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  1. If you think it was your tulpa then it probably was, we don't know that, your the one who heard the voice, but if I was high and started hearing a voice, I wouldn't trust it. I don't support drug use during tulpa forcing, drugs can't be trusted in my opinion, they only bring harm and destroy lives. I admire those who force and make tulpas with pure dedication and will without the use of drugs.
  2. Your role playing outfit looks pretty cool!
  3. I think it seems like you don't have much faith in your tulpa just because she's a couple of days old.. She's in your mind.. how can she not be able to talk about it and understand when you share experiences and thoughts about everything. Allow her to at least try and help, a tulpa is a positive voice when there is none. My tulpa have been with me for 13 years listening to my suicidal depressive crap, so why can't yours do the same given the chance?
  4. You give your tulpa access to whatever you want in your mind, you can limit your tulpa or not, you decide. I read about a user who wrote something about limiting your tulpa, this user had a library in wonderland, which was the limited area of thoughts, memories and whatever you want to put in there that the tulpa should not access, there are different ways you can limit your tulpa, having this library is an easy way to do so. You can have a different design if you wish, whatever floats your boat.
  5. The more you communicate with a tulpa the faster it will develop, no worries! keep communicating. :)
  6. I don't believe it was the tulpa who made your friend sick. I do believe that the tulpa isn't too happy about not getting attention. And I certainly do not understand why a tulpa is getting neglected just because the host is busy with school or work, my tulpa is with me and helping me when I need to get things done, it's way better for both tulpa and host to include the tulpa in the activities and no one gets mad., it's like teamwork.
  7. I also vote for blog section! that would be totally awesome!
  8. Food and what you do during the day have a major effect on ones sleep as well, certain foods, two hours before bedtime can cause issues with sleeping, if you'r not getting fresh air during the day, or if it's warm (not hot) just warm in a bedroom it can also cause bad sleep. Depression also affects the sleep a lot, sleeping too early does as well. I also have to agree that back ache could be your bed or pillow, or perhaps you just move around a lot or been sleeping in a weird position. Have you tried to sleep without your tulpa being present?
  9. Give it time and continue to visit them and talk to them, eventually they will get back up on their feet so to speak.
  10. Very interesting how their system members work together, it was fun listening to, I highly enjoyed it!
  11. My tulpas form rarely changes, he like to stay in one form/appearance, he can change at will whenever he wants, I think he changed form 4 times during our 13 years together.
  12. You could call it like The Beginners FAQ or whatever similar when they make an account, it might be more interesting to read for a new member if it has a more interesting title or had.. have.. those words I get mixed up a lot.
  13. I think you should reply to the stupid newbie questions just because your view of Melian is very unique in this community compared to tulpa belief in general if that makes any sense.
  14. We decided to remake our wonderland entirely.. or I decided. I just erased all of wonderland and created a new world, where we have this cave house on top of a mountain with waterfalls and trees and grass and stuff.. wonderlandy stuff. There's a sky and clouds (no shit) Haven't really been exploring and I haven't created any kind of animals or people, Nash usually do that part, he create lots of things, he seems to prefer caves tho since he moved our last house into a cave, that's why I decided we should have only one cave instead of a house + cave if that makes any sense. I also created a universe cause I like to watch planets and stars at night while Nash seems to be more of a daytime kind of guy since it's always daytime when I enter wonderland. It's different not to see the ocean anymore since wonderland have always looked the same for a very long time, we'v got a great view of the forest instead. Nash likes to try new things lately, we'v been watching a lot of science documentaries about the brain cause it's REALLY interesting how it works, Nash has been like experimenting with my brain.. to see how much he can actually control and he succeeded with shutting off my hunger... that was.. very unusual.. probably not a good idea since hunger is felt for a reason.