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    I'm just a weird guy who loves FNAF, metal, rock, Homestuck, GOT, etc.
    ~L. ♠️
    And I'm Vriska!!!! I'm L's tulpa!!!! I love spiders, speaking to friends, meeting new friends, hanging out and sometimes making out ;) and I also love everything L loves. Well. Nice to meet you guys :D
    ~Vriska Aranea Serket Targaryen. ♦️
  1. Vriska: We all loved this video, specially the last message. It's really heart-moving. :D 10/10. We even subscribed to the channel, jaja.
  2. 1) Tulpae are still a mystery. And if somebody "knows" about them they think that tulpae are evil demons. That's why Vris and the girls hated all my high school. XD 2) Most reacted bad. They thought I was crazy. And only one. My best friend has one, but I don't know if she counts, she moved to USA before we found out she had one. XD 3) More or less. Vris is 90% of her time with me, so I guess she learns something. Sometimes she takes note on stuff she finds important and that I'll need to remember later. And yes. They have helped me studying and doing class work. 4) Nope. 5) Nope. The ones they don't find boring to death are almost none. 6) When Vris was younger I used to practice possession with her until we had it pretty controlled. Yes. It was a challenge. 7) More difficult. You have a lot of stuff to do and there are days in which you just spend a few moments with your tulpa. 8) It doesn't affect me. We practice on our spare time, and my tulpae know that I got stuff to do, and that I need space and concentration when I'm studying. They help when they see I'm having a bad time or I ask them to.
  3. I haven't found a tulpa based on the same characters of mine. I'm pretty sure there will be many, but I haven't founded any. XD Love your profile pic, btw. XD
  4. Vriska: Try talking to your host. Make him/her understand your situation and how you feel. I did that with mine, he understood and started looking more after me. :) :D Hope I helped! :D
  5. All my tulpae want a physical body and would accept if they have the chance to come to the physical world. Except for Hades. He's too grumpy, and I dom't think a dinosaur will fit in thos world. XD
  6. Vriska: Thoughtform type: Tulpa. Name: Vriska. Host Name/Gender/Age: Rick. Male. 17. Form appearence: Like an anime version of the Homestuck character Vriska Serket just that still with the left eye and left arm and blue hair instead of black. Biological sex/Gender: Female. Age of Thoughtform: One year and three months. Names/Types of other headmates: Feferi, Miranda, Rin, Beth, Daisy, Illy, Hades and Sheele. Yes, we're too many. XD They're all thoughtforms born directly from the wonderland and they spend 99,9% of their time there. Personality Traits: Happy, kawaii, always disposed to listen and support who needs it, loyal, sarcastic. Sexual orientations/Romantic affiliations: Bisexual with lesbian tendences. I'm actually in a relationship with Feferi. Skills acquired: Cooking awesome food, good at taking care of animals and children. Talents: Capacity of flying at high and low speed, knowledge at martial arts. Likes/Dislikes: Rock, metal, disco music, Quentin Tarantino movies, horror movies, and hanging out with friends. And I dislike reggaeton, documentals, and unloyal people. Wonderland information: Some of you may already have seen it. It's like a post apocalyptic version of New York. Additional information: I love meeting new people and friends.
  7. Vriska: Hi, Lily!!!! I'm Vriska. You can call me "Vris" or "Vri" xD. (Are you based in the anime character from your same name of the anime Trinity Seven? XD Sorry, but I love anime, xD) Well... My host had a panic attack in a test he did on wednesday. Of course he didn't screamed, shacked or anything, but he was stressed as hell, and he even thought on giving the teacher the test in blank because he didn't knew anything, but then I came in and helped him to calm down, and helped him answering the questions in base of the few things he remembered. At the end he filled it all, but tbh we both think the grade isn't gonna be good, jejeje. :( :/ Miranda: I've also helped him many times. Not just with panic attacks, also with his anger attacks (it's that how it's called? XD) Feferi: We all have helped him in a way or another during attacks. But Vris and Miranda are the most recurrent ones in helping him, jejeje. You can call me "Fef" btw. Glad to meet you, Lily. :)
  8. I would create a Wonderland that has both. I would be like "Sorry, darling (all my tulpae are girls, and I really doubt Hades would somehow care about my romatic life xD). But she's gone." No. Public bathroom no. I had a friend that did it and when he realized other guy was looking at him over next cabine's wall. Nope. Never. I would hope she learned something from all the Dexter seasons we've watched and haven't left any evidence behind. Aaaaaaaand if she did I would get the f*ck out of the country. Jajajaja.
  9. Sorry for being out of topic but I got a question. Melisandre, are you somehow inspired in the Game Of Thrones character or just share the same name?
  10. Vriska: Well... My host's plan is to pass university's exams and ours is to help him do so and in vacations travel and relax. XD
  11. Very often. Vris loves flying, just like Miranda. And both are very agile, strong and expert at martial arts, something that's absolutely impossible for me. Fef likes swimming very deep in the lake and catch fishes with her trident. Rin also flies, and Beth and Illy are very normal. And Hades... Well. He's a dinosaur!!!
  12. Feferi: Please do one of me!! I look like Katherine McNamara dressing like Feferi Peixes, from Homestuck. Only the clothes, not with horns, gray skin or black hair, please. Jijiji. Vriska: I would love seeing a 3D model of me, jejeje. I'm gonna send you the references in a PM. XD Vriska: The left one is my reference, jejejeje. And I look like an anime version of Vriska Serket, from Homestuck, to give you an idea... Just that I still got my left eye and my left arm, and my hair is blue, jajajaja.
  13. Vriska: Hi, Jamie! I think we've met before, jaja. My question is: How do you look like? I imagine you as Jamie Lannister, from Game Of Thrones, jajajaja.
  14. AracnidsGrip/Rick


    I have a dog. My tulpae seem to like her very much.