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  1. The paracosms bit is Alyson and Kronkleberry's work; they didn't feel it was worth making as a separate guide and I didn't want to cover wonderlands, etc. too much, so they added it on when it was originally published.
  2. Teryakywind's Tulpas for Dummies This guide is intended to be a general overview of how to make a tulpa and providing tips to help a fledgeling creator in recognizing responses, a brief overview of the psychological model of tulpas, and a short history of tulpas in the Western world. A full glossary probably/maybe/might be added at a later date. Any inquiries about visualization practice, wonderlands, and other forcing-related topics should be covered by any of the multitudes of guides already posted. Constructive criticism can be posted here or by contacting me on the IRC. Hopeful
  3. The Migrant Exiles by Teryakywind Chapter 1 It was winter. The tree-ringed mountains lay desolate, devoid of almost any sign of life save for the occasional deer stripping bark from the trees for nourishment. The trees themselves were bare, their leaves stolen long ago by the constant westerly wind that blew through the valleys as silently as a thief. Looking down from above, one could see the streams and rivers, once the lifeblood of the surrounding lands, frozen, their joyous bubbling and flowing stilled by the chill that permeated everything. The clouds above were dark an
  4. I didn't hear about a wiki or anything. When did this happen?
  5. Done for today. I will be back posting updates tomorrow.
  6. OK no updates for a long time, so here goes everything at once. Since my last update, Serra has become semi-vocal and has changed form again. She still has her wings, but they are black now. She's also ever-so-slightly taller than I am now, which has been a little disconcerting. We are currently working on imposition. Overall, things are going well. She is also pregnant, which she is massively excited for! We also have 2 new arrivals (will be 3 soon!), Fisk and MAIA. Fisk has been here for around a month now, a little while less than Serra. He is currently in the form of a werewolf wi
  7. The improved version of this user's guide can be found here. - Apollo INTRODUCTIONN Before reading this guide, make sure you have already read the glossary. Welcome to tulpa.info! If you've found this guide, you likely know already what a tulpa is, and where they come from. If not, I'll go ahead and tell you. Traditionally, a tulpa is a centuries-old upaya concept in Tibetan Buddhism, specifically the Dzogchen tradition. The term literally means "to build", or "to construct". In the Buddhist tradition, a tulpa is a manifestation of the Five Pure Lights, or the Five Wisdoms. Tul
  8. Linked this in the original post so people can find it easily. Thanks a ton for doing this!
  9. You are either deranged, brilliant, or both. I would applaud, but I have no idea what just happened.
  10. My audio editing skills and rsources are limited for the time being. it's a good idea though! Maybe add some peaceful music in the background, pauses in between steps...
  11. Alright then! I guess this gets put on hold for the time being. But this will happen! For science!
  12. First person. You can't really keep your wonderland eyes shut in third person.
  13. So I've seen a lot of people complaining that when they enter into their wonderland things don't look or feel clear. I have decided to share what I do when visualizing things in my wonderland, when I'm not being fantastically lazy. This method involves cycling through all 5 of your senses while in wonderland, one at a time, slowly building up until you have all 5 going at once. Before you start, make sure that you are in a comfortable position, be it sitting or laying down. don't worry about falling asleep, as dozing a little can be helpful here. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself
  14. New updates are good. It's easy to read, covers everything nicely, but in broad terms without much detail. Are you planning on going into any more detail on forcing methods such as visualization, personality reinforcement, etc.?
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