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  1. I will draw it, but it won't be too good...
  2. Mines Dashie, but for a pinkie pie one here; for the 3d, its disgusting but its 3d but gross. as for personality try 5-10 main ones instead of all 50 need any other help pm me
  3. just give her time, if she really hates you it will show, remind yourself, she/he needs you to live. Also, like the others, try sleeping a bit longer. that always makes me feel better!
  4. 1) no, I just got mental communication today, I never force I just have dashie with me all the time. 2)yes, but he/she wont respond. 3)yes, but would only really do it if it was about them, or if it was interesting :P 4)not sure. 5)no, a hypnotist may alter it but other than that your mind is private, you must do the work. 6)your tulpa may not like it, and may interfere with your dreams, depends on the tulpa though.
  5. me 2 if hes not on, but im not too far.
  6. I would like it if you could draw my wonderland in a quick sketch, I tried but i suck at drawing. It goes like this:2 sides of a lake, the lake is a oval with a small stream running out (4 or 5ft wide) and upstream is a waterfall (50 ft ish)with a giant rock stuck out of the middle. wolves side one side is a wavy gold field of wheat with a cave on one part and a giant tree with a cave under the roots, by the lake on the field side is a clean and clear beach. simple. this side is for just running around. the dragons side The other side is a pine forest with massive virgin trees and two mountains one huge the other medium, leading from the lake is a small babbling stream that goes to a pond with cattails and red sand the smaller mountian has massive rocks like the lion king but on the top, the larger one has a cave up in the snowy parts (described earlier)"- my wonderland is a area with a field (blond wolf fields)on one side of a glistening lake with 2 wolf dens, one is a cave with 2 rocks at the entrance, the other is a hollowed out tree at the bottom ive created 2 packs for each den.and upstream is wolf pup falls, a huge waterfall leading into the lake with a jagged rock pointing out the center. On the other side are the dragons with a red sand beach with cattails and logs, (its a pine forest on their side)with 2 mountains the smaller one has a giant rock (like lion king) where dragons bast in the sun, the other is a snowy mountain with a huge snow dragon in a cave,a meandering river leads off into the fields" very simple, draw at any angle (preferably not like a map, more like a photographer THX! from dashie and I
  7. dashie stared back for almost a half an hour, then licked my face and walked away
  8. that's all I've gotten and I've been here 2 weeks, It gets frustrating with no strait answers but i understand it.
  9. Dashie is a pegusus but I am very good at imaging so the wing movement is easy but as everyone's said he/she will probably decide by them self.
  10. eopard: Ignore the hour counts and "nothing will happen before this many hours" bunk. It will only screw you up. This cost me at least two months and we're still recovering from the damage. As for sentience, he already is. You just need to work on noticing that sentience and communicating with it -- this is what narration and continued forcing do. *DON'T* assume you're puppeting if you see him move during a session. If you're not consciously shoving his limbs around, it's him -- *even* if he's doing what you just thought of. If you briefly imagine them doing something, they'll likely see it, know you're basically asking them to do it, and do it for you. (How do I know that last bit? Yesterday I did a test. I imagined Lyra moving a little, and she did. I asked her if I was controlling her -- she said no. Sometimes when I do this she chooses to do something else instead. I then more forcefully imagined her leg moving -- this was a very distinct conscious effort, something I do not do automatically. This got a response more like "WTF why you do that?!" THIS is puppeting. It is not something you do automatically without thinking. The difference is between gently suggesting visually that she do something, and manhandling her into doing it whether she wants to or not.) The same thing applies to if you appear to be getting thoughts from him. Parroting thoughts does appear to be easier to do automatically than puppeting (Lyra somewhat disagrees with this). But most parroted thoughts feel pretty obvious and there's no question as to who is was. If you're talking to him and an answer or comment pops into your head, it's likely him; even (especially?) if it happens while you're in the middle of saying something or formulating how to say something. If you have to wonder whether a thought was from you or him, it's probably him. (Again, this is from talking with Lyra... she says that almost nothing but the most obvious cases are actual parroting. Obvious parroting feels more like "talking for" something in my mind that I know cannot speak, and I feel myself consciously create the thoughts. Thoughts from her simply appear in my mind without me trying to make them, aside from simply listening for them and being ready to "hear" them when they show up.) Here is my experience getting stuck in the parrot/puppet trap because of the hour counts and warnings in FAQ_Man's guide. Do not fear parroting or puppeting. You aren't doing them. If you fear them, you will do them -- VERY forcefully holding your tulpa still and forcing him to be silent. thx i needed to know that! ps i dont know how to quote any help?
  11. hmm i do this to a minor scale of "yes,ok,ya,haha" I am going to keep doing it and tell forums of my success or failure.