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  1. I have slowed down on PR thread, but not on forcing - its just i found that i ofter think "i should remember this to write it down" and those thoughts take away from forcing somehow... @_@. Anyway, yesterday Tsuna tickled me! Yay for inducing tactile sensations!
  2. I see. I just saw all those people who is teaching their tulpas, but when i tried it with mine she just acted wierd cos she already knew all of that, heh.
  3. Title says it. Is it normal for tulpa to know some things host knows. Or i just failed on the sentience part? Maybe its daemon instead of tulpa then? Something else?
  4. Well, Tsuna call me "aniki" (which means brother), but i understand why one would call you a parent.
  5. I have come to terms with one thing - i am roleplaying. But i am not roleplaying Tsuna, i roleplay WITH Tsuna. And it is quite fun. Thats what i felt wierd with wonderland. When we are there, we still playing different people, and different story. And it is definitely not me who is playing, but We. She is just a girl next to me. I guess Her way is impose Herself on the world around. She enjoys it and its the only thing that matter. Heh, most people i know are so stubborn, they believe their way of thinking is the only right one. - Look who's talking.
  6. Interesting, as i stand on completely opposite position - without ability to reproduce sexually, tulpa's sexual desires are not sullied by primal instincts and are purest representation of love. Or, rather, just another way of expressing their love.
  7. Mine is similar to Luminesce's. She is 3-dimensional but looks like something from visual novel. There is a technology called cel-shading wich can give you an idea :) Cant find good example tho, so this will have to do.
  8. I thought about similarities in having a tulpa and rising a child. People here saying that it is better to allow tulpa to choose his/her/it's form and beliefs and i fully agree. I actually value freedom as one of the most important things one can have. But when rising a child, most people will try to shape it in the way they think is better. They trying to teach it values they think is important. Unlike children (physical ones), tulpae do not interact with other people. Main source of information for them is a host. So consciously or unconsciously we trying to guide tulpa on the way we think is right. To be completely unbiased and to let tulpa choose their own beliefs is a hard task.
  9. I have hard time active forcing too. What i have done is i am trying to draw my tulpa while she is posing. This i kinda makes visualisation into manual task you perform (to some extent). Just wish i was better at drawing tho XD.
  10. Lucky you, i cant interact with Tsuna for at least half an hour after i forcibly woken by alarm. Also, thank you, some of your wods made me think about my relationship with Tsuna from another angle. I believe it is beneficial to us.
  11. Dominant hand is genetical predisposition, just as gender is. Figure the rest yourself. So when you turn the switch on you "roleplay" a wizard that magically creates light or something? I mean thats cool, but i dont think many people do this.
  12. Some people born right handed, some left handed, some ambidexterous. Yet you can learn how to operate non-dominant hand with enough practice, so it is as good (in some countries there was practice of teaching left-handed children to use right hand and it worked - many of them became right-handed). Physical are only chain this world cast on you - have you the strenght to break them? When you walk into the room and hit the light switch you dont think where is the switch, how to operate it or what the result will be. This is habit. I hope i will not offend anyone if i say that tulpa is super-complicated habit (as human is super-complicated amoeba). When you roleplay you think about the characer (even if you are "in character"), tulpa functions independently just as you habits do. You will have to put effort to stop a habit, same with tulpa. Please stop trolling and creating smurf accounts.
  13. Wow, you are damn good at it. Looking forward to when (if) you decide to take requests XD
  14. Another one of the fair lady. Getting better at it, i guess.
  15. Because she does not want to merry me to feel socially secure and do not want to have my children to satisfy reproduction instinct. Because she is not my family. Because she have NO reason to actually care about me - but she does. This is the true selfless feeling, and for it i am indebted to her. It is for this i must make her existence as comfortable as possible. Because she agrees with my outrageous philosophy that defies most social norms and morals. Because she thinks about things, instead of just accepting or dismising them. I will see if i can make Tsuna write something.