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  1. I'm also new here, but there is one method of tulpaforcing that I enjoy so far. Get a blindfold that blocks almost all light, (optional, but preferable) create a playlist with chilled/ambient music or just nothing at all, and imagine yourself in your wonderland with your tulpa. Do whatever forcing you want (parroting, narration, etc.) for at least 30 minutes. The reason for that is that your mind gets better at visualizing as time goes on, and in 30 minutes it's possible to lucid dream if you're trying to, and lucid dreaming is always nice, though I haven't been able to do it yet. I also really don't know why, but I get in this amazing mood when I'm done forcing; I don't know if you or anyone else gets like that either, but it's nice anyways. But like the other guy said, you shouldn't get fixated on the different methods. You're going to want to do everything and it'll just stress you out in the end. Just use them as inspiration, but most importantly, do what you like best. It's always better to do a slower method and get exactly what you wanted than a supa-quick instant gratification kill-all method for rapid tulpamancing and be dissatisfied.
  2. This poll is actually very interesting. It says a lot about our community. First off, over 85% of us are introverts, even though we're roughly 30% of the population. Secondly, my type (INTP) is the rarest one there is among humans, and here I am sitting in the 2nd greatest majority. I'd assume that the reason for this is because INTP's think differently than most people, and aren't really understood by most of the people they talk to. It would make sense for them to design a companion that thinks like them and understands them, since they can't get that from anyone else, really. We also like abstract ideas, which obviously contributes because this is one of the most abstract things I can think of. Of course, if we had more votes going we would be more likely for it to be balanced properly, but for now, I think that the results make sense and obviously follow a pattern.
  3. I'm creating a Tulpa and I've done almost everything about her form, (i.e smell, touch, hair and voice) but the one thing I cannot visualize/create is a face. I've tried pretty much everything I could think of, but it always comes out as someone I've already met, and I want her face to be completely new. Are there any ways to get around this, or do I just need to work on my visualization (which I am)?
  4. I very recently discovered Tulpae and the idea interests me greatly. The main reason is that I want a companionship with someone I can be very close to, since I don't really like any of my friends enough to really get close to them. I'm willing to put in all of the work, no matter how discouraged I get. I know that having one is a big life choice and can help you in a multitude of ways. 5/11/2015, Journal 1 Eden is a female human who is intelligent, funny and also philosophical. I plan on having deep, intelligent conversations with her in the future about topics I just can't seem to bring up effectively in human to human conversations. So far, obviously, no progress has been made. I started a few days ago, and I am still working on her personality, (you know, the traditional 30-15 strategy with a few modifications) and I'm also thinking about her form, but I haven't forced it at all yet. I want her to be vocal before she has a form, since what I'm mostly interested in is conversation. What I've thought of so far dealing with her form is pretty much this: slightly short, somewhere in between skinny and fat, red hair and big ol' titties. (I'm just kidding. I don't really care much about the sexual aspect of her, but I'm also not necessarily saying it'll be completely overlooked). That's really all so far, since all I really have at the moment is just plans. I just want to keep a comprehensive journal of the process so that I have something to look back on. I'll probably be doing them weekly or something like that.
  5. I'm definitely no expert in tulpae, and I even just found out about them about a week ago. I'm by no means a scholar, but I have some basic knowledge of psychology, so I'll list all of the things I can think up that suggest Tulpae are real. The first thing is that if people are all just lying, which is a reason for skeptics to turn away from these, that's a lot (5,000+) people lying about the same thing. I find it hard to believe that so many people would feel the need to lie about them existing especially considering the historical records of this dealing with Buddhist monks. Another reason which makes it difficult everyone is in cahoots to lie about Tulpae is that people ask questions regarding them as if they're having trouble. If people were to lie about something like this, they would create a story about their Tulpa and claim that they are done with it. The next reason is that it is 100% psychologically possible for this to occur. Chances are, many of us have heard of the Ganzfeld experiment, seeing as how this is a forum dedicated to sentient hallucinations. People were deprived of almost all of their senses in this experiment and almost all of them reported vivid hallucinations, and they all had average minds without pre-existing mental illness. The mind can't comprehend the sheer nothingness of being deprived of your senses, so it sees things because it assumes something must be there. Very similarly, the reason the process of making your very own Tulpa is so time-consuming is because of how the brain works. "If you spend so much time thinking about your Tulpa, then it must be real" is what your brain deduces, so your brain creates the Tulpa to understand why you're thinking about it so often. The mind also stitches together almost all of what we perceive as reality. Your eyes are useless without your mind. Because the mind is what truly allows us to see, it's completely possible for it to create something that isn't there. It's very unfortunate that so little people have Tulpae, because pretty much all we have for proof is anecdotal evidence, which does not hold up well in the world of science. I want more people to know about these and believe it's possible, and even though I'm nowhere near having a complete one, I know the numerous benefits of having one (one such benefit being that it's very hard to be bored with one around). It's also a way into your subconscious, and the only way to do that before Tulpae was lucid dreaming, which you can only do during sleep and it can't help you out in the daytime. I also want this to be scientifically proven so that people can tell other humans that they have one and not be considered "insane" or "schizofrenic".