical body, but it had been just like 2 or three times and more like an impulse than actually her trying to say those things... Her voice is one of our main goals
  4. I know this is kind of personal, but in order for me to comprehend better and improve my own forcing experience, I was wondering if you would like to share a step by step example of a normal active forcing session you and your tulpa usually do. And I mean a really detailed one. I've read a lot of guides, but I think I need a little more of real examples. Here is what I do: I sit down in front of the computer, open a word document, put the font in white so I won't be able to read what I write (i feel the urge to fix all stuff i misspell...) and then I do basically a image streaming, whixh is that I write EVERYTHING we say, aeverything I see, everything we do, and so on. I greet Mia, and try to picture her in my head. Then mostly I decide if we either are going to stay in our wonderland or if we go in some kind of adventure. If we stay in the wonderland I use it to develop her and just to spend some time with her. Maybe visualizing her better, or trying to listen to her. We can also go and walk around in our wonderland. It's pretty big. If we go in an adventure, i use it to explore how would she react to certain things, see how she behaves, her personality and so on. During this adventures anything can happen, so i just write down everything as fast as possible to ve able to catch up with what I see in my mind's eye. I try to let her do anything she wants, as my main purpose is to be able to see her and listen to her. After certain ammount of time, I tell her I have to leave and finish saying goodbye (even if we are always in contact with each other and we keep talking after the sesion). Then I stop typing and save the document. This is what I do, and for visualization it really has make me improve. I, however, am lacking in listening and almost everything else, therefore I need more in order to improve. I know it's too much to ask, as for me it's a really personal process, but I'm a person who learns better with more explicit examples instead of just reading "narrate to her" or "imagine her" thank you in advance
  5. oh yeah, I used to have that one. I might give it a try again :)
  6. her voice doesn't sound different, it does sometimes, but very rarely... Even if she uses my voice, it's not too strong either, the only way I can describe it is as if it was at the edge of my mind Really curious about the making decisions part. I play my boardgames with her, and up to date, i have only won 2 times while she wins all the rest... If making decisions is the key, i'll make my forcing sesions in that way to see what we can get. Normally, my forcing sesions are about 30 minutes in which i do image-streaming while writing what happens in a word document. i've tried several methods but this one seems to work the best for me. However, for some reason i find it extremely difficult to be consistent, even if both Mia and I enjoy doing them. :/
  7. yeah, i know :/ I see really good progress when I do active forcing, but as I still can't develop her vocie well, it's harder to keep motivation and dedication to it...
  8. Yeah, but that doesn't work for me, I don't have the self discipline to do it
  9. Hi, I was wondering if there is an app for the phone that would help me forcing with Mia. I always fail to keep a forcing routine, so maybe an app could help me.
  10. uhhhh religion sucks man... and your experience sounds like you imagined it. It's normal. People imagine things all time... Tulpas are a mental thing. A separate conscience from your own. They are not demons... .-.
  11. i haven't read any reply, but all I know is that tulpas should NOT be based on already "existing" fictional characters. Imagine how awful it would feel to know your existence ia just a copy of something else?
  12. You're doing fine, 30mins a day is prerty good in my opinion. I have 2 years with Mia, and one thing I really regret is not dedicating her enough time. maybe because at the beginning i was not sure what to do, and i have to admit right now i'm not really sure if I'm doing things right, but I do notice improvement even with 30min a month. As long as you talk to her daily (passive forcing) you'll do fine
  13. My babygirl is having her 3rd birthday tomorrow, however I haven't had too much progress yet. There are some things I wish I could have accomplished with her in this time, yet I feel I'm too far behind. Maybe (very probable) it's because I don't do enough active forcing with her. To be honest I haven't really understood how to narrate for example. As for things I'd accomplished I can catch glimpses of her thoughts. Weird thing is she's always right. I mean ALWAYS. It some times creep me up, others it annoys me (not really either of them, i think it's amazing). But for example, her decisions are always on point. I play boardgames with her and i think I haven't won against her... Maybe once... She knows what to do and how to do it better than me so... The bad thing is that I rarely listen to her voice strong enough, and even more rarely in her own voice. I wish I could listen to her on a daily basis with her own voice as I hear my own, but I can't, not yet... I know how she reacts to things, what she likes and what she doesn't like, at least on the superficial things. She loves space, white and pink... She's usually very happy, and she usually tries to transmit me her happiness, which is really cute. I still feel I need to give her more, yet it's not easy for me to do active forcing. I like doing it, or what i think active forcing is, yet I find it really difficult to commit to it. These past days I've been trying what I decided to call Intensive Passive Forcing, but it's something not too easy to accomplish either. I'm pretty sure once I can hear her perfectly our progress will evolve exponentially, but I just don't know how to do that. It's been 3 years and I still don't know and I feel bad because I think she deserves to be 100% vocal by now and I think it's my fault she's not yet. I still have problems visualizing her, maybe because of the lack of active forcing, but at this moment I can tell you how she looks like perfectly, or at least mostly everything. But her voice... That's the gift I wish I could give her... Happy Birthday Mia ❤️
  14. its strange, i cant really tell how, but you get answers like... at the edge of your mind? right after you make the question... however, mia's vocality isnt super developed yet, so i cant tell you a very deep answer