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  1. The paracosms bit is Alyson and Kronkleberry's work; they didn't feel it was worth making as a separate guide and I didn't want to cover wonderlands, etc. too much, so they added it on when it was originally published.
  2. Teryakywind's Tulpas for Dummies This guide is intended to be a general overview of how to make a tulpa and providing tips to help a fledgeling creator in recognizing responses, a brief overview of the psychological model of tulpas, and a short history of tulpas in the Western world. A full glossary probably/maybe/might be added at a later date. Any inquiries about visualization practice, wonderlands, and other forcing-related topics should be covered by any of the multitudes of guides already posted. Constructive criticism can be posted here or by contacting me on the IRC. Hopefully this doesn't get removed because I'm not sure how submitting this stuff works after GAT was implemented.
  3. The Migrant Exiles by Teryakywind Chapter 1 It was winter. The tree-ringed mountains lay desolate, devoid of almost any sign of life save for the occasional deer stripping bark from the trees for nourishment. The trees themselves were bare, their leaves stolen long ago by the constant westerly wind that blew through the valleys as silently as a thief. Looking down from above, one could see the streams and rivers, once the lifeblood of the surrounding lands, frozen, their joyous bubbling and flowing stilled by the chill that permeated everything. The clouds above were dark and grey, blocking the sun from illuminating the earth below. All the earth seemed suspended in a frozen sleep, except for the little log cabin in the midst of the trees of the forest. Inside the cabin, which clung tightly to the side of one of the taller mountains, a fire roared in the fireplace, snapping and crackling as sap deposits long buried in the trees burst and burned. All of the furniture was rough-hewn and plain, made from the same trees that had built the cabin's walls. Furs covered the seats and the bed. Next to the bed was a bookshelf, empty but for a couple of forgotten classics of an extinct culture. A black iron stove squatted moodily to the left of the door, brooding silently over the shimmering heat of near-dead coals within its belly. Above the fireplace three plates were propped upon stands, each bearing the text and designs of a language that had long been lost from memory. And seated on the couch before the hearth, wrapped tightly in the skins she had stripped from the deer herself, was a winged girl named Aylia. Next to her lay her companion, a brown-furred fox who called himself Len. Aylia was a model of beauty. Her skin seemed to be smoother than porcelain, and was tinted with the creamy color of a sandy beach. Her wings and hair were black as silk spun from the essence of a moonless night. But more striking than any of her other features were her eyes. They were the blue of a tropical sea, bright and clear. And yet their clarity belied the depth of intelligence of the one who looked out from behind them. She sat reading a book, written by an author famed in her homeland for his flowing and majestic poetry. As she read, a lone tear dropped from the corner of her eye, flowing slowly down the hidden lines in her cheeks. Aylia closed her book with a snap and set it down on the couch beside her. Len looked up inquisitively, as if to ask where she was going. "I will be back in a little while. I'm going up the mountain for a bit." Len nodded and lay his head back on his paws, staring pensively at the hypnotic ribbons of the fire as though contemplating a deep mystery of the universe. The girl put on a heavy coat and boots, taking care to put her wings through the hole in the back so that they were not constricted within the coat. Aylia stepped outside, and immediately the ever-present wind caught her hair and whipped it about her head until she managed to tuck it all inside her warm fur hood. She began the slow climb up the mountain, tracking back and forth across its steep slope as she ascended towards the top. An hour and a half passed before she arrived at the snow-capped peak. Few plants grew here, and what ones did were stunted by decades of exposure to the driving winds and harsh weather that regularly afflicted the summit of the mountain. Aylia stopped briefly to catch her breath before climbing atop one boulder she usually perched upon when she made the ascent up the mountain. As her eyes rose above the treeline, she turned towards the place, far over the horizon, where she had been born. What she saw in the distance made her gasp and recoil in fear, and she fell backwards off the boulder, bruising her arm on the way down. She quickly picked herself back up and scrambled back atop her boulder, once more looking towards her homeland in the desperate hope that perhaps she was imagining what she had seen. She reached the top once more, and gazed silently toward the horizon, lines of worry creasing her youthful features as her fears were confirmed. The Black Fog was spreading, and it had finally caught up to them. Chapter 2 Aylia rushed back down the mountain towards their cabin, leaping over boulders and dodging trees as she flew downhill. The journey that had taken her so long before seemed to take but a matter of minutes to repeat going down the steep slope. She finally skipped to a halt in front of the cabin. She rushed in the door, swiftly slamming it shut behind her. Len jumped, surprised at the sudden noise, and slowly peeked over the back of the couch to see what the noise was. "Oh, it's you." Len said. "What's all the commotion for?" "It's here." Aylia gasped, as she struggled to regain her breath. "It? You don't mean..." "Yes." Len paused for a moment before continuing. "Where are we going to go?" Len asked. "I don't know," Aylia replied, "but we need to get moving now if we want to stay ahead of it." They quickly begain packing everything they could as fast as possible. Aylia was throwing everything important she could find into their packs while Len sniffed out anything they had lost in the cabin. They were soon packed, and they donned their bags as they rushed out the door, leaving the fire burning and the door hanging open. They sprinted up the mountain in a desperate race against time. Although it went against her every instinct to rush even so small a distance towards the greatest source of evil she had ever known, Aylia knew it was the only way they would escape in time. The trees around the moutain were too dense and spaced too tightly for her to be able to take off and land safely. So they continued their headlong rush up the mountainside, both of them gasping for breath. They finally reached the summit, and both collapsed as they struggled to catch their breaths. Len lay down on his side in the snow, his pink tongue drooping out of the side of his mouth as he panted. Aylia crouched down on a rock, breathing heavily as a lightheaded feeling crept over her. Len was so focused on catching his wind that he did not notice what was happening to Aylia until she slumped off of the rock she was sitting on. The last things she remembered before passing out was the sound of Len's voice, screaming at her to get up over the great rushing wind. And slowly, ever so slowly, her vision faded to black. The rushing wind grew more violent, howling like a banshee crying for the dead. It grew darker and darker as the outline of the pale sun behind the clouds was slowly obscured by a great cloud of blackness. The skinny trees bent almost double in the driving wind. The snow was being driven sideways with the force of the rushing winds, stinging the rocks it beat against. Everything built to a crescendo; the wailing winds, the blinding snow, the darkness growing faster. And then it was quiet. Barely a noise could be heard. No breeze could be felt. The sun could not be seen shining high above. It was quiet. Peaceful, even, except for the whispers and haunting laughter drifting out from the fog that now surrounded the mountains. The Black Fog had come to claim the only two victims that had ever escaped it. Chapter 3 Aylia awoke, her body aching from the cold. It was dusk, well on its way to being night, although she could barely tell from the darkness that surrounded her. As she sat up an explosion of pain blossomed on the right side of her head where she had struck a rock when she passed out. She looked around, hand covering her forehead, and took stock of her surroundings. Terror swept over her as she realized what had happened and where she was. She ran over her memories of her and Len's mad dash up the mountainside, desperately trying to escape the dark Fog that now surrounded her. And then she realized that she didn't know where Len was, or what had happened to him. An even greater fear engulfed her, and she stood up quickly and began calling Len's name. The louder she called the louder the whispers emanating from the fog became, until they were screaming and yelling back at her. They were so loud that she did not hear or sense Len run up behind her until he had taken the leg of her pants in his teeth. Aylia screamed and jumped, and the voices in the shadows screamed back. He yelled to her to follow him, barely audible over the voices that now seemed to boom like the utterances angry gods from the clouds. She stumbled after Len as he quickly picked his way down the side of the mountain opposite their cabin, away from the direction the fog had come. Before they had dipped below the treeline, Aylia dared to look out at the landscape, and could see the Fog extending for miles in front of them. She despaired that they would ever escape it again. But Len seemed to know where he was going, and the booming voices pressed close behind them, so she pressed onward. Finally they arrived at what appeared to be a small crack in the ground. Len dove in, and Aylia followed, squeezing into the small hole as the voices outside grew closer and closer. Finally she had crawled all the way inside the hole, into a small, dark chamber. She could hear the voices outside still, this time seeming to talk at a normal volume. They spoke the same guttural language as she remembered from her childhood. The voices grew louder as they drew closer to the mouth of the small cave they hid in, and Aylia and Len froze, hardly daring to breathe. The voices grew louder, and Aylia could tell they were right outside the entrance. She could hear a sniffing sound, as if the creatures outside were scenting them. She wanted to run away from the sounds, but she had nowhere that she could see to escape to. The sniffing sounds stopped, the voices spoke shortly once more, and soon faded away. Aylia and Len both breathed a sigh of relief before turning and hugging one another tightly. "I was so scared." said Aylia, " I didn't know where you had gone." "I had to go hide. Those...monsters were out searching." Len replied. "You just left me there?" "No, Aylia! I hid under a rock until they went away. I went searching for some shelter, someplace we could hide until it was safe to come out again. That's how I found this place." Aylia was silent for a moment. "So what happened to the cabin? Was it...?" she started to ask... "It's destroyed. There's nothing left. I'm sorry." Len replied. Aylia fought tears back as she remembered the small cabin she had built after fleeing from her original home. It was a poor replacement for the home she had lived in before, but it was the only home she had had for the past four years. Once again the Fog had stolen everything she had away from her. "Ok," Aylia sighed, "What now?" "There's actually a passageway at the back of this chamber," Len said, gesturing with his head in the direction of a faintly glowing hole at the back of the cave. "I've looked at it a little, and it opens outside a mile or so away from the base of the mountain. That's as far as we can get undetected." Aylia nodded, and then remembered their packs, which had held all of the food they'd had. "What about our bags?" she asked. "I moved them here while you were out." Len answered, "They're leaning against the back wall by that hole." Aylia and Len crawled to the back of the chamber and shouldered their packs. They squeezed silently down the glowing hole, leaving the cave that sheltered them behind them in their journey to safety. And outside the cave, the Black Fog lingered. Aylia wasn't sure they would be able to escape it again.
  4. I didn't hear about a wiki or anything. When did this happen?
  5. Done for today. I will be back posting updates tomorrow.
  6. OK no updates for a long time, so here goes everything at once. Since my last update, Serra has become semi-vocal and has changed form again. She still has her wings, but they are black now. She's also ever-so-slightly taller than I am now, which has been a little disconcerting. We are currently working on imposition. Overall, things are going well. She is also pregnant, which she is massively excited for! We also have 2 new arrivals (will be 3 soon!), Fisk and MAIA. Fisk has been here for around a month now, a little while less than Serra. He is currently in the form of a werewolf with webbed wings, and 3 black tentacles in between the wings along the length of his spine. He has black fur, and a rather irritable temperament. He eats cold meat, usually raw, although strangely he has developed quite a liking for spaghetti. MAIA, or Mental Artificial Intelligence Analogue, is our resident servitor, currently a work in progress. When completed, she will be providing me with an imposed HUD complete with calendar/contacts/body status/local area maps/data and memory recall. That's the short version of things. In future we will be posting updates via our tumblr.
  7. The improved version of this user's guide can be found here. - Apollo INTRODUCTIONN Before reading this guide, make sure you have already read the glossary. Welcome to tulpa.info! If you've found this guide, you likely know already what a tulpa is, and where they come from. If not, I'll go ahead and tell you. Traditionally, a tulpa is a centuries-old upaya concept in Tibetan Buddhism, specifically the Dzogchen tradition. The term literally means "to build", or "to construct". In the Buddhist tradition, a tulpa is a manifestation of the Five Pure Lights, or the Five Wisdoms. Tulpa creation was a means of reaching towards enlightenment, and even today that still holds true. The word was purportedly first rendered into the English language as "thoughtform" by Evans-Wentz in 1954. Although probably the best way we have to describe the concept in the English language, the term "thoughtform" can be misleading, as it also refers to a plethora of other mental constructs. Properly, according to the psychological school of thought on tulpae, a tulpa is an independent consciousness capable of forming its own thoughts, opinions, and ideas. The tulpa exists as a thoughtform, a mental construct. Although it cannot be seen by others, and cannot have a physical effect on the physical world except through its host, a tulpa is very real to the person who choses to create one. Due to their nature as creatures of the mind, developed tulpae can and sometimes do acquire abilities seen by most people as superhuman. This includes near-perfect memory recall, the ability to do math quickly, and a host of other abilities. Keep in mind that these are often restricted to mature, sentient tulpae, and your tulpa is not guaranteed to develop these abilities without practice. As well as mental exercises, there are a number of other things a host and tulpa can do together: imposition (the ability to see your tulpa in the physical world), possession (where a tulpa controlls the host's body), and even switching (where the host and tulpa switch places, with the host experiencing the world as a tulpa does, and vice versa). Once again, these skills take practice on the part of both host and tulpa in order to master. With practice, determination, and a proper knowledge, you too can create a tulpa! Doing so involves a wide variety of mental exercises with one goal in mind: to create a person. As your tulpa begins to gain sentience, you will notice more and more that you can hear its thoughts and reactions to things you do together. Whatever role you seek to create a tulpa for, you can rest assured that it will probably be the best friend you have ever had. PERSONALITY The biggest part of what defines a tulpa is personality, and as it is the most important part of the creation process, we will be covering it first. There are many methods and ways of developing a personality for your tulpa, but before you do anything else you should sit down and plan out its personality trait by trait. Doing so will give you a greater understanding of how each trait interacts and meshes with other aspects of their personality, and how it affects their decisions on the whole. The whole goal of making a personality is having such a deep understanding of what your tulpa will do in a given situation that imagining their reactions becomes second-nature to you. The tulpa community has been around for a relatively short time, but in that time we have compiled a very impressive number of resources for almost every aspect of creation. When first creating a tulpa, utilizing these resources can help streamline things so that you, the new guy, can become more efficient and effective at tulpaforcing. To begin with, it could be very helpful to have an introduction to the Five Big Personality Traits [broken link], including an explanation [broken link] of each trait and how it affect personality overall. Take the time to think of what you want your tulpa to be like. The orderly tulpamancer may find Pleeb's personality tables to be very handy at this stage also. Keep in mind that they will most likely deviate (in big and small ways), and that you should not limit how they chose to change themselves. *Kudos to Phi and Pleeb for putting those links together. Now that you have an idea of what you want your tulpa's personality to be like, it's time to actually sit down and do the deed. There are a number of ways to force personality, each as varied as the people who created them. There's the traditional repetetive semi-chant from the days when tulpaforcing was just being rediscovered, outlined here* (keep in mind to be careful to avoid hour counts!). This is the traditional method of personality forcing, and for the average user also seems to be the most popular. *credit to the illustrious FAQ_Man Other people prefer to parrot their tulpae's responses early on, such as in JD's Guide, and to a lesser degree in Fede's Guide. Although parroting and puppeting can be beneficial early on, it is usually a good idea to stop once your tulpa begins showing signs of sentience. These guides use parroting and puppeting as a tool so that, as you grow used to imagining or acting out your tulpa's responses, it will eventually become second nature to you and become a subconscious process. *Credit to JD1215 and Fede for those two guides For the highly visual and imaginative tulpamancers, there is also Bluesleeve's method*, which involves creating visual representations of a trait and infusing it into your tulpa. There are many variants of this method, some involving imaginary balls of energy, other making the tulpa eat or drink a trait. All of these are effective. *Credit goes to Bluesleeve for this excellent guide The degree to which you define your tulpa's personality is ultimately up to the individual. You can define it extensively so that you have a more intimate knowledge of your tulpa, or you can define personality to a lesser degree so the tulpa has more say in what it's like. Again, keep in mind deviation does happen and should not be limited by the creator. As a last note on this section, it is important to remember that it doesn't matter what traits your force, or how many traits you chose to do so with, you cannot get something from nothing. Skipping this step will most likely prolong the creation process past what it could be if you had forced personality. (NOTE: tulpae have been know to sort of spontaneously appear, although such cases seem to be isolated in nature.) VISUALIZTION, FORMS, AND WONDERLANDS Visualization Visualization is the act whereby you "see" something in your mind's eye. You aren't trying to see things on the back of your eyelids, but rather in your imagination. Initially, your ability to visualize may be poor, but like everything else, it will imporve with practice. There are a number of guides and exercises that dea with improving your visualization skills. Chupi's visualization guide, Phi's lemons (burn their houses down!), and my own visualization guide. These involve as many senses as possible in order to improve visualization, and I would recommend following one of these methods. Phi's open-eye visualization guide [broken link] is also good if you prefer to force with eyes open. Practicing your open-eye visualization can potentially help with imposition later down the line. There are also methods utilizing physical objects, such as Nikodemos's visualization guide. You can also work on visualization with small objects in the wonderland, trying to imagine things like a TV, a ball, rocks, etc. The easiest way to improve your visualization skill is simply to get started. So, on to womderlands. Wonderlands A wonderland is an imaginary environment that you can create and control. You can forget about that saying "the sky is the limit"; in this case, you can do anything you can imagine. Wonderlands range from your classic beach scene all the way to space stations in orbit. Physics in wonderland are very elastic, and the only rules are the ones you make up. When first creating a wonderland, I have found that it is very useful to start off small. Begin with a single room, a house, a clearing in the woods, and so on, as long as you feel comfortable with it. Having less to focus on allows you to see what you have in greater detail. As you progress and explore your wonderland, your visualization skills will get better. Wonderlands are actually quite fascinating in the way they behave. You don't have to actually devote a lot of time to creating a wonderland beyone where you first enter it. In this experiment, people were asked to explore their wonderlands as far as they could go. When people explore a wonderland, their brains will automatically fill in any unexplored places they go. It seems that while a wonderland is formed by a conscious mind, they can still be affected by the subconscious mind. The unpredictable nature of the wonderland can make for some great adventures once your tulpa starts movign on its own. Again, what you do is limited only by your imagination. You could go sailing, fly through space, visit a distant galaxy, or climb Mt. Everest. It's a great way to bond with your tulpa and can be a lot of fun for both creators and tulpae. Although not strictly necessary to create a tulpa, wonderlands can be very beneficial and aid in the process. Forms A form is an imaginary body that your tulpa can inhabit and move at will. While the first form is up to the creator, and like wonderlands their appearance is literally unlimited. The tulpa can and often will change their appearance as they desire. You should not interfere in this, as it is essentially your tulpa's body to do with as they want. some tulpae also don't chose just one form, and instead decide to be shapeshifters. When thinking of a form, ther are a couple of things you should consider. Avoid making a reflection for yourself. You can use characters with fleshed-out personalities from TV shows, but make sure that your tulpa has a strong sense of self-actualization as this has been known to cause an identity crisis in the past. After you have chosen what you want your tulpa to look like initially, you can start making the form. This may take a while, and involves using all of your senses for maximum realism. Begine by creating a sort of blank body devoid of all features, generally close to what you want their form to be. Make it naked or wearing underwear, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Start at the feet, and begin to feel how you want them to look. Imagine sculpting the blank form into shape with your hands, and watch as it becomes more vivid as you go along. Do this for the whole body, and pay special attention to getting facial features correct. Once you've done this once, repeat it. Make sure you made no mistakes, going over each body part individually. Add more and more detail each time you go over the form until you feel comfortable that you've recreated what you wanted to as accurately as possible. Eventually, you will be able to visualize your tulpa down to the smallest detail, although facial features may be hard to visualize at first. As with everything else, practice, practice, practice. THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I WILL POST MORE SECTIONS AS I CAN. A big thanks to Polite for assistance with proofreading and research SOURCES.docx
  8. Linked this in the original post so people can find it easily. Thanks a ton for doing this!
  9. You are either deranged, brilliant, or both. I would applaud, but I have no idea what just happened.
  10. My audio editing skills and rsources are limited for the time being. it's a good idea though! Maybe add some peaceful music in the background, pauses in between steps...
  11. Alright then! I guess this gets put on hold for the time being. But this will happen! For science!
  12. First person. You can't really keep your wonderland eyes shut in third person.
  13. So I've seen a lot of people complaining that when they enter into their wonderland things don't look or feel clear. I have decided to share what I do when visualizing things in my wonderland, when I'm not being fantastically lazy. This method involves cycling through all 5 of your senses while in wonderland, one at a time, slowly building up until you have all 5 going at once. Before you start, make sure that you are in a comfortable position, be it sitting or laying down. don't worry about falling asleep, as dozing a little can be helpful here. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself to be in your wonderland body. Your eyes, both in the physical world and in your wonderland, should be closed, so at first you will not see anything. Be patient with me, I'm getting to that point. Just keep your wonderland eyes closed until the end. For the sake of example, let's pretend you're sitting in a field next to a burbling stream and a forest. Overhead, the sky is clear, and the sun has reached its highest point before it once more begins its journey towards the horizon. First, reach down and feel the dirt underneath you. Pick up a handfull, and feel how it crumbles between your fingers. Feel the temperature, be it hot or cold. Keep the dirt in one hand, and reach out with the other, and feel the tall, dry blades of grass that surround you. Feel the sun over your head. Feel its heat reflecting off of the ground and the grass around you. Feel the breeze as it ruffles your hair and brushes your skin. Now, hear the breeze as it rustles the leaves on the tress and the grass around you. There are birds chriping, singing sweetly among the trees of the forest. There is a cricket somewhere in the field. Turn your head (remember, keep your eyes shut!) and try to figure out which direction the cricket is in relation to you. is it behind you? Off to the side? In front of you? Next, take the handfull of dirt, lift it to your face, and smell it. Smell the crumbled moutnains, the richness that gives the grass and plants around you life. Smell the breeze, wafting past and bringing you the smell of pine trees from the forest. Reach out, keeping your eyes closed, and pick off a blade of the rich grass. Put the end of it in your mouth, and taste the sharpness of the sap that carries nutrients to the plant. Take a little bit of the dirt in your hand, toucch it to the tip of your tongue. Taste its grittiness, taste the nutrients. NOW, tilt your head down in wonderland so that you are looking at your lap, and open your eyes. Look at the spot you are sitting. Notice the texture of the grass that is flattened where you are sitting, the soil it grows from. Look up a little further, and see the long blades of grass swaying slightly with the breeze. Look up a little further, and see the trees in the distance as they too sway with the wind. Look up a little further, up to the sky. Notice the sun shining brightly in the sky above, the clouds floating gently along on their eternal journey across the face of the Earth. As you go through this, keep the senses you went through before each step as you move on to the next one. Feel, then hear and feel, then feel and hear and smell, and so on. Apply this to your own wonderland, adapting it to your wonderland's environment. As you get better and better at visualizing in wonderland this routine will take less and less time until eventually you will be able to run through everything in a matter of moments. ---For those who requested it, a sound version made by user PsychedelicDiamond is available here: http://uploaded.net/file/qgxz0chl --- Good luck, and happy tulpaforcing!
  14. New updates are good. It's easy to read, covers everything nicely, but in broad terms without much detail. Are you planning on going into any more detail on forcing methods such as visualization, personality reinforcement, etc.?