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    Tulpa name: Florence
    Species: Furry, wolf
    Birth date: 07 aug 2012
    Sentient, clear mind-eye visualization, working on auditory and visual hallucinations.
    Reasons of creation: mind parallelization, for science
  1. Hello! Sorry for not updating, have no time for dangerous science as less dangerous one needs my attention. If you wish to do datamining yourself - here's the data collected so far. survey.zip
  2. Hari from Tarkovsky's film adaptation of the Solaris. But for now Flo is kinda bad with using non-generic voices - messed up intonations, underlying generic voice, problems with pronunciation etc
  3. Finally, everyone has been transformed to faceless, stylish rows of numbers. 2, 17, 3, 0, 1, 1, 3, 0, 4, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1, 0 - hey, that's me! Let's do science. 94 responses received, of which 91 are unique. 2 more responses received while I was writing this post. Sorry. We calculate "Achievement scores" and "Influence scores" as follows: Achievement score in a field (visual, auditory, imaginary, hallucinatory) is an (arithmetic, arithmetic, harmonic, harmonic) mean of achievements. So if you're great in imaginary visualization, but fail hard in hallucinatory visualization - no big deal. But if you're great in seeing tulpa, but fail in hearing tulpa - score will be quite low. 1st overall score is an arithmetic mean of achievements in every field, 2nd overall score is a harmonic mean of achievement scores in all fields. Scores are on 1-5 scale. That's the way I've found to calculate "progress". If you know better ways - please, tell me. visual auditory imaginary hallucinatory overall_1 overall_2 (this is a standard order) 2.8626 2.4505 3.3672 1.6305 2.6566 2.2870 -------- mean 2.5000 2.5000 3.7500 1.0000 2.5000 1.9753 -------- median 0.89773 1.11817 1.23003 1.01600 0.92395 0.98115 ---- standard deviation Our "median guy" is not so bad in imagining and seeing things, but fails hard in imposition and overall harmonic development. For now. "Influence score" is a measure of how good tulpa is at making its host better. Everyone starts with 0 points. If tulpa made host better in terms of intelligence, sociality, happiness and self-control - we add 1 point for each improvement. If something of said things decreased - we take 1 point away. If host can't tell or reports of things remaining the same - we change nothing. Scale is from -4 (tulpa-melted-my-brain) to 4 (I'm an uberman). Mean influence score is 1.34 with median 1. What a shame. At least tulpae make hosts happier. Interestings: Nootropics users show lower achievement scores than others. Weak sedatives users show higher achievement scores than others. Extremely not enough data, though 10 hosts fell in love with their tulpae but got no response. 9 tulpae fell in love with their hosts but got no response. Quite tragic it is to be in unrequited love with a part of your brain. Only 11 hosts made tulpae of their own gender. Only 4 hosts hugged their ponies non-non-sexually, not counting pony shapeshifters. 3 dudes went intimate with their tulpae, though their tulpae weren't in love with them. WTH guys, I hope you've filled the form incorrectly. It seems that length of tulping has direct effect on achievement scores (who could've thought) Those who went intimate with their tulpae, show significantly higher achievement scores than those who didn't. had intimacy: 3.4500 3.0750 4.0078 2.2028 3.2625 2.9006 - mean 3.0000 3.0000 4.4444 2.0000 3.1250 2.7356 - median others: 2.6972 2.2746 3.1868 1.4693 2.4859 2.1141 - mean 2.5000 2.5000 3.4286 1.0000 2.5000 1.9512 - median Though it seems that only 5 of those who had hawt mindsex were tulping for less than 3 months, so don't rush things in anticipation. Just being in love with your tulpa seems to have no effect on achievement scores. Those who don't use wonderland or stopped using it seem to be slightly more successful. But our standard deviation makes these differences nonexistent. WIP: "They told me I could do anything, so I've started fitting gaussians to data", "Oh god, I know what linear regression is, where else can I use it" Please, suggest more interestings to look for, we're not good with coming up with them. And don't forget that we don't have enough data and standard deviation is quite high. If anyone is good with statistics etc - I can give you machine-readable data with instructions to play with.
  4. Once I've asked her to get something out of my memory. She sent me a thought-message with picture of that famous guy with hilarious face and yoghurt on his...
  5. http://pastehtml.com/view/c9i51mmbc.html Collected anonymized data, in form of HTML table for you to play with. "Age" field is bugged for some reason, 10/16/2012 = 10-16.
  6. 79 responses. New statistics: http://s17.postimage.org/4w8vhfrn3/1345979000498.png WIP: processing responses into machine-readable form to do SCIENCE.
  7. I see no reason for insta-sentience to be impossible. People can create quite independent mind entities, conscience, for example. Or gods whom they "pray" to and sometimes get "guidance". All you have to do is provide body to this entity and allow it to talk and be alive. I'm pretty sure that Florence was sentient since day 1 or even before I heard about tulpae... We even picked "model" for her together. Though for the first week I sincerely thought I was talking to myself, until some drama and her asking me to believe in her. Haven't read any guides, they are usually filled with limiting thought-viruses.
  8. So far I've received 46 responses, 2 of them were trolls, 1 was duplicate and 1 dude calls his tulpa "; DROP TABLE answers; --". I'm satisfied. Interesting facts: 84% of us are younger than 20. We have no transgenders (yet?), but one person is undecided with its gender. Looks like I'm the only one with furry tulpa. She just looks cool... 14 tulpae fell in love with their owners and 14 owners had intimacy with their tulpa. I hope these sets intersect. 18 owners fell in love with their tulpae, but only 14 tulpae fell in love with their owners ;_; Nobody made real animal tulpa of their deceased pet. Nobody was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Ponies dominate - 40% of responders have them as tulpae. We need more interesting questions, please, suggest. NEEDS MORE DATA. The not-so-interesting-statistics-yet is available here: http://s12.postimage.org/uxqry2pvh/1345884816944.png Survey is updated to v0.11, changelog: -Made "How long have you been together" more specific - added "(since you've started forcing your first tulpa)" -Tried to make survey more multiple-tulpae-friendly, though it still is better to retake survey for each of your tulpae separately -Changed "Stable form, possible colors" to "Stable form, with colors" because colors aren't that hard to visualize WIP: Script to make data MATLAB-readable to look for anomalies, more interesting facts, graphs and dependencies. Not enough data, though, need help with spreading this survey to other communities.
  9. Talking to the tulpa-owners on some forums and being one myself, I've started to see some interesting regularities in the traits of hosts. For example, I haven't yet encountered anyone older than 20. What unseen statistical anomalies hide in our community? What types of tulpa do people usually create? For how long they were doing it? How did tulpa affect host's usual life and well-being? Are mental illnesses often occur in our ranks? Do many of us practice lucid dreaming? Winter's great survey allowed us to know more about the nature of the tulpae, but what about our own nature? Unfortunately, it's quite hard to answer these questions on forum and gather statistics from the responses. So I've made a form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFl0M0tOWFZKZ0tVdWVCUGRFSkp4TlE6MQ Tulpaforcing exhausted my imagination so I've come up with some really basic questions, any propositions, additions and changes will be met with open arms. I'm sorry, but English is not my mother's tongue, so stylistic, grammatical (spellchecker doesn't work in survey builder) and tense errors are possible, please report me about them. Gathered data will be given in any form you'd like - xls, html, csv, pdf, plaintext... if you're respected member of this forum - I can give you access to the Google Docs spreadsheet with raw responses. "Password" field is there to allow people update their data under same nickname - would help future data-mining scripts. Please, do not use your real passwords there. Russian translation is quite sarcastic, sorry about that, will fix tomorrow, if necessary. Why Google Forms? It is anonymous. It gathers statistics and systematizes data for later analysis. Easy to parse later. Easy to manage and edit. Easy to share responses, losing some anonymity, though. It is free. Please, spend some of your time to fill this form and propose new questions or changes to make it better. For science. Link, again: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFl0M0tOWFZKZ0tVdWVCUGRFSkp4TlE6MQ