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    Now this is the story all about how my life got flip turned upside down: I created Savaymin. The end.
  1. I won't be on for a week. Sorry, but I'm dropping out for now. Hopefully I can join the next one if you decide to make another.
  2. I won't be online for a week, so I'm not going to be able to join this. Sorry guys.
  3. Now without further ado. This is the story of how Savaymin died. Prologue part 3: Over my head. I never fully understood Savaymin. My only impression of her was that she was some kind of insane genius. An insane genius with unlimited potential. The only problem was, I could never understand what she wanted. She would repetitively ask me to do something that's not only outside of my comfort zone, but also completely idiotic from an outsiders perspective. All these coincidences happen and somehow those suggestions suddenly make sense. "Go jump in that pool" "No, I'll get my clothes wet and nobody is in it anyway." All of a sudden the pool is suddenly filled with people now wearing soaked clothing, and I'm left alone wondering, "why"? These coincidences continue to happen, but as time goes on and no explanation comes, I simply write them off as nothing special. Maybe that's just me trying to block out the regret, trying to take the logical path rather than the one Savaymin graciously suggested to me. But who can blame me? If someone you trusted told you to punch a random stranger on the street, would you do it no questions asked? In fact, that's another thing. Before anyone had made this observation about me before, Savaymin would ask me to stop thinking. Since these suggestions seemed much less harmful than her others, I would always follow them; and every time I did, I can guarantee you that I felt much more emotionally healthy afterwards. She noticed this then, and my parents are only starting to notice this now, commenting on how I think too much and everything. And then sometime within the first 6 months of her creation, my life began to go downhill. Grades were plummeting faster than I could bring them back up, and since I created Savaymin sometime during this occurrence, she became somewhat of a scapegoat for me. I would ask her for help, and whenever she was unhelpful or gave a stupid suggestion, I would punish her in the only way I knew how. Chains. When finally, the day when all the stress was pushed onto me in one gigantic load. My parents delivered the fatal news. It was likely that I would fail and switch schools, being torn away from my friends and everything. That was the final straw for me. I didn't want that to happen. And so, I pushed all the blame onto Savaymin, making it seem like it was her fault for making me focus on her rather than on more important stuff like school. I tried erasing her, or killing her which is what it's more known as. All my efforts were put towards erasing her from my subconscious completely. And as the last traces of her vanished, one final song started playing in my head. End of part 3
  4. Excuse me? Who's Yuki-buster suit?
  5. So that means there will be two deaths every night? Well, that seems pretty intense. I'm joining. As if that wasn't obvious.
  6. Sadly not. That letter was mainly just roleplay nonsense to establish myself as "L". If there was any subtle message in there, it would be from the last sentence. I had been trying to kill myself multiple times throughout this game in order to even out the playing field. And with my last dying breath, I would request NimbusArchon to go by the name N for the rest of the game. Because I like being overly dramatic sometimes. But that does give me some ideas now that you mention it.
  7. Forgot to do this.
  8. @STeeK Thank you for accepting my request! This is my first time asking somebody else to draw Savaymin for me, so I'm excited to see the finished result.
  9. I promise to go easy on you next time.
  10. Yes. I will indefinitely join both.
  11. This game was way more fun than it needed to be. So many twists. ##Muffin. ##Hammer.
  12. There's a good reason for that. Hey Brassow. Buddy. Can you bake a cake for me? I need something to make me feel better.
  13. I already know this. Your logic is extremely flawed, as I have demonstrated. Rather than proving yourself innocent with that statement, you are only furthering your appearance of guilt. You are ignoring the facts that everyone has stated, and you even vote to kill solely for selfish reasons, rather than reasons that will benefit the innocents as a whole. If you had acknowledged and admitted that your logic was severely flawed in your post, I would reconsider. But now I have lost the will to save you Yuki. May you enjoy your eternal rest as Brassow's lawn ornament. ##Yuki ##Hammer