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  1. One thing I'm curious about - when did tulpas as a concept take form? I think it's more apt to say both daemons and tulpas are a form of construct and thus share similarities. Both arose independently of each other and have different 'rules' - some which don't cross-apply - so fitting daemons in as a subset of tulpas would be like fitting coyotes under wolves on the basis that they're both canids. This also relates to how I don't think daemons should be classed as a type of tulpa. Daemons cannot have daemons, but whether constructs who are not daemons can have daemons is a sh
  2. We've had/have multiples on forum who've each their own daemons, so you wouldn't have to stick to a communal daemon if you feel three each would be better. The community'll tell you that it's one daemon per person, but not per body. Yeah, in theory it's as possible for daemons to assume control of the human's body as it is for tulpas, but it's not encouraged nor widely discussed as daemons are - no matter what role they play in your life - 'supporting'. It'd probably be considered unhealthy to go AWOL from your mind and leave a tool that's supposedly there as a companion to just... a
  3. Hey, I'm Mewsly. I'm a mod over on TDF (the daemian forum). A couple of members here have joined TDF recently, and we've had a few more in the past, so I figured I'd join. More specifically, I decided to join because one of those members said TDF was an old lady's tea room compared to here and I found it amusing. Hope that means you're all less shy of fact assertion than TDF is. I'm bringing with my my daemon, Tomaka. So far she doesn't not fit the basic requirements for a tulpa, and quite a few community ideas seem to mesh well with my own. Don't know if I'll stick around but I'm cur
  4. Hey, I'm one of the mods over at TDF (the daemian forum), currently going by Rabbit Head over there. Was curious about the concept of tulpas in general and spotted this thread, so I figured I'd respond. This isn't quite true. Many daemons are split internal monologue, but not all. My own isn't, as I never chastised or otherwise talked to myself much. We don't all talk about 'finding' daemons, either, 'creating' is used too. Depends on the person. Daemons don't settle (though one or two members might fight you on it for reason/s I detail later on) and can be whatever form y
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