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  1. Well, it was going pretty well, until around 2 weeks after I finished making them, they started over-reacting with their emotions. Ivan, was supposed to be a generally roughed-edge one, but now, he's a full on prick. Spooky was supposed to be a little silly, but he's full on "L337 sp33k". Metal was supposed to be a shy-bit sensitive, but now he's a dependance seeking crybaby. I followed the guide a friend with 2 Tulpae sent me, and I did almost exactly what it said (NOTE: By "almost", I mean, I varied on how long I worked with them on each day, Sometimes less, sometimes more, sometimes more on others, sometimes less on others.) and they were fine for a little bit. Any suggestions? (By the way, i'm 23) I'm thinking on trying to make another Tulpa, Taskmaster, to keep them in check, because they bug me alot during college and with my friends.