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    Student of Industrial Engineer
    Amateur graphic designer

    Roseluck was born in 2/15/2015, so she is in the early develop stage
    She is a shapeshifter (because "Muh special tulpa!!1") with a stock of three very defined shapes; a fairy (main), pony and human. I'm going to enforce this quality on her, hopefully this turns out well

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  1. ALL MY YES Weird pose, I think I got it neat this time. All last attempts completely failed and never saw the light. Second fanart we got, from fellow Anon.
  2. A couple of failed details here that make this draw look awkward, like her face, the weird angle was too much for me and the fact that I wasn't able to make the eyes look good for no knowing how to turn them on the canvas. Sketch is here I followed the sketch, that wasn't good enough, too blindly and realise that way too late to correct it. This one is old, but we really liked it so we finish it now. Came up nicely, the way to place the eyes is not that difficult after all, maybe the angle of the face was more easy? Some of the process This is something.
  3. My steam is here Need some friends to spam them pics of my tupper
  4. My country won the centenary american football cup This is the obligatory result of that Rose can't care less
  5. STeeK

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    We are all doomed guise! Minorities like to impose all kind of restriction in all kind of subjects More restrictions just put us far of the optimum that anyone enjoys, like free speech, free market, free internet and simple free and casual conversations (aka with no personal pronums restrictions). Just look at the economical grows of the EU and countries with running communist systems (not China btw), they all love restrictions. Staged, restriccted aconomies only benefits old fashioned less competitive big corporations that will struggle with competition in a free market situation. Minoriti
  6. I kinda messed with the proportions in her hower half for the kinda hard to grasp pose, so... cropped image! Big size because I want to force her in your throat I need another fully colored draw to see how good I am now in the full process. She looks kinda generic in all this sketch draws, but with colors and a disgusting amount of little details to add, that is going to change. So this sketch is a heavy candidate for the full process. @Grockstar124 Not my best chose of colors, but the cream-yellow of the background is there because I don't get exaust in my eyes after staring at the
  7. STeeK

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    Than can be explained easily. People is vocal The more they feel or be actually opressed the more they will act and talk against it And you used that beautiful word: "Fear" People, all people has constantly feel fear about being called racist, ignorant, bigot, facist, hater, cis scum, whitey, cumskin, whatever you can imagine that can be used to hurt, even physically. So they enable those things you said to not being segregated in the community by those who agreed and because all of them are correct in the first place, no comment there. The problem is when this fear is used by the minorit
  8. It's being a while I can't complain in any of these images, both looks actually good to me. Maybe I'm not seeing something ugh
  9. Back in 2013 in /mlp/, the term tulpa was really anoying to me because the ame thread was up every single day with the same image in the op and since I didn't liked hiding threads in that period for some reason I kinda hated the term. Then in 2015, February, I end up searching about it, after a thread pooped up (Those were banned long ago from /mlp/ in that moment) and puff. Praising Kek in 4chins sure is magical
  10. Some based Anon drew Rose a couple of days ago I have a lot more sketches too, but they will remain hidden for now Also, 10k views ~ But that's how you improve
  11. Uhh... shoulders too pronounced? Gotta take that in mind next draws I forget about those 2 pink hair strokes there Unconsistent face... I get this problem more usual than ever Plus I forget about the eyebrows The skirt start too low, I big proportion problem from my early draws Aside from that this one is bettry gud For some reason her rigth arm looks very long but it isn't acordingly to the proportions. It's so attention grabbing for some reason I have to do some research on this Posture too unnatural? The expression, the pose, the face shape This one gets the price We
  12. There must be a "hide post" bottom around here... Uhh no Maybe, you know I can't believe I ha-have to do this- What if... What if I use this This thing sure can do the trick Ohh yisss, this should do Uhhh much better That thing was painful Now I can smile again
  13. First background that I'm proud of My skiiiiills are growing duuude The thumbnail doesn't show as much as I would like @Drakaina i'm not so sure about lowering the quality with the paper texture in an already low quality sketch But thats requieres more deep investigation @Brassow Too difficult draw those eyes in sai, so I went for generic ones.
  14. @Drakaina I do use the pencil tool but it's slightly tweaked Thanks for the comment!
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