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  1. Hello everyone name is Jes and I'm from mexico. Has been a while since I first heard of tulpa and was really interesed since then, i've been readin' from time to time here in order to decide to create a tulpa, I want to make sure that the reason I want to do it is the correct.
  2. I have read that while it is rare it is possible that the tulpa you are creating end (or actually start?) being very scary and also the recommendations are like ignore it and it will dissapear/die/stop existing whatever Has anyone thought if it is possible to make it change? I know it could be hard for anyone but dont you guys say that creating a tulpa is kinda like creating life (i mean should be treated with respect and put some real thought before doing it, its not just visions)? Someone that will be always with you? I feel like a scary tulpa is like a tulpa with impurities caused by...
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