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  1. Oh, that's interesting. and oh no! Here's another upload of it. Youtube has begun taking down the official uploads of the album, for some reason. [video=youtube]
  2. Oh my god... I just watched your video, and just feel such a huge wave of awe and inspiration. You're both unbelievably strong and incredible for having gone through what you two have faced. Both Tulpas I attempted to make in the past died (or disappeared, whatever you believe to be the proper term in this case) because of my mental issues interfering with their forcing and development, so your story hit really close to home. Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort it took to share your story. I wish the absolute best for both of you.
  3. Wow, I really dig this! I really love how much the percussion grooves, while taking such a simplistic, bare-minimum approach. What genre is this considered? Here's what I believe is the most underrated recent group: iamthemorning. They combine elements of prog-rock with classical chamber music, and the results are absolutely stunning. I highly recommend listening to all of their latest album, Lighthouse. [video=youtube] EDIT: I heavily suggest listening to the title track of the album as well. I can only insert one video per post, and was heavily torn between sharing that, or "Harm
  4. It's been over a year and a half since I was last active here. I've recently become interested in tulpamacy again, and have come back to see if it is truly something I should try again. Mental issues I have caused problems with the development of the last two, but I feel as if I have the ability to detect and stop these problems from occurring now. Regardless, I know that tulpamacy is not something to jump back into, so I'm taking my time and roaming the site to help make my decision on weather to start again, or not. Although it seems like there are less active users now, I am glad to be back
  5. One Last Time is a beautiful tune. I always found it so interesting how the band chose to have a song as crazy as The Dance Of Eternity go right into One Last Time. It's so weird, but the transition is so smooth and precise that it works! I actually have a rare bootleg from that tour of a live broadcast of them playing at the Korean Olympic Tennis Stadium in Seoul. In the middle of Dance, Jordan breaks into ! There's a couple different clips from that show on Youtube too, it's pretty awesome. The crowd is amazing! As for Tulpamancing, thanks for your support. With all of the events that ha
  6. I think I'll wait until tomorrow, or possibly tonight. I'm feeling a little more comfortable now.
  7. Thank you to everyone who has shown their care and concern. I'm in a difficult emotional state right now, and it means the world to me to have your comfort. I took Elvode's advice in trying to find her again. I played on repeat on my phone as I returned to the dreamland to see if that would get her attention, since that used to be her favourite song. I first tried writing the letter in our dreamland, though got nothing. I didn't want to write the letter in real life, in fear of anyone finding it. I looked all around for her, though I only ended up finding her dead body, which was now cov
  8. Thanks! It's really awesome to see other DT fans here. Your sig made me smile the first time I saw it :). If you need something to fill in your days in order to set your sleep schedule back to normal, do something long and physically enduring. Plan to do it at a time where it will end shortly before you wish to begin sleeping regularly. These activities can include running, working out, or anything physical that you can do for at least an hour or two. Whenever I need to set my sleep schedule back to normal, I play along to all of Scenes or Awake on my drum kit, front to back. That knocks m
  9. Jesus christ! I cannot un-see that image... it's horrible how far people will go just to get a couple clicks to their website. Absolutely disgusting...
  10. So much has happened in the last couple days, that it would take me weeks to write everything that has happened since I started forcing. The whole first day took me four days to write (when I originally tried writing everything)! Thus, I have no choice but to summarize everything that has happened: Basically, the worst case scenario mentioned in the OP happened. I gave her the ability to help me through it, though by the time we did, we've reached an extremely worrying scenario, as explained later in this post. But first, since I've started forcing, "fake" clones of my tulpa, some of which
  11. Dude, I know exactly how you feel! it's sad how many websites are now beginning to use false adverts like that. This one's my favorite though: If you're going to make false ads, at least try. xD
  12. First of all, I apologize that most of these posts will be made very late at night, for I want to make sure to capture all of the day as much as possible. anyway, let's start: DAY 1 July 4th, 2015 This day, Tulpamacy-wise, was both a horrifying and beautiful one. It showed that I may be having underlying mental issues that the tulpa-making process could be affecting, but they are possible to handle and control (with the help of medication as well, of course). The day's adventure started at around 1 in the morning, when I began to make her. I simply sat on my bed and closed my eyes
  13. For some reason, the most weird, yet atmospheric songs on my phone always give me the most intense, vivid forcing sessions; However, you get the most effects out of it when you close your eyes, and listen to it with the best ear/headphones you have (Sorry if that's obvious, I just wanted to point that out in case you've only begun forcing with music recently). Seriously, I forced while listening to on repeat only around 4-5 times, and my forcing was so intensely-vivid and emotionally grasping that when I opened my eyes, I felt like I just finished a whole 2-hour forcing session. If I tri
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