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  1. Hello, I translated this guide into french (with Tulpa's permission). Here's the file enclosed. Tulpa's Complete DIY Guide to Tulpamancy v4 - Traduction FR.pdf
  2. Already posted a draw a few years ago, but here's another one. Here's Ambre https://imgur.com/a/U3cwquo
  3. I've already found this site a few weeks ago ... so disgusting indeed ...
  4. Hmm yes i'm bored a little. Next person love unicorns.
  5. My tulpa actually got 17 month, but she is still in development (voice etc). When I create her, I call her "Ambre" (I'm french so it's "Ember" I guess). (Excuse my bad English if I made a few mistakes ^^)
  6. I present you Ambre, my lovely tulpa ^^
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