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  1. I've also had a gibberish-spouting voice interrupt my forcing sessions. I found I couldn't get rid of it, so I stopped the forcing session, put on some music, and cleared my head. Ten minutes later I went back to forcing and didn't have that issue for the remainder of the session. I think it stems from mental fatigue, but that's just my guess. What do you normally do to clear your mind before a session? Have you tried going back to that when the voice gets to be too much? Also, first post in almost a year. Good to be back!
  2. Lucid dreaming threads on 4chan got me interested in this sort of Crazy Mind Stuff. I eventually found the tulpa general threads on /mlp/ and browsed the site, reading other peoples' experiences and talking to tulpae and humans on the IRC channels for about two months before I started my own tulpa
  3. I can never talk to my tulpa when I'm really focusing on the task at hand, whether it's work related or entertainment like video games. Not that surprising, really. But Environmental conditions and other outside factors like music and background don't affect our communication.
  4. I think that Lucid Dreaming would become mainstream long before tulpa creation. It's on it's way right now with commercially available products and , but is still a ways out from being a commonly known/accepted concept. I think it's much easier for people to understand controlling dreams than sharing your mind with multiple entities. I still wouldn't let anyone other than my best friends know I was one of "them". And go back to how we were before media exposure. Yeah, that's probably how a lot of people would choose to interpret us. I'd be more concerned with: 1. Forums filled with trolls and jerks 2. Raids and DDoS attacks on tulpa websites 3. Commercial exploitation (Order your Tulpa Creation Kit today for three easy payments of $19.99!)
  5. The word "Tulpa" was used in this Cracked article. It's referred to as a 'dream person' though, so I don't know how much knowledge the author has about the subject. It's a pretty insignificant reference and inconsequential to the rest of the article, but it's the first time I've seen the word in mainstream media!
  6. Tuesday, November 13th After seeing Addy in the real world for the first time, I'm doing less visualization work and moving to some more advanced things like imposition, body switching (in the wonderland), and possession. We both really enjoyed body switching. My wonderland is a large white house on a hill surrounded by meadow, with forest bordering three sides and the ocean on the other, and I really enjoyed exploring it in her body. The weird thing was that I spent the whole time hanging out with, well, myself since we'd switched bodies. I'll definitely do it more often in the future, it's great to have a new perspective when we're exploring! As for possession, I tried it the first time last night. I laid out with my right hand palm down on my bed and let myself get completely relaxed. I let Addy have control over my whole body, but since it was our first time trying possession I told her just to try moving my right index finger. It was really bizarre; I really felt different after allowing her to have control, even though she hadn't done anything yet. Anyway, for some reason, she found it easier to move my thumb, so she focused on moving it while I offered encouragement. After about a minute of encouragement, which went something like this... "Comeonyoucandoitmovethefingerfocusfocusfocusyoucandoitcomeongo" ...And her intense focus (It was strange, I could feel her focusing), she moved my thumb about a centimeter. It may not sound like much, but I was really happy for her since it showed us both that it's possible and something that she can do. We've made quick progress in other things we've tried, so I'm really looking forward to what she'll be capable of in two week's time working on possession every day. I'll write more after I've gone deeper into possession. As always, thanks for reading! ADash
  7. Wednesday, November 7th Yesterday I was sitting in a Humvee and talking to Addy when I saw something out of the corner of my eye the same color as Addy's coat (light tan) in the passenger seat. I kept it there for a few seconds but when I tried to look directly at it, it disappeared. There wasn't anything of that color in the cabin and I couldn't duplicate seeing it. I asked Addy about it and she confirmed it was her trying to impose herself. This is the first glimpse I've gotten of her in the physical world! On top of that, she continues to get better at conversation. I talk to her a lot more during the day, and I've started turning off the music I usually have on while I'm visualizing so I can talk to her at the same time. The progress in unexpected directions is really exciting and I can't wait to see what comes next! ADash
  8. Addy and I like to force to Ratatat. My favorite song is "Black Heroes" and hers is "Cherry". [video=youtube]
  9. Tuesday, October 30th The last two weeks have been really busy! I was working for three days straight from six in the morning to midnight out in the field, and worked fourteen-hour days since we got back. Besides the three days in the field, I've taken time to force everyday and have been making some more progress with Addy. She told me to wake up when I was lying in bed half awake the other day, which is great since I usually have to initiate communication. Later that same day I heard her in my mind while I was narrating, which is the first time she spoken simultaneously with me. Her presence feels much stronger around me lately, no doubt thanks to my focus on visualization and concentrating on her throughout the day. As always, thanks for reading! ADash
  10. Monday, October 15th It's getting easier to talk to Addy outside of dedicated forcing sessions, such as when I'm walking or doing an uncomplicated task. Her responses and opinions on some subjects are becoming more distinct from my own, which I'm really excited about. It means conversations with her are getting more complex and interesting (and fun!) since we're having a lot less "I like X." "Yeah, me too." type banter. I'm trying to imagine her presence behind me during the day, but I'm usually focused on work or socializing, so I'm having trouble actively keeping her around with me. I have another mission coming up, and I'll probably have plenty of downtime for forcing, like I did on the last one. Thanks for reading! ADash
  11. Wednesday, October 3th Today, my battalion had a “cultural day” in the city of Rothberg. We loaded up into busses and took off for six hours of self-directed exploration of German culture dressed in civilian clothes and happy to have a day off from work. Of course, “German Culture” for some people translates to “German Beer”, and when our commander told us we were allowed to drink, a few people took it as an invitation to share some American culture with the Germans. That is, walking through the streets with Jaeger and beer in hand yelling “WOOOOOO!! ICH LIEBE DEUTSCHLAND!!” to anyone who cared to listen, and many who did not. Thankfully they were the (very) loud minority and everyone else got to explore the castles, churches, and museums. As soon as we got back on post I had a CQ shift, which means I sit at a desk all night and do whatever I want to avoid falling asleep. That includes playing Black Mesa, writing a log update at four in the morning, and angling my chair away from the other person on shift with a book propped open to a random page in front of me. With my eyes closed. Definitely not forcing! ADash P.S. Thanks JoJo, good luck with your tulpa!
  12. Absolutely right. Every guide works for someone, but no guide works for everyone. Read all the guides you can and formulate your own method, and be willing to change it as you go along. Good luck!
  13. Here are a few short posts I wrote on things that happened in the last week before my progress log was ready. Thursday, September 27th I give a lot of “classes” to my tulpa on what things are like and how they work in the real world, such as automobiles, my job, my hometown, and so on. It’s a great form of narration and I highly recommend you try it out with your tulpa. Anyway, I wanted to have a class on firearms so I forced a shooting range with some M16’s and pistols in wonderland. I was showing Addy how they work, and, in anthro form, she picked up a rifle and curiously waved it around a bit. She pointed it at me and I pushed it aside saying, “Don’t do that! Do you want to see what happens when I get shot in the face in my own wonderland?” She glanced between me and the rifle she still held for a few silent moments. “…maybe?” I laughed out loud at that, something Addy’s never made me do before. Of course, I know nothing bad would happen to me but still, I don’t want to walk around wonderland shooting myself in the face all day long. Monday, October 1st Today I let Addy speak on IRC chat for the first time by showing her what the other members were saying and typing out her responses. I was nervous about putting her on there since she doesn’t always answer me very well when I talk to her and she mostly uses short sentences when she does. She did very well and spoke a little with some of the other tulpae before the chat was derailed, which happens pretty reliably to the tulpa channels. Tuesday, October 2nd I have a problem I think is common among a lot of tulpa creators: Doubting what my tulpa says to be genuine. When I’m with her in wonderland and she says something to me, I sometimes reply with “Do you really think that?” or something to that effect, and she looks at me, annoyed, and repeats what she just said. I did that today while we were in wonderland, and it really pissed her off this time. She got right up to my face and almost yelled “What do I have to do for you to believe it’s me?” I said, “say something I’m not expecting” and almost as soon as that thought had finished forming in my head, she said something really vulgar that I’m not going to repeat here. It was so sudden, so clear, and so far away from anything I’d been thinking at the time it gave me chills. I’ve been able to stop nearly all my second-guessing and I think we’ll both be happier for it. ADash