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  1. Had a nice lil picnic on a sun. c: Had a great big pizza for dinner, with coke. A lazy dinner for lazy horses. Was fun though! THen we clelebrate my birthday on the 15th, then Aya's in november~ fun time of year for us.
  2. Interesting. The day I decide to check out my old thread on tulpa.info, just happens to be -exactly- a year from my last post. One long year. Maybe it's because it's the girls' birthday, just happen to feel like checkin out t.i. As for burfday's, it's a long story but, as short as I can. I switched the dates around and messed stuff up, but we've decided to celebrate both Blue's, and Ayamiss's birthday on the 27th of August. Because of this confusion, I'm ushering them both off to sleep early, and we're gonna have a big fun day tomorrow, all dedicated to them. No I certainly didn't forget, I just switched the dates from one of them to the other. So now instead of celebrating three birthdays a year, we're gonna do two, mine on the 15th of september, and the two sisters on the 27th of August, which is Blue's original creation date. ANYWAY. Progress. Or lack there of. It has been a decently quiet year for us. And instead of weaseling my way out of the humility, I have been a lazy, unmotivated shit for far too long. With their birthday, I'm kicking myself into gear and doing things. Now this doesn't mean they were forgotten, by a long-shot. It's hard to imagine I've been talking to them and doing things with them every single day for just over two years. 742 days. That's a big fucking number now that I look at it while typing this. To think I just read through my log here and say my little hooray for 20's days spent forcing. I'll post again tomorrow once we've done our little party. Also shouts to Sorryman cause he's a badass with a 10/10 wonderland idea. Still using the tardis dude, we love it. :3 Much love from all three of us, stay cool folks.
  3. We celebrated Blues birthday today! It's been a really fast year. Kinda hard to believe we can put so much thought and dedication into one thing.. for people reading this, when it comes time to celebrate a tulpas birthday, think to yourself. "Not a single day has gone by where you haven't thought about him/her". It feels great. Anyway, we had a nice pizza for dinner (blues favorite). Finished a neat iron man type suit for her, with her rocket boots an all that, she really enjoyed toying about with it while me and Aya just hung out in a field (wonderland) and watched. Lots of tummy/back rubs, and overall super fun day. She's fast asleep along with Ayamiss. I know I rarely post on this anymore, figured I'd post about a significant day. n.n
  4. Been quite a while eh? We've come, quite a long way. Black Bolt changed her name to Blue Bolt, to "match the streaks or "bolts" in my hair". Shes also very recently began jumping, been having sleepovers with friends, having quite a good time. ^^ Also, Ayamiss, for about a week or so now, is sentient, her personality mostly resembles Fluttershy, but is still warming up to us, she just needs more cuddles I think. Wonderland is going well, having a pretty fun adventure type thing at the moment, taking place in none other then Equestria, we have quests and all that, a great thing for killing time. Not sure what else to report on, seems to be about it. Since I don't remember if I've posted a picture of Ayamiss, i'l go ahead and do that, as well as an updated picture of Blue! This is changling Princess Ayamiss! http://i.imgur.com/1CdBo.png And this is my baby Blue bolt. ^-^ http://i.imgur.com/lVYXs5f.png Anyway, Backstab signin off again, later all, stay awesome~
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    I don't know why I find this so intriguing. Ahhh the mind of QB..... ^-^
  6. Made myself a tumblr after a few people recommended it, will be posting here, il try to post at least once a day, if not more. http://backstabandcompany.tumblr.com/
  7. Haven't been around in a while. Figure I might as well post somethin every once in a while. Things are going well. Me and Black are still at it, she's talkin now. Working on imposition. Also in the process of beginning another tulpa. She's a changling, a changling princess to be exact. Picture is her. She's bigger then a normal pony, but small then an alicorn. Her name is Ayamiss. Princess Ayamiss. ^^
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    /人 ◕‿‿◕ 人\ Saw this and felt like sharing. Who does it remind you of? ^^
  9. Good picture of the current Black Bolt. Adorable little thing... :3
  10. Ehhh, when and if shes ready. Im neutral on the subject.
  11. Also, might be worth adding. Shes not a pegasus anymore. xD She decided she wanted to be an earth pony.
  12. I'm gonna officially drop the day counts. It's been about a month and week. Thats all I need to know. :) THings are going alot better...I feel I can feel her now, and im pretty sure weve been talking , mindvoice obviously. But things are going great. All it need was time and effort. Went on a little adventure today in the tardis's virtual reality room. I wont type it all up, but we visited the lands of skyrim just a few hours ago! Was very fun, and I plan on doing more! Might be updating a little less as well. Just due to everything so smoothly. BackstaB out, and let me tell you. Good things are in motion... ;)
  13. My mind instantly went to the dream lord episode with Matt smith, Tardis going into the frozen star...
  14. Day 34 I know the brain likes to play tricks, especially when your about to sleep. But past few nights, I've had conversations with Black Bolt, i'm 99% sure I was awake too. But I cant remember these conversations at all, or anything either of us said. Only that I know they happend, whether it was Black or my asshole of a brain, im not sure. But I know one way or another, it's progress. And thats all that matters.