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  1. Gonna be a bit tough without any initial guidance, but it should remain unbiased if possible.
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    Comes down to definitions, I guess.
  3. I wouldn't say you're an exception. A lot of people are probably like you. You're still lucky, though.
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    The subconscious *is* the one interfering in the process. It's what makes your tulpa. It's a good thing because we want the subconscious to take control of it.
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    Tulpa and Drugs

    If people want psychedelic trips, that's their choice; it's totally random.
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    Not many come. Ought to have some invitations in order. Gets kind of boring without anyone.
  7. Talk, and think about what you say. We wouldn't want it to get boring for the tulpa now, would we?
  8. Both work, when one isn't doubtful. This applies to all methods.