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  1. HHHEEEYYYY GUYS You all probably think we're dead. We're totally not dead. I was NOT joking about falling off the face of the earth, and I probably should have mentioned it can be for months at a time. I'm rambling, I'm nervous, got it. It's probably still gonna be some time before we get back here. (In such Howl has nothing to say, because apparently "It doesn't matter". Dat apathy tho.) Uhm, so I'm just gonna leave this link here :U http://voidstuffthings.tumblr.com/ I haven't been touching it either but I guess I'll start because I miss this community as opposed to me, Howl, and Owen
  2. Okay, so I know I haven't posted anything in a while as opposed to every day updates. And I'm just laying this on the table now; I have a bad habit of suddenly disappearing without saying anything at all. This is my worst vice when it comes to anything that has to do with the internet. I fall in and out of routines... routinely. ANYCASE, as for an explanation. I haven't been myself. I am the necessary mechanics of myself without any of the stuff that makes me ME. I haven't been able to bring myself to do any of the things that are part of my routine or that I remotely enjoy doing. I try to
  3. Granted, you are given vision to see beyond the spectrum of human capacity. Now you are constantly haunted by the sights and visions of our race being watched by eldritch terrors just outside our dimension. (You have special eyes) I wish I could fix and keep a proper healthy sleep schedule.
  4. I couldn't resist, I was bored and fidgety so I cracked open the Lovecraft's Monsters anthology and read the first story. Apparently reading a story about a werewolf preventing the end times by Elder God means written by Neil Gaiman was enough to rouse Howl into asking me what the hell I was doing. Which made me happy. He's still feeling a bit quiet. Like when someone tells you something that really rattles you, so you just have to think about it for a day. He also seems a bit upset about Ruby's (our Chilean Rose Hair) jailbreak. I assured him she's probably better off on her own, and he agre
  5. He's awake, but he still needs some time to himself, apparently. I'm guessing he needs his "coffee and thoughts" time. It's kind of weird, because he hasn't done anything alone in a while and I feel the same anxiety I do when I know Owen's off work and on his way home. I think it's safe to say I missed him and I realize every time he leaves for a bit I end up making a mess so every time he comes back he's like this. Sorry Howly. Update-wise, we might wait a bit before doing wonderland stuff. At least a day (longer if he suggests it). We'll just do as much as we can together, after we have
  6. -hasn't touched Steam last year oops-
  7. AHHH OVER A THOUSAND VIEWS AHHH WHAT THE HELL Moving on, I made the blog, here it is, knock yourself out, Howl's not quite awake yet but he's almost there, end of update.
  8. Granted, mosquito population increases x100. (For the record, my spider wish came true, she somehow broke out of her cage and we can't find her, thanks a lot.) I wish I never made that spider wish.
  9. Auuugh, I am in such a NOT GOOD mood, tonight, half because I was too tired to deal with the drama outside my room and had to go to sleep and now I'm forced to wake up at 1 am, and then somewhat because of relative negativity I got to wake up to. Which sucks because I had a dream about Weebles last night (they wobble but they don't fall down). Some good-ish news, I guess. NO, IT'S GOOD NEWS, I'M NOT LETTING MYSELF BE BITTER IN THIS PR. (Protip; Conflicted is actually a VERY bitter person. If Howly were awake right now he'd have some humorous testament to that, I'm sure.) Firstly, Owen bro
  10. I knew you'd have some sage wisdom for me, thanks breh. I'm more worried about not giving him the space he needs as opposed to making him angry. If he gets angry at me I'll just bop him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. I'm mostly scared of running into Sammy, to be honest. Not because I'm scared OF him, but more of running into him and we're just gonna be like ":U" at each other. Because, like I said, we're not ready to see each other again, and it would really suck if our first meeting in forever was awkward. YOU'RE RIGHT I'M JUST GONNA HAVE TO BUCKLE DOWN, SUCK IT UP, AND TRY N
  11. It's raining really hard, there's no way in hell he's waking up today if he's still asleep.
  12. So either he's still asleep, he's doing something without me, or he's not talking to me. I'm guessing the first one but I'm too scared too go look for him. I'm kind of regretting setting everything back into motion, which I REALLY shouldn't be because it's progress and it's awful of me to think that way. I'm just scared that things are going to change. Which is also awful of me to think, because change is good, right? I don't know everything's suddenly become so complicated. He's gone long periods just sleeping before and he's been fully awake and attentive for a long time lately, so it cou
  13. I kind of feel like I'm re-living Hollow Bastion from Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II. It's weird and nostalgic and kind of sad for some reason. I mean, not so much anymore, but it's a good sad now? I dunno, I'm weird with emotions. It's always been my Wonderland, and I feel it was a much better decision to bring it back than make a new unfamiliar environment for Howl to be in. It's his home, and I'm hoping to God that it makes him feel less weird about all of this general business. Man, he always has people fawning over him, his charm game is too strong, yo. I've created a weapon
  14. Howly's asleep so I'm gonna post this now, and God only knows he's gonna badger me about it later. He fell asleep early last night. I took this as an opportunity to voice all of my concerns and anxieties to Owen. I told him my concerns about Howl's supposed 'incompleteness' and that the only reason he isn't saying anything is because of apathy. And the fear of him getting dissasociative by being out so often all of a sudden. The fact that I'm scared of the Void and the Facility falling apart because I can't picture it as vividly as I did when I was younger. He put all these thoughts to
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