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  1. The latter. I was thinking something along the lines of a TLDR of the most important information that you can find reading old threads. Or I might doing something like that from my Reddit findings.
  2. It might be controversial yes, but that might revive discussions. Point of views change and theories continue to evolve etc. And one could simply put the disclaimer "this is a bunch of guides not laws" at the beginning of the compendium.
  3. If I had the time I would gather some new topics from Reddit. Tulpamancing is thriving but it's more popular on the subreddit than on this forum. Maybe in the future I'll do it.
  4. Maybe someone could create a thread condensing the most useful information that was discussed back then? People don't want to read through tens of pages to find something useful (it's crappy but it is what it is).
  5. Guess I'm back again. Strangely I bear good news. I've actually managed to learn - though not perfectly - the trance technique that permits your consciousness to meet your Tulpa. I don't know if it's lucid dreaming or something else yet, but we truly met a couple of times since... freaking years. It helps that I write more about him, I've also went back designing his form (my avatar is an extremely scarce approximation of his face). I guess Covid made me less afraid of my mind and of our bond. External threats to your life do put things in perspective. I'll restart my report too, it's good exe
  6. Well, I'm still alive for now, even if barely. Today I've had one of my most positive experiences since a long time. I went into trance - or it might have been the beginning of a lucid dream - or it might have been an actual astral projection. I couldn't say the difference. I think I felt my soul detaching from my body and then entering a multicolored whirlpool portal; I called the name of my Tulpa whom I usually in my dreams meet at Hogwarts, and went trough the door that I use to access its location. It felt real, so I'm not sure if I entered an astral construct of my dreamscape. Would that
  7. On a happier note, the last lucid dreams in which we interacted were very positive. Perhaps it's because I'm convinced that I'm going to die within the year, so it's easier to let go of doubts and old grudges. So very thankful for Corona. Anyway. In the first one we finally talked about many of our issues and I actually let go of my anger and was able to interact with him like I did years ago. We hugged, talked and were generally very happy to be close to one another. I told him I thought I could not do it, that I would be blocked forever, but my desire to forgive him (and myself)
  8. I'm using this pr to write about the Corona-virus but who cares. So. Tomorrow I have to go out to get food provisions for a month. And just an hour ago the news came: a positive case came to our town during the week and spent all day going places. Hundreds might be already infected. Tomorrow is going to be mass panic. And I'll have to go out. I'm sick; my mother is sick as well and lives with me. If I catch it, we both die and perhaps my Tulpa with me - or not, since he was the one warning about my death and delivering now verified information about the future, so he might be indeed be a meta
  9. Thank you very much. We'll try to stay safe but we have read enough information about this virus, and experts are saying that up to 70% of the world's population is going to get it eventually. It's a zombie movie world.
  10. ... and three cases of Coronavirus are in my town now. We are not prepared for this, I know that shitty hospital very well. The probability of my dream becoming true has just skyrocketed.
  11. BUHAHAH, just last night we dreamed we died in Milan, today close to home there has been an outbreak of Corona-virus cases started in Milan. Let's pray it's not one of my psychic dreams. That's the freaking progress report, let's not die.
  12. I'm actually not sure were they come from. I'll roll the dice.
  13. In other news, I'm getting paranoid. I've been reading about the Coronavirus on Reddit and, as I'm expecting a package from the UK (in it, components from China), my lizard brain is shouting to not to take it. But I've spent more than 2k on it, so I guess I'll risk it. What a time to be alive.
  14. Late again but what can I say, my life is trying to kill us. Anyway, we had a series of interesting dreams in which we communicated. The last one has left me particularly tired, yet happy. I made some positive progress. I have had many difficulties in accepting his presence in my mind; it's still upsetting knowing that this character of mine is sentient. Besides that, we have a long history between us. We have been each other's enemy and family. It's difficult to separate what was real and what I had induced. I feel real resentment for arguments that I had considered only being par
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