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    Obviously i don't post very much. i'm just not the kind of guy who would post a lot of things. Mainly i enjoy lurking, and gathering the info of ideas. If i needed participation in the forum, i would gladly do so, but for now, and always, i will be a silent watcher.
  1. I give my nomination to Zero, considering he came up with the idea himself, I'm sure he's up to the task.
  2. My tulpas have helped with my tendencies to procrastinate, always reminding me to do what I need to get done. I noticed that I'm much more productive when I have their motivation to push me a little further to accomplish tasks.
  3. It probably wouldn't be good for yourself to have such emotions in the first place, so it would only make sense that these types of feeling wouldn't be very positive for tulpa's development. Nobody can be calm and happy 100 percent of the time, but putting towards an effort to make sure you don't feel angry or depresssed when interacting with your tulpa will only benefit, they would appreciate it.
  4. Nobody is too sure if the metaphysical aspect is true or not (others physically seeing your tulpa) but there doesn't seem to be any evidence to support such claims. You can always strive for it, if that's the sort of thing you are looking for. Personally I don't think it is possible, but who knows. So far, only hosts can see their own tulpa.
  5. I thought this turned out pretty decent, I created Monty.
  6. kinda fun to make. here is Sarah
  7. Here is another ms paint interpretation of my tulpa, Sarah. just a quick sketch pretty much, but it is to give you a general idea of the color scheme and such, since she deviated from her purple haired self.
  8. I thought about it, now I think Host sounds more classy, like being a host for a party.
  9. I just go with the simple term Creator, since a person creates a tulpa. It would make much more sense to someone new, someone who is not that familiar with tulpas. Other terms might confuse them or give a different meaning. It is the least ridiculous sounding choice I think.
  10. Genesis Humour

    Sounds like my kinda thing
  11. I don't think someone could be too young or old for a tulpa, but if you feel you are ready for one then go for it.
  12. Hello, when I read the topic title, I thought it was referencing to me, but I now see what it is xD I read some of it, but since I was running out of time, I skimmed through it to see the points you were making. It seems that you have a pretty good understanding of consciousness and how it works.
  13. Hello, I am Genesis, I originally found this site through Google when searching info about tulpas. I started my tulpa on August 17th, 2012, and have not stopped since. I am never good at introductions so... Here I am. :cool:
  14. I originally learned of it from /x/ I think late 2011, and I was somewhat interested in reading the threads that ended up there. fast forward to mid August, and I saw it mentioned again on /mlp/, so I decided to google Tulpa to see if there were any sites about them. I found this site, and I was now interested in making one, so here I am.
  15. Yeah thanks, I don't post often, but I probably should. Anyways, it seems that drawing my tulpa has helped me visualize her much better, since before I drew here, I couldn't finalize an eye design for her. When I would imagine her, sometimes she would have different kinds of eyes almost each time i saw her, but now i have a much more consistent look of the face. So it definitely is helpful for anyone who needs a clearer look at their tulpa's face.