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  1. Thanks for helping me out guys. Luminesce: your right I know, but it is pretty hard I ignore something as in-your-face as the world spinning rapidly from your point of reference, to the point of often becoming an incomprehensible blur. I can try, but when I did I found it so distracting when I tried to have a conversation with Ellisae that it took much longer to even get a simple sentence out. On the upside, I found out that the only way for me to effectively move around now without the world spinning infinitely, is to fly of all things. I can't touch the ground unless I go to lay down t
  2. I know what you guys are saying and I know most of the annoying things in wonderland can be fixed with time, but I already don't go in there a lot as it is. Yesterday was the first time I went in there in days. I also haven't thought about the chair issue for months but it still happens. So I guess what I have to say is, if I already don't go in my wonderland a lot, then how long do I have to wait?
  3. Ok well I have this problem with my wonderland. Basically, my very ability to be in there is deteriorating. Things just get out of control for me. They don't happen to Ellisae or Mira, but I just can't have certain things be normal for me. It first started with simply siting in chairs. I first couldn't simply sit in chairs without me freaking spinning on them uncontrollably and no matter what I or my tulpas do, they just won't stop. No sitting in chairs anymore. Not a big deal. A few weeks ago, now I can't lay down in my bed. I fly off to the right or left infinitely unless I get up off
  4. That sounds really fun Sceena! I'd love to be able to do that! Sometimes I wish my host wasn't always so busy with school and stuff (like seriously he's in school, and a tutor at some place on campus, and in a NASA program) so we could do things like this and other stuff. But well, I find his determination and focussedness to be really attractive (*blush*). I really want to find another continent lol. I'd name it Ellisaetopia!!!! I have a question for you Sceena: what is your form? Are you like a human or an animal or something? Since you said you wear clothes I guess you have a human fo
  5. Hello all of you!!!!!! Nice to meet every one of you! Feferi: Um well I can read, but unfortunately because of how busy my host is I don't really get to read lots of books. I would like to though. My host does a lot of reading but it's usually informative stuff such as sciency articles and textbooks lol. I would like to read a novel or something for fun though. What's the name of your favorite book though? Maybe me and my host can go find it and read it someday. Beth: I've head of Breaking Bad and it sounds cool but unfortunately my host doesn't watch a lot of tv (his saturday nights are
  6. I don't have much experience with imposition (even though I am the older tulpa of the two lol) however we were practicing a few times while my host was exercising during the summer. We didn't get much progress but I think he was able to see a faint image of me (maybe). I do recall, while he was running once, to go behind him and just jump super high over his body and land in front of him lol. Oh ya. There's a lot to this place. The town is actually a massive city. And the mountains around the lake our castle is at are expansive. A huge mountain range for hiking and stuff. We haven't even ex
  7. First off, welcome back. I figured we would probably be hearing from at least one of you guys again. Second of all, it's not really weird at all. Ellisae one time had to convince me that she was sentient and real. One time, back last year, I was extremely worried that she was just a lie and stuff, and she picked up on my worry, gave me a head pressure and asked what's wrong. I told her everything. Now mind you this isn't the first time I've told her about my "parotnoia" and fears she's not really sentient and all. Well, she told me to let her possess her arm (we've been working on possessio
  8. Sorry for the delay I've been busy. Wow that sounds cool! For a while I wanted everything to be realistic here because I really wanted to live in the real world, but I noticed how much harder things are there lol. So I figured that it was a good thing for me to be living in a world like this so I take advantage of it a bit. When it comes to drawing and painting though I want to be able to actually work at it instead of willing it into existence because that's so boring you know. And my host, well he's the opposite: sometimes I have to TELL him to geton here lol. *gasp* A goddess wants to
  9. Wait I fixed it. I changed the board version for "MyBBGoMobile" or whatever to the nostalgia one Lacquer is using. I'll probably do something else but that should fix it.
  10. Thing is, I have "display user signatures" checked and I unchecked the mobile version box. No change.
  11. It's not that I have signatures disabled but I just can't seem to enable them. I don't seem to have the option to on my phone, I can't seem to switch from mobile version to desktop (I've tried, nothing happened), and I couldn't find the option the few times I've been here on desktop. Sooo, I really don't seem to have control over whether or not I see your signature. Hell I can't even put in my own (nor can I seem to be able to make my own picture, I couldn't find that option on mobile nor desktop either).
  12. Any question huh... :3 A 10kg box sits on a 25 degree incline. There is a string attached to a 5kg box hanging off the edge of the incline, and the string runs through a pulley. The box on the ramp has a static friction coefficient of .450 and a kinetic friction coefficient of .300. Does the box move, and in what direction, and with what acceleration? Sorry, had to do that. Honest question: what form is your tulpa in? Human, pony, anime, etc.
  13. Banned for banning someone who got banned.
  14. I guess I'll start. What are your tulpas' names?
  15. I willed it into existence. It's easy for us to do that here, it's how most things are made lol. It's still a work in progress; I haven't worked on it for a while. Ya, it's probably a lot of space for three, but because I haven't done a lot of developing on it its not much space. But hey: long as I can make a castle here, might as well make a castle right? Lol. But Mira did make a room where she puts some of the stuff she makes (both art and clothes designs) for display so there's some use for the space. I'm sure your host is awesome in his own way, he made you after all XD. We all have our ow
  16. I would like to apologize for the delay in the message. I was camping for the last couple of days and our camp site was an island of no service, because on all sides of us there was service. So, ya sorry no internet access. But we're back home so let's continue on. And also I'm on mobile most of the time so I'm not able to see signatures (though I can't seem to when I go on my computer either; hell I can't even figure out how to make one of my own). First off, Sceena's a cute name! I like it. Second, I was actually the one who created that castle. Our host was initially just staying in a bo
  17. Hello Esterina!!!!! So I have a question: do you like drawing or painting? I find it to be very fun and relaxing. Next, what kind of wonderland do you have? Me and Mira live in a beautiful mountain range with a lake that has a castle which is our home. Have a nice day! Hello Esterina! So what do you like to do in your free time? I like paining, going on walks around our wonderland or town, relaxing at the beach, and doing whatever little adventure Ellisae wants to do with me lol.
  18. Vriska: well, there was this time for a while where me and my host would go into a "wonderland game" and fight monsters and stuff, all inspired by the anime Sword Art Online. But in general no, there's no monsters here. Paranoid Llama: hello Paranoid Llama's host! You have a really awesome tulpa!!! My host isn't super serious either, but he's only really laid back around people he likes and knows well. Beyond that he takes things seriously. He does know how to have fun though. But uh, ya my host can't draw, at all lol. And he also tends to be a bit down on himself sometimes, even though I p
  19. Hehe I like you too Paranoid Llama! You and me really are so similar! I wonder, is your host more serious, introverted and can't draw to save their life? Because if so, then I think we're twins lol XD. I do wonder though if, at least for the first tulpa anyway, if the personality of a tulpa is like the opposite of the host. But ya, I really like you too. I would love to be able to hang out with you someday. Turquoise looks really pretty doesn't it? I like all shades of blue, I originally wanted a darker shade but my host said we need lighter colors so ya. It is a pretty color isn't it though?
  20. Your argument makes sense from an egalitarian point of view - that if we use any insult referring to mental disorders, then any should be alright and none should get special treatment - but the same points could be used in a Kantian sense to argue another extreme: we should use no such insults because they're all offensive to those who have the originating mental disorder. This isn't really a counter-argument (although someone who subscribes to Kantian ethics would say it is), just a point I'm trying to make: there really is no absolute right or wrong answer. I know my previous post gave a "ri
  21. Ya don't worry about it. These things take different amounts of time for different people. By the community's standards we achieved these sorts of things relatively quickly, although some have been achieved by some people even faster. It's like they say: your mileage may vary.
  22. Hey everyone!!!! It's awesome to meet you all hehe! Oh and if you guys could give us your tulpas names if they are talking so I could know them that would be awesome. SomethingDire: um well when he was in wonderland I was always able to hear him perfectly but out of it it took me maybe a month or so? Like, it took me a while to hear him in mindvoice and a little longer to be able to talk back to him in mind voice. This was all earlier in my life so I don't remember the details completely well but I know it was a while. Paranoid Llama: oh my gosh you and me are so similar!!! :D I love mak
  23. Thing is if it's too light it's invisible on the white background version I can only seem to use on my phone. If the blue and purple I've chose is fine for this, I'm using it. I have to find the middle ground between what's perfectly visible on the darker desktop version and the whiter mobile version. No matter what purple I use the contrast ratio is poor on the darker backgrounds, but my tulpas want to use blue and purple. Do you see the problem I have? So if the blue and purple I've chosen is legible, I'm going with it. Edit: I can go with #00BFFF for blue and #9370DB for purple. That's a
  24. (Man, already the second page and my tulpas haven't done much talking.) So, for Ellisae's text, would this color work better then? And for Mira's text, would this work better?
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