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  1. Ive read through every post of yours and as many have stated before: You're really good at explaining stuff clearly and also making it interesting! Even the wrestle part! I dont know anything about those kinds of things but you've definitly shown theres alot more to it than just scrambling the other persons body. Anyway... I feel really inspired by you and chris and the steady progress you've made. I havent yet started my progress but i feel very motivated now. And yeah the thing blaycon said, its like visualization I guess, you need to put it someplace first yourself. If that made any
  2. http://i.imgur.com/FSsg3X5.jpg quality design... its from a joel vinesauce stream.
  3. Gonna reboot this introduction to this thread... when i know what to write.
  4. Hi. I like otters and plushies... Euhm cya around. Yes.
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