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  1. Happy birthday Chris! And also, congratulations Stevie. I decided to give the old forums a look and saw you updated, so I checked it out. I'm happy that you've been doing better in life, have a good one brother.
  2. Tulpa: Voice Progress Test: Play song, try to imitate the voice from the song. Time Attempted: 8/20/15 10:00-10:30 Goal: To make that voice Nikoli's, so he can utilize it and I can tell it apart from my own inner voice. Results: Failed. Could imitate the song itself, but, because of the musical quality of the voice, could not use it for speaking. Before next attempt: Need to find speaking voice for my picked voice, or find a new voice. Notes: This is the new version of my progress report. I left off sometime ago, when I still had Nikoli labeled as Project Sor. We have started with vocal training, and he is sentient, but, we are working on seperating his voice from my own. We will update after every attempt, if we can, or we will write it out in a word document (Like this one post was) and then copy/paste at a later time. I did not get any forcing sessions done between the 20th and the time of posting. Might do one later tonight, and, if so, will type it up.
  3. Actually, most studies these days are leaning towards Multiplicity being true, but, it is still possible that it is not. Really, it is all speculation, and, it is possible that we are all going to a joint road of delusion together.
  4. .... "Thoughts on what?" you may have been asking yourself as you click on this article. Well, fear not, these thoughts are on nothing but the concept of Multipilicity and Tulpas. Now, so you know, while I am cynical and look for the proof in everything, generally, this article will not be able to be backed up by anything. Why? Because, as the title says, this is thoughts, which are basic opinions in some cases, or pointless musings in others. Also, since I like to talk to you, I will not be using a general essay format, but, will be adressing you, the reader, throughout this. I may even ask for your opinions at some point, so, keep watch. Now, for my first speculation, the speculation of how. How is a question asked by many, many people, not just about the phenomenon of Multipilicity, but about almost everything, but, for the purposes of this post, we will limit it to just Multipilicity. I have many theories that I thought of during my journy down the path that has been set before me. My main theory is quite easy to sum up in a sentence, but, is more complex then the sentence itself, as the sentence only scratches the surface. That sentence is, "The brain is a computer, uploading new files." Some peope will disagree with me on this point, and, I get that, but, fundementally, the brain is a computer, at least in my point of view. So, that would mean that, in most cases, your personality would be what is running it. So, creating a new personality inside would be just uploading a new operating system to run at the same time as the first, or multiplicity. This brings me to a point I want to get to. If it is dual-operating systems, what about in DID, where cases can be harmful to the host, or main personality, in where the alternate personality threatens to kill the person, or harm them in some way. This can be explained simply as; a virus. Simple as that. Now, I will tack more thoughts on to the bottom of this at a later date, but, I am getting pretty tired today.
  5. Yeah, and I have never argued against making more advanced topics, in fact, I have always been for that.
  6. Also doable. We already discussed how to do that in the IRC last night. We just need more topics, but, we also need to make this place presentable for the new users. Why? Because without that, even with the advancement of our topics, the site will stagnate. And, regardless of what you believe, this forum and the IRC are here to help people who want to make tulpas, so therefore, we need to cater not just to the old users that we want to stay, but the new users, because they are part of the reason we exist too.
  7. Yes, this is a problem, and, one that I have thought about. Not only will this not be a problem, it is a non-issue once you think about it. There will be an influx of new people coming on the IRC, most likely in June. Why? Because schools let out, more people will come onto the internet, and, by that, more people will discover tulpas. Even with people not out of school, tulpas are still being discovered. Every week, I see at least one new person show up. So, do you know what that means? We need to fix the problems, because for every person that shows up, at least two will leave because of the content of the forum and/or chat. So, while I do get while you think stagnation will be a problem, in the long run, it won't be, because we always have more people showing up each day.
  8. Well, the point of this post was to cause discussion, which it has, both here and on the IRC. Why do I want to cause discussion? Because I want change. I envision a place where people interested in tulpas can come and not be scared off by the community, like has happened with some people who I have talked to. I envision a place with scientific discussion and actual people trying to achieve actual goals, not attention whoring in their PRs and on the IRC. So, in short, I made this post to be not the change that .info wants, but the change that .info needs.
  9. I was talking to one of the staff about a possible solution to this problem, but, at this moment in time I do not want to tell anyone what it is in case I leak info prematurely. Thanks for understanding that In response to the rest of you, there is just too many things to reply to at this time, so, if you want me to reply directly, just ask from now on and I will get to it.
  10. Thank you for addressing this post, Kiah, and, I will not be addressing point for point what you have said, mostly because I do not have to, it would just be reiterating what I have already said. I agree with everything you yourself added to this discussion, and I wish for you to know that I will be here backing you up from the community, helping the change come about. Thank you for replying, and, thank you for being vocal about it as well. We need more people like you.
  11. Now, I am a pretty straight forward person, so I will not bore my readers with the eloquence, so I will keep this straight and to the point. I see a lot of things wrong with this community, so many things wrong that is hurts. I may be new here, but, to be able to see past the veil of bullshit to this degree is, well, not that hard, even for people who have been here awhile. Alright, just as a general list to keep this rant on track, I shall list my points. 1) the circlejerking and affirming everyone's correct and a special snowflake, 2) people using the chat and forum as their personal blogs, 3) the roleplaying of having a tulpa when you do not. Now, these are not all of the problem, and, they may seem to encompass all of the same thing, but, I am addressing them as they are the main problems. Alright, first point, the circlejerking and affirmation of correctness and special snowflake status. This is a problem for many reasons, namely that it attracts the wrong crowd. If you want to make a tulpa, you should be here. If you want to be affirmed and jerked off by your neighbors while simultaneously jerking them off, go to Tumblr, you will be welcome with open arms and the beating in full motion. This situation also does not allow for conducive tulpamancing, because what if someone is actually wrong? Or believes someone that is wrong? It makes for them following their path into futility. Second point, people using this place and the chat as their personal blogs. Alright, we want to hear about your tulpa and it's process, that is the purpose of the site. What we do not want to hear about is your personal life, or your tulpa drama. It does not give a comforting environment to the new people, nor does it make us able to properly discuss the finer points of tulpamancing because you are blogging and everyone is trying to help you with your life. Third point, roleplaying of having a tulpa if you do not. Now, I can hear you guys now, "Nobody is roleplaying, everybody here has a tulpa/tulpae and nobody is faking yatatata ext ext ext." Now, my point here is you are dead wrong. People here are faking like there are no tomorrow. Three years ago, it used to be that making a tulpa was hard as hell, and now, it is the easiest thing on the entire planet. People, people who I shall not name, are making entire cities inside of their heads and waging war. That is most likely roleplay, or, they are mentally insane and we should help them. This is not only bad in and of itself, but, it prevents people that actually want a tulpa from getting sound info, which is crucial to making a tulpa. If they have to sort through the true and the false first, well, it just makes it that much harder. So, in conclusion, this community is taking a steady decline because of the reasons listed above, and nobody is stopping it. In four years or less, this forum, the chat room, it will all be gone because we are just not the place that this used to be, and, it needs change. I will be available in the thread for discussion, just do not throw hate at me, because this was not a hateful thread, it was an observation, and, people who cannot handle observations really need to learn their social skills.
  12. Update for day 8 Ditto of the last two days, moving to weekly updates barring extreme circumstances. This is Eros, signing off on his update of day 8
  13. Update of day 6 and 7 No real results, will keep at it This is Eros, signing off on his updates of day 6 and 7
  14. Alright, 4th update. I tried to active force today, and succeeded only once for ten minutes. Yesterday, as I was doing my usual active forcing before bed, I tried to explain religion to Sor. Sor said no. Communication is hard to do, and can only be done when I am deep in active forcing. I am going to try to coax it into a more aware state, because I think it is the tulpa's end that is causing the break in communications. My sessions seem fruitful, and I will continue to update everyday. This is Eros, signing off on his update of day 5.
  15. Alright, Third Update. I have active forced twice, one for a thirty minute block, one for an unknown amount of time that led to sleep. During the first, I received head pressures. I used head pressures to ask for simple yes no questions, I learned that my tulpa does know what it is, for some reason does not know why it was created, and would like to know more. My sessions look to be producing fruit, but, this could all be a trick of the mind. I will go on and update tomorrow as per usual. This is Eros, signing off on his update of day 4.