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  1. I think I'll stick to my crosslegged sitting position for now as it seems to work pretty well, even if I do like the sound of the no limbs touching lying in an armchair idea (If only I had an armchair!)
  2. Thanks, a lot of these has helped me. I'll aim for about an hour this time, also what sort of positions do you find Tulpa forcing easiest in? I've been doing it in a classic cross legged meditation position, my fingertips touching each other and my hands resting in my lap but that's mostly just because that's what I see people doing when they meditate in movies and stuff, I really have no idea about it.
  3. Thanks guys, I've read through FAQ's trait template and that helped me a lot with what I was worried about, since I found myself just repeating the same five lines over again since I couldn't really put into words what it meant to be that certain trait and I'm kinda -bad- at emotions as an all over.
  4. Thanks Pleeb, it's pretty helpful with something like this where it's very hard to tell if you're doing it right.
  5. Thanks, I'll have at look. I'd still like to see what other people have to think on this though.
  6. AliasTakuto here, just call me 'Takuto' or if your lazy even 'Tak' for short. Been reading and researching Tulpa for a little bit and all this seems pretty interesting, decided to make one myself. I plan for my Tulpa(Who I'll let name herself once she is sentient) to look like a cute teenage anime girl about my age (Because why the hell not) other than that going to leave how she'll actually look undecided until personality is done so I don't end up accidentally mixing personality and visual-ness. Personality I'm aiming for even if she'll inevitably deviate away from it is boisterous and optimistic, getting frustrated when people are being lazy and believing willpower is all important (She'd love the hell outta TTGL) I hope this means she'll encourage me to get of my lazy ass for often than I do and encourage me to give my all in stuff, telling me off if I find my self slipping into being lazy. Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted on how she comes along. (> Assuming you care) EDIT: Spelling/Typos
  7. Ok, so I recently started attempting to build my own Tulpa (Started two days ago) and I've been working on personality first, I find myself when describing the traits I'm trying to put in in comes out a lot like "You will do X" or "You will feel X when X happens" when I try to create the traits. My main concern is as the thread says, am I doing it right? Is simply thinking about what sort of personality my Tulpa will have and listing off things that are to do with this personality enough to bring her into existence? I'm worried that listing X reaction to X happening "When you see people being lazy you will be frustrated" or "When you see people pushing there willpower you will be happy" lead to parroting? I don't want to screw my Tulpa(Doesn't have a name yet) up. I would appreciate it if you guys could give me your 2 cents on this.
  8. I'm only on day two of my Tulpa, I managed a full hour on the first day. and a half hour yesterday (Planning for an hour today but who knows what I'll manage), for some reason I just can't concentrate properly, it's not that I'm feeling tired I just can't focus. It might just be my ADHD or that I've never done anything meditating related before so I suck at getting myself to focus on something like this for more than that. I also find myself opening my eyes to look at the clock every five or so minutes which I'm pretty sure is not going to help either, tips anyone? I'd appreciate it if someone told me how they got over this (If they had the same problem)