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  1. Seems to be a promising software from what the site described about it. I might take a good look at it later and see if the software can meet my practical expectations.
  2. My tulpa Veronica has been a true friend of mine for the past months and we have became a lot more closer than since I used to keep myself slightly distant from her which was due to my social anxiety. Even though we haven't done anything "adventurous" or memorable but I really like to socialize with her about mundane or interesting things since I have immense trouble trying to effectively communicate with other people. What I like most about her is the tenderness that she always seems to give to me whenever we talk about things. I still find many things unusual qualities that I find odd abo
  3. I'm usually online everyday and I mostly play Warthunder or anything similar but i'm always open to try something else with someone so here's mine.
  4. Sadly, progress has been a little shaky during the past week. Had to focus on different matters before I begin to spend time with her, which will probably happen again few days before june 18. she is developing really good since I'm receiving some positive responses from her. I'm going to do some more forcing whenever I have the time to do so. During the past few weeks, me and Veronica have been discussing about a story that I have thought about writing. She believes it would be a great idea because I have a very creative mind that seems to never stops until I focus on something else and it
  5. The experiment didn't really meet expectations but nor was it needed to but it had given me an idea what to work on, which was the main idea at least. Even though it seemed like a really optimistic idea but I found it enjoyable for some unknown reason. Other than that, Me and her been taking it easy by talking to each other from time to time during the day, even though sometimes I'm uncertain if she's either speaking to me or i'm just having a hard time to focus. I have begun to work out at my school's gym to not only get into better condition but also to ease my oppressive anger that somet
  6. I can agree with this conflict ever since I began to rummage through the site and happen to stumble upon issues that is happening here. I do hope that these problems will stop soon but now since there's awareness, there's a good chance that hopefully most people will understand. Kiahdaj made a really good point about this problem but I can't bear the fact of risking of banning someone who is truly trying their best, only to be removed from the community from sounding disbelievable. I'll note that I have notice that some PR's and other threads that people made were either irrelevant to its p
  7. I have spoken to Veronica on whether how I should begin, we concluded that a would be optimal to do it on a weekly to bi-weekly basis so I can be able to trim out any unnecessary information and have more information to put in.(also note that it really pains me to post because I really don't like being in the center of attention due to my social anxiety but Veronica and I told myself that this would be very beneficial, as not only I can get some insight but also to be able to participate in the community easier). From the time since I had done my post, I mostly did narration so I can decip
  8. Hello, I'm Nylon. As you can see, I'm fairly new with tulpamancy and I have made some progress during the works of it. I wished I had done this progress report long ago during late September when I first discovered it as It would've been a better start, but it took a while for me to coax myself just to post this because my social anxiety really puts a toll on me for reaching out in the community. Other than that, I'll work on what I have right now I have read many guides and I really liked ThunderClap’s Guide on Tulpa Creation for it provided me a clearer sense on what to do. Yet I have som
  9. Hello fair friends, I am Nylon. I came across this site in late september and I was very intrigued of the tulpa phenomenon. I read the idea of tulpas on the forums and decided to give it a go myself. I had achieved some results throughout the experimentation.I would be happy for any help or advice that you can spare as it would be appreciated. Hopefully in the future, ill try to contribute to the community if possible; By the mean time, ill try my best to learn from what this site has to offer.
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