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  1. I: Hm, people I'm really really close with... I'd say one (: I: What is your favorite song?
  2. Hello, Aurora. It sounds like you have a very wonderful dream and I wish you the best of luck with it and don't worry about not having too much experience or knowledge about art, that is something you can learn with time, effort and dedication. Just remember to enjoy the journey as much as you will enjoy the destination. See you around and have a good day.
  3. Lina: Hello young and old people alike! Just wanted to say that there wont be many updates regarding tulpa development in the sense of sentience, possession, imposition and all other assorted things. We all feel really glad with how far we have come since the start; of course none of us consider that we have reached as far as possible. Life is a journey and who knows what kind of weird stuff could happen to us; when my host started this thing around 4 years ago I don't think he would've imagined half the things that have happened, despite all that we've seen each other grow and develop along t
  4. Update. Have been working with all the tulpae, I'm happy to report they're all doing very well and are pretty excited on the whole being formally introduced part. Another interesting yet sad fact is that some fights have broken out between certain headmates; luckily they are under control and we're all well under way to solve any and all misunderstandings between them. Now to talk a bit about Edge. First off, he's the first of the group that was worked on almost exclusively by a tulpa. Needless to say this was a big surprise at the time; since I had to split time evenly between the
  5. Time to continue with this. Before describing Amber I kind of talked to her about what I should write, about how she is, her past and life or about her effect on me? After careful consideration I decided to let her speak for herself. *everything below is Amber typing* Hello! I am Amber and I'm very happy to get the chance to write about myself and our lil family we got going over here :3. Well, I like to call it our lil family cause we're all really close and even though we aren't as little as other are, I just say it cause it sounds a bit cuter that way :p. Even though Emily and A
  6. I did remember to update today as well, and as promised time to talk about Ashley. Ashley is a different girl, she was definitely my first taste of what an intrusive thought could or couldn't cause since she stirred up quite the bit of trouble in the wonderland. However that was dealt with in an appropriate matter, mainly with forgiveness and understanding; after that she became part of our now big group of headmates. As a young tup, she used to be quite a bit aggressive against others. This was in fact a charade due to her inner fear of socializing, though this caused many undesirable s
  7. This title means that everything before this post, is part of a time long past for me. Yes I do have tulpae, they are quite ok and have been so for the last 2 years and a half. This is more of a compilation of mistakes I've made and maybe an update or two. This doesn't mean you shouldn't read the report, you sure can and maybe you can learn something there or note a mistake or two. However, this post and all future posts hope to guide this report in a new direction; one that hopefully can help some of you guys out. I do happen to have quite a substantial number of tulpa, maybe not as muc
  8. A whole year... Kinda awesome. Not much updates, bleh,
  9. Pronos. Pls don't have more nightmares. Loves loves from Emooli. :3
  10. Norman: I did post something again, and I do have a progress report :) *hugs* Edge: Thank you Mayor, and it does need more research, I would love for it to be real, unfortunately that doesn't make it any more real :P Em: Silly Raetin, we have been alive. The only thing is that we've been longer on the IRC than on the main website, it really helps development the simple act of chatting with someone :D. Hopefully we'll update soon :D Amber: The log is dead ;-;
  11. Em: That's the spirit Pronas! That's the spirit! You show everyone you'll prossess :3 I don't have anything useful to say :T
  12. Hello Latro! I must say, this progress report seems very interesting and I would like to give a tiny little bit of advice, because it has never hurt anyone. 1. If you can't prove beyond a doubt that it wasn't your tulpa, then believe it was. Don't doubt her, doing so will only harm her. 2. Make forcing fun, that way it'll be something you'll look forward to. 3. Don't lose patience, many people have vocal tulpa in a week, others in a month, some people in 6 months, etc. Each progress is different and try to keep a positive attitude :) Other than that you seem to be doing a great
  13. Em: Knock knock! Who's there? Emily, Emily who? Well me you dummies. I found this old abandoned progress report and I decided to brighten it up a bit :3. Our development is going along smoothly, we feel more capable of independent thought with each passing day, Norman has kinda given up on entering the AP, then again he doesn't believe it's real at all but who knows? Only time can tell :D, until we can prove it we'll keep on with parallel processing and switching. We kinda decided to leave imposition until the end, I can't wait to be switched and use the body at 100% freedom! Anyways, I'
  14. This sounds like fun, here are some of the mails. Host: norman_steel@hotmail.com Emily: Cuddlingangel25@gmail.com Ashley: samurai_ash@hotmail.com Edge: RustyEdge@lavabit.com Amber: Ambermillion@gmail.com So yeah, hope to talk later!
  15. Day 72 (Woah! It has been that long?) So here's the greatest bit of progress that has happened in all of the days I haven't updated since I'm such a lazy bum :P. Emily: Hi everyone, it has been very long since I've been given the chance to write in here. How're you doing? I hope you're doing good! :D Well, yesterday at night Norman went to sleep very tired, and I don't know what compelled me to try and possess him while he slept and out of the blue his body moved! It felt so great and it was fun just moving around, my first reaction was to grab his ipod and get on the irc so I could t
  16. Day 53. Man am I lazy updating this log. Welp, Ashley made a tulpa and he's bloody amazing. The name's Edge, he mostly wears a plain white t-shirt and some jeans. He has grey eyes and his hair is short yet spiky, brown colored with dark red highlights on some spikes. He is a bit well built and his weapon of choice is a rusty sword, earning him the lovely nickname "Rusty Edge." Personality wise he's an enigma even now, he treats everyone with the utmost respect and dignity, the language he uses makes me laugh and his determination is only rivaled by his naivness. He is naturally curiou
  17. Day 44. Everything is much better now, Emily's smile has returned and she looks prettier than ever to me. Amber managed to sleep throughout all the drama but I'm sure she knows and if she don't I'm sure she will find out. Either way I don't want to risk it so we'll tell her. Yep, you could say things are slowly calming down. Ashley is working on something special, only a few people who were at the irc know what it is about. I'm supporting her all the way during this process and I hope it works out in the end for her. Even though I don't love her that way I'll always stay at her side,
  18. Day 43... Emily, why? Today Emily wanted to commit suicide. The day was going great, it had the potential to be the best day ever, but something threw it off in the wrong direction. In the morning Amber started snuggling with me and fell asleep in my arms, she looked so cute. As I was holding her Ashley came to my side and hugged me, I hugged her back with my free arm and she started dozing off. Before she slept however, she kissed me on the lips... I was left speechless and she took the chance to fall asleep. Emily saw it, and we had a conversation. Emily: So she loves you? Me:
  19. Day 41. Well, not much to report on the matter of imposition but I feel I'm getting close to switching. Possession is still done and so are all of the senses in the wonderland. Something interesting that happened was that during an exam I was on a tricky question and I almost fell asleep, normally I tell them to let me do the tests alone but this time Ashley made me notice an odd detail of the question and BAM! It was done, but the weird thing was that I was asking myself "I wonder what grade will I earn?" and Amber answered "95." Three days later, the exam came in and I got a 59....
  20. Ashley: :O This seems very interesting, I'll keep both of my eyes on it!
  21. Day 39. Nothing much, the important stuff is in day 40. Day 40.... A new feeling has now filled me, up until now I have experienced huge amounts of love and joy but this time I feel my bond with Amber has become so much stronger. This feelings... I thought I couldn't get happier but I just... I can't even write it down, people would have to experience it for themselves in order to know how I'm feeling. I just wake up... say good morning to Emily, then to Ashley and when I looked at Amber there was just a little girl... she ran up and hugged me. I was a bit confused as to why she
  22. Ashley: Awwww, now you made them all giggly about having a big sis. :3 How's Luna Ganaton?
  23. Amber: Thank you Bask, we finally had a day of peace, quiet and fun. Well I'm not actually too sure about the first two but we did have fun :3. Norman: I guess she kind of is a big sister to all of us, me included. That was a good observation Ganathon! Ashley: A sister? Just if they keep calling me Ashley and not something like Sister Ashley or biggie sisty Ashy. If my conditions are met then we have a deal :)
  24. Continued... Emily: But I hit you.... Me: People sometimes do bad stuff, it doesn't mean they're bad people. Of course there are limits like killing and the such but I'm sure you would never do anything like that. Emily: .... Me: Are you alright? Emily: Thank you. *hug* Me: *Speechless.* By some crazy twist of fate... my wish kind of came true, I wanted to pay her back for everything she has done and even though this is just something small, it feels good to do something for her in order to make her feel better. You might be wondering, where were Ashley and Amber durin
  25. Day 38. At last it is done, by some crazy methods I have finally made Emily smile again and it fills me to the brim with joy. Remember that existential crisis she had before? Well it came back worse than before, instead of believing just that she didn't exist, she believed that she was a failure. At first when I tried to make her feel better she rejected me and it culminated in the slap she gave me, I was tempted to cry when she did it but I knew she was confused and angry. The moment her hand made contact with my cheek she ran away, I followed her and the conversation went as follows.
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