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  1. Thanks. For the help! I will get back to it, although I will probably have yet another question here soon...
  2. Hello again to the members of the forums. New tulpamancer here. At this rate I will be asking a new question per day. Anyways, as I understand it, passive forcing involves thinking of your tulpa and narrating/directing questions to him/her through intervals in the day. So how do I active force, and how is it different from passive forcing? Are there any suggestions regarding what to say/do when active forcing? I tried to meditate and narrate for about 45 minutes, and it didn't seem to be any different than passive forcing. Here is another thing I should note. I do not have a Wonderland yet. My visualization skills are simply awful, as I struggle picturing my tulpa as a purple circle in a void. Should I build my wonderland and develop my visualization skills further in order to increase progress? Would having a wonderland help active forcing in order to achieve communication? Thank you for your responses in advance.
  3. Thanks for the thoughts and information. I am actually allowing my current tulpa to choose her own form, this was simply an idea I had that I was excited to share. A pleasure to meet the both of you! Also, arcanemagic, I knew that it would be limited to my mind but thank you for explaining. Looking back, I was very unclear in my explanation.
  4. Hello, there. I am new to this and decided to dedicate my time. I have been lurking for a while and have started with the creation process. Earlier I had an idea. I am a fan of the author Brandon Sanderson, who is well-known among fantasy readers. In one of his Cosmere series, there is a sentinent sword called Nightblood. I have attached a photo of it. It is a long sword with black smoke emitting from it that can project thoughts directly into peoples minds. Awesome. Naturally, I started wondering if it would be possible to fully create a tulpa like this. Nothing seems to block the possibility, but I was curious to see if anyone had tried this. Also, as I was in the middle of typing this, I pictured a tulpa like Fi from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It would have the ability to reside within the sword and emerge at will. Just a thought.
  5. Having this problem too, actually. I feel them, but they seem... Random...
  6. Hello. I have been working upon my tulpa since last Friday. I have exexclusively worked upon personality thus far, and have had odd dreams and odd head pains so far. Last night, however, I was half asleep on my bed. (To provide some context for this next part, I am taking a high level Spanish class right now.) Anyways, out of nowhere, I suddenly had the thought "What does quemadarse mean?" I nearly leaped out of bed in surprise. I'm pretty sure I was not the origin of that thought, and will have to credit Violet for that, even though that word is gibberish. To be honest, I was starting to suspect this was all some kind of joke. Anyways, I'm new here, and I was just wondering if this probably was her or not.