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  1. Hmm, I suppose so, but I find other people's characters more interesting. I guess I should wait until I get over my obsession with him. >.<' I've talked to her about it and explained to her what a tulpa is. I don't think I explained it that well though.
  2. Okay, here is the character I had in mind. And I'm a female faning over a male character, just wanted to make that clear. Hope this link works.
  3. But doesn't deviation change through your subconscious? And doesn't your subconscious know what's best for you?
  4. I want to post a picture of the character I have in question, but deviant art's links don't work half the time. -.-x Fanboy? I'm a fangirl silly! :P Candy Pop is a male character. XD
  5. Oh, would it be disappointing and not the way I want it to be? :( Oh, darn, there's a lot I like about Candy Pop. He's funny and whimsical, but at the same time, manipulative and cold. I wonder if I could keep his funny and whimsical traits.
  6. Heheh, I'm really immature for my age, I'm practically a woman child.... T_T I'm embarrassed to say....
  7. Yeah, I was getting excited and thinking about it in a positive way and then the paranoia started creeping in. >.<'
  8. *Really starts thinking about the worst scenerios* O_O" NOPE! I don't think I can trust myself enough to get my tulpa to turn out okay. I'm really afraid I'll mess him up and make him crazy. *shivers* >.<" So that's that, I think I'll just stick to talking about them.
  9. Oh yeah, that's understandable, but I wouldn't make it evil, I would make them good while at the same time, make their personality as close as I could get to the character.
  10. Alright, so yeah, it's pretty important that I make the right decision if I do make a tulpa. But other than what I mentioned, it would probably be a bad idea since my thoughts aren't clean enough. I don't want my bad thoughts to ruin them or bother them. You can hear each other's thoughts 24/7 can't you? I might scare them.
  11. Hmm, so the thing I heard about tulpas disappearing when you no longer pay attention to them, is that true?
  12. Yeah, I imagine they are actual people, they just don't have a body. But part of me might still think they are a hallunination or another personality.
  13. Can you get them to talk back to you without making them sentient?
  14. Has anybody made a character from a creepypasta into a tulpa or soul bond? Like Ben Drowned, Jeff The Killer, Eyeless Jack, ect.
  15. I either want a friend or a lover. I like Candy Pop, he is a creepypasta and his character is originally evil, but I would make him benevolent while keeping him a really fun jester. ^-^
  16. I looked at the guide, and it said you shouldn't make a tulpa just for their form or for fangirly reasons. Or just out of boredom. So I guess I won't be making one cause I don't think I have a better reason other than because I want to make a character I like. I think making a tulpa would be like adopting someone. I'm not mature enough.
  17. Do tulpas have souls and a mind of their own? Been ages since I've been on here by the way.
  18. Alright, I think I understand, it has to do with the host. So, I'm not confident my tulpa will turn out right, so I probably won't make one. >.
  19. Okay, but I looked on a youtube video about a brony on a tulpa pony thread saying that his pony tulpaes turned against him and beat him and raped him for going out with another girl. Though he could've been fibbing.
  20. I'll probably make my wonderland look just like hyrule. It will either look like ocarina of time or Twilight princess.
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