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    I'm a writer who loves to write poetry. I also draw with chalk pastels. Usagi is my imaginary friend (not a tulpa, according to Usagi-chan).
  1. She loves changing forms but her current form is in the attachment.
  2. Usagi typically lives in her small purple cottage and does normal stuff, like cooking and cleaning and the occasional nap or visiting nearby Tulpa's. When we are together we dance nonstop (she literally won't do anything else).
  3. Thank you! Usagi made it herself. As for everyone else's, it's totally interesting! I wish mine was a bit more normal but I love it too much to complain all that much.
  4. Usagi kind of sounds like someone from an anime, very cute and high pitched and she kind of sounds like a voice actor whose name I forgot.
  5. So I was just wondering what everyone's Wonderland looks like. Big, small, colorful, normal, fantasy, etc. to name a new ideas. Mine is all purple and bubbly, really purple because Usagi loves purple and incredibly bouncy. What about you guys? (sorry if this is in the wrong section).
  6. Yeah it's a bit of a weird thing with Usagi, I call her a tulpa but she calls herself an imaginary friend. I do however love Touhou and I believe Usagi is basing herself off of Reisen. But thank you for the welcome. I appreciate it!
  7. PonPonPon because it's her favorite to dance to. Usagi loves Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I don't really know why. She says she's easy to dance to.
  8. Hello my name is Twilight and my tulpa is Usagi, she's an anime girl with purple hair with lighter purple bunny ears and a bunny tail. She chose her own form and she loves to dance and loves my poetry. She helps me through my hard times and vice versa. Usagi-chan says hello to everyone!
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