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    I'm rather new to Tulpamancy, as such I don't have much experience with it specifically. However, I do practice a wide range of forms of magick, esotericism, and occult arts, so I know a thing or two about visualization and meditation. Of course I'll have a few questions to ask along the way, but I hope one day to be like some of the other members of Tulpa.info and be able to answer the questions of others in need. One day, I dream to be the person (or at least one of the people) who provides scientific proof of magick's existence to the world, proving that it's there and proving that it works. Tulpamancy is the greatest step in that journey and I thank each person who incidentally helps me achieve that goal.
  1. A few moments ago... Me: Look at all these Tulpae quotes people are posting, they're hysterical xD. Gaelles, quick, say something funny! Gaelles: (confidently) Okay, okay. Two guys walk into a bar- Me: NO... At school during lunch. Gaelles: (eyeing a girl nearby) Oh, she's cute... Me: (trying to act cool) Yea, I'll admit, she's pretty nice. Why, you like her? Gaelles: Meh, not really. Me: But you just said you thought she was cute. Gaelles: Yea but she's not really my type... Me: Oh. Gaelles: But you like her, don't you? Me: I DO NOT!! Gaelles: But you
  2. Second progress report: Gaelles and I have been going through some tough times... This past week my greatest fear came true: that I would stop giving Gaelles my attention. Between school, the books I'm writing, and just my everyday activities, I'd been distracted. Meanwhile Gaelles had been sitting alone for quite some time. A few days isn't much in comparison, but when you don't have much to do, time travels slowly I guess... Which is why last night I made it a point to make sure I apologized to Gaelles before I went to bed. It was no secret he was unhappy. Starting now, I intend to kee
  3. I wasn't talking about 'Tulpa-Host' romance, I was talking about 'Tulpa-Other than Host' romance. It's similar but a bit different, so forgive me for the misunderstanding.
  4. These are great thoughts! I had my own idea for Gaelles' problem, but I barely gave a 'switching relationship' a second thought. Looking at it this way, I can see it as a possible solution. Though, I'm still troubled... Much to what Glitchthe3rd and Bunny-boi-Lover were saying, there is the troubling aspect of switching every time that certain person comes around. True, if I were to have a similar passion towards that person, there wouldn't be too much complication. But I already have someone very special to me, and she's the one who helped bring Gaelles into this world. Eris (my special so
  5. So I've heard all the warnings in guides like "Don't create your Tulpa to a be a sex doll!". I've also heard tales of Tulpa adopting things like sexual urges after their creators... But the one thing I haven't heard is of is a Tulpa's desire for romance. Now perhaps someone has posted about something like this and I just didn't see it, but there was no sign of such a topic. Some were similar, but not quite what I was looking for. Nothing seemed to mention it! So I was surprised at my companion's answer, after one day I asked him a particular question. "Hey Gaelles." I said (In my quiet mind
  6. As of a few days ago it's been a week since I brought Gaelles, the ten foot, gold phoenix, into the world. It's been an interesting patch these last few days, Gaelles and I get along fine when we're together - better than fine! But I fear for him, I feel I don't always give him the attention he needs. Often times when I sense for him, it feels like he's off somewhere else (exploring, I assume). His wings give him that freedom. When I created him, I made it specifically to where I had to call him by name so that I wouldn't accidentally summon him just thinking about him. When he's flying aro
  7. That's a pretty valid point, one I can totally agree on! And I'm glad that we, despite our opposing beliefs, can still understand one another respectively. As for these sources, I'll surely look into them. knowledge is definately something I want to get my hands on. The broader and brighter the perspective, the better! Anyway, thanks again Sushi.
  8. Hi, I recently created by Tulpa, Gaelles whose form is that of a ten-foot tall, gold phoenix. While it has only been a few days (five to be exact) I've begun to wonder a few things... I know that other people have had a similar 'pace' in their Tulpa's development, like finding their Tulpa being able to speak on the second day! But my real question revolves around imposition. I'm usually pretty adept at most forms of magick (Personally, I see Tulpamancy as a form of magick, not a psychological thing) and often can find decent results with anything I set my mind to. The problem is IF I set my
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