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  1. Hmm, I suppose so, but I find other people's characters more interesting. I guess I should wait until I get over my obsession with him. >.<' I've talked to her about it and explained to her what a tulpa is. I don't think I explained it that well though.
  2. Okay, here is the character I had in mind. And I'm a female faning over a male character, just wanted to make that clear. Hope this link works.
  3. But doesn't deviation change through your subconscious? And doesn't your subconscious know what's best for you?
  4. I want to post a picture of the character I have in question, but deviant art's links don't work half the time. -.-x Fanboy? I'm a fangirl silly! :P Candy Pop is a male character. XD
  5. Oh, would it be disappointing and not the way I want it to be? :( Oh, darn, there's a lot I like about Candy Pop. He's funny and whimsical, but at the same time, manipulative and cold. I wonder if I could keep his funny and whimsical traits.
  6. Heheh, I'm really immature for my age, I'm practically a woman child.... T_T I'm embarrassed to say....
  7. Yeah, I was getting excited and thinking about it in a positive way and then the paranoia started creeping in. >.<'
  8. *Really starts thinking about the worst scenerios* O_O" NOPE! I don't think I can trust myself enough to get my tulpa to turn out okay. I'm really afraid I'll mess him up and make him crazy. *shivers* >.<" So that's that, I think I'll just stick to talking about them.
  9. Oh yeah, that's understandable, but I wouldn't make it evil, I would make them good while at the same time, make their personality as close as I could get to the character.
  10. Alright, so yeah, it's pretty important that I make the right decision if I do make a tulpa. But other than what I mentioned, it would probably be a bad idea since my thoughts aren't clean enough. I don't want my bad thoughts to ruin them or bother them. You can hear each other's thoughts 24/7 can't you? I might scare them.
  11. Hmm, so the thing I heard about tulpas disappearing when you no longer pay attention to them, is that true?
  12. Yeah, I imagine they are actual people, they just don't have a body. But part of me might still think they are a hallunination or another personality.