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  1. Thanks for helping me out guys. Luminesce: your right I know, but it is pretty hard I ignore something as in-your-face as the world spinning rapidly from your point of reference, to the point of often becoming an incomprehensible blur. I can try, but when I did I found it so distracting when I tried to have a conversation with Ellisae that it took much longer to even get a simple sentence out. On the upside, I found out that the only way for me to effectively move around now without the world spinning infinitely, is to fly of all things. I can't touch the ground unless I go to lay down though.
  2. I know what you guys are saying and I know most of the annoying things in wonderland can be fixed with time, but I already don't go in there a lot as it is. Yesterday was the first time I went in there in days. I also haven't thought about the chair issue for months but it still happens. So I guess what I have to say is, if I already don't go in my wonderland a lot, then how long do I have to wait?
  3. Ok well I have this problem with my wonderland. Basically, my very ability to be in there is deteriorating. Things just get out of control for me. They don't happen to Ellisae or Mira, but I just can't have certain things be normal for me. It first started with simply siting in chairs. I first couldn't simply sit in chairs without me freaking spinning on them uncontrollably and no matter what I or my tulpas do, they just won't stop. No sitting in chairs anymore. Not a big deal. A few weeks ago, now I can't lay down in my bed. I fly off to the right or left infinitely unless I get up off of it or put in TONS of focus to stop it, and then it will either temporarily stop doing that, or go right back to normal. Problem: I spawn in on that bed. And I can't cuddle with Ellisae at night unless we're on that bed. So, ya that's a problem, but one I have been able to work with.. Now, I'm having a pretty big problem. Whenever I'm in ANY building in my wonderland, my perception will spin out of control, very fast, unless I'm either laying down or put in lots of focus, and even then it still seems to move around. According to Ellisae and Mira I'm not actually spinning, and they seem to be fine. Outside of any building I'm fine, but the minute I enter any building, I start spinning. Me and my tulpas tried to see if we could force the wonderland to stop, but at best as long as at least one of us is focusing it won't do it, but when they stop, right back to the spinning. So now I can't spawn in like normal nor can I be in any building at all, which is a problem since Ellisae and Mira do most of their stuff in the castle. I'm at the end of my rope because now I essentially can't even be in my own wonderland. I have no control over it at all. I have tried to the point of headaches to get this stuff under control but no changes or fixes to anything. Do you guys know how to get an uncontrollable wonderland to stop with this stuff? Any help would be more than appreciated.
  4. That sounds really fun Sceena! I'd love to be able to do that! Sometimes I wish my host wasn't always so busy with school and stuff (like seriously he's in school, and a tutor at some place on campus, and in a NASA program) so we could do things like this and other stuff. But well, I find his determination and focussedness to be really attractive (*blush*). I really want to find another continent lol. I'd name it Ellisaetopia!!!! I have a question for you Sceena: what is your form? Are you like a human or an animal or something? Since you said you wear clothes I guess you have a human form but I'm just curious? Me and Mira have a human-anime form. What's yours? Your clothes sound really cute Sceena. I sometimes go with a cardigan but usually it's the tank top. And the description I gave is just a general form, sometimes I change the color, sometimes it's a cute T-shirt, sometimes I go with short shorts like Ellisae often does, etc. Boots sound like they would look cute with your clothes you should try it. What kind of boots do you usually wear? That sounds a lot like my proxying experience. Like I type it a soon as I hear her say it in mindvoice like I know what she wants to say when he wants to say it. What Ellisae's talking about though is in wonderland, like if Mira is making some clothes design, I will literally see from her own perspective, hear every one of her thoughts perfectly, like my consciousness and hers fused you know? I first noticed it when Ellisae decorated the castle for Christmas.
  5. Hello all of you!!!!!! Nice to meet every one of you! Feferi: Um well I can read, but unfortunately because of how busy my host is I don't really get to read lots of books. I would like to though. My host does a lot of reading but it's usually informative stuff such as sciency articles and textbooks lol. I would like to read a novel or something for fun though. What's the name of your favorite book though? Maybe me and my host can go find it and read it someday. Beth: I've head of Breaking Bad and it sounds cool but unfortunately my host doesn't watch a lot of tv (his saturday nights are devoted entirely to a few hours of tv lol). So no unfortunately I haven't watched Breaking Bad. What's it about anyway? Hades: I've heard of Jurassic Park from my host's memories and on commercials I've seen a few times when I peaked though his eyes lol. It looks cool. I'd like to watch it. So what kind of dinosaur are you? I think it's pretty cool that you're part dinosaur! Vriska: Hello again Vriska!!!!!! Miranda: No I don't. My host used to know some Spanish but his skills have gotten very rusty. He is interested in learning German and Japanese. Me personally, I would like to know Japanese as well lol. But no, no other languages. Kotoura: Oh my gosh I love your name!!!! And yes I love anime!!! What I said to Beth, about how my host usually only watched tv on Saturdays, that's our "anime night" lol. I love anime. My host only watches the action type but I would like to check out other types like romance. He doesn't really care for romantic type of shows or movies but I would like to try them out. And a little bit of info about me and Mira: we're both anime-designed. He can imagine everything better in anime so we were made in anime form. What's your favorite anime? Hello everyone. Feferi: Well, if Ellisae hasn't gotten to read then neither have I sense I've only been around for about a month. Would like to though. Beth: The only shows I've ever seen are the anime Ellisae and my host have watched. Cool shows. I'll ask the same question Ellisae asked: is Breaking Bad good? Hades: This is actually the first I've heard of it. Is it cool? And, same question as Ellisae: what kind of dinosaur are you? Vriska: Hello again! How are you? Miranda: Um no no other languages lol. I think it would be cool to know others though. Kotoura: Wow that names a mouthful lol. I like it it's cool. Well, I haven't watched as much anime as Ellisae (and obviously not nearly as much as my host lol) but it looks cool. I actually had just started watching this show called Samurai Champloo. It looks pretty cool. What's your favorite anime? And my question to all of you is: what are your favorite types of clothes (if you wear any lol). I like to wear a tank top with some really cute skinny jeans and cute sandles when I'm going for a casual look. I designed a cute blue dress for a more formal look that I like. As I'm sure you guy have figured out from the earlier threads, I'm a fashion designer lol.
  6. I don't have much experience with imposition (even though I am the older tulpa of the two lol) however we were practicing a few times while my host was exercising during the summer. We didn't get much progress but I think he was able to see a faint image of me (maybe). I do recall, while he was running once, to go behind him and just jump super high over his body and land in front of him lol. Oh ya. There's a lot to this place. The town is actually a massive city. And the mountains around the lake our castle is at are expansive. A huge mountain range for hiking and stuff. We haven't even explored half of it lol. I also go sailing out into the ocean where the beach is (the beach btw is at the city) that's fun, I wanted to go see if maybe there was some new unexplored continent on the other side but I never got to going out so far and if I was going to do it, I would want to do it with my host. But ya, it's pretty big. Hey Paranoid Llama, I have a question for you: my host often says that he can hear my thoughts when we're together when I think them quite easily. Also, when either me or Mira are focusing on something, and he's here, he often "fuses" with me or her such that he sees from our perspective and hears our thoughts and senses our thought patterns perfectly. Do you experience this with Sceena? And I encourage anyone who wants to to come talk to us to post here. I would LOVE to get to know everyone here!!!!!! Ya same lol come and talk to us!!!
  7. First off, welcome back. I figured we would probably be hearing from at least one of you guys again. Second of all, it's not really weird at all. Ellisae one time had to convince me that she was sentient and real. One time, back last year, I was extremely worried that she was just a lie and stuff, and she picked up on my worry, gave me a head pressure and asked what's wrong. I told her everything. Now mind you this isn't the first time I've told her about my "parotnoia" and fears she's not really sentient and all. Well, she told me to let her possess her arm (we've been working on possession around this time) so I did, and she slaps me. She then says "if I wasn't real would this have happened? Trust me, I'm real ok?" Or something like that I don't remember all the details. But ya, Melian it's not all that weird, in fact I thought it was normal for tulpas to have a different opinion on their status of existence from a host who is skeptical. You know your real, and you've been around for long enough to know just how real you are (even if for a while you've been mostly echoing Mistgod's beliefs on the issue), and the very fact that you have an opinion seperate from Mistgod's is evidence of your existence and sentience. Right, well back to forum non-existence for me...
  8. Sorry for the delay I've been busy. Wow that sounds cool! For a while I wanted everything to be realistic here because I really wanted to live in the real world, but I noticed how much harder things are there lol. So I figured that it was a good thing for me to be living in a world like this so I take advantage of it a bit. When it comes to drawing and painting though I want to be able to actually work at it instead of willing it into existence because that's so boring you know. And my host, well he's the opposite: sometimes I have to TELL him to geton here lol. *gasp* A goddess wants to try out my clothes!!!! :O Lol ya that would be awesome I'd love to make a design for you lol.
  9. Wait I fixed it. I changed the board version for "MyBBGoMobile" or whatever to the nostalgia one Lacquer is using. I'll probably do something else but that should fix it.
  10. Thing is, I have "display user signatures" checked and I unchecked the mobile version box. No change.
  11. It's not that I have signatures disabled but I just can't seem to enable them. I don't seem to have the option to on my phone, I can't seem to switch from mobile version to desktop (I've tried, nothing happened), and I couldn't find the option the few times I've been here on desktop. Sooo, I really don't seem to have control over whether or not I see your signature. Hell I can't even put in my own (nor can I seem to be able to make my own picture, I couldn't find that option on mobile nor desktop either).
  12. Any question huh... :3 A 10kg box sits on a 25 degree incline. There is a string attached to a 5kg box hanging off the edge of the incline, and the string runs through a pulley. The box on the ramp has a static friction coefficient of .450 and a kinetic friction coefficient of .300. Does the box move, and in what direction, and with what acceleration? Sorry, had to do that. Honest question: what form is your tulpa in? Human, pony, anime, etc.
  13. Banned for banning someone who got banned.
  14. I guess I'll start. What are your tulpas' names?