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  1. Of course. From my observations, I've found tulpas do generally have the same religious beliefs as their host, though. It's not really a concern. And how do you not know whether forcing religion into your tulpa worked or not? Is it not vocal?
  2. I believe it is for the best to give your tulpa a name. Simply calling out the name before saying whatever you've got to say is a good way to draw attention to yourself and remind yourself you're talking to a tulpa. You shouldn't be worried about letting your tulpa choose, they always have the abillity to switch it out if they dislike your choices. Visualizing my tulpa tends to help me with relating to him more. That makes sense, humans want a face to read while they're socializing. Nothing is set in stone, man.
  3. I've begun the practice of forcing the Christian faith upon my tulpa from a very early age as it is my own belief and I believe it is for the best, regardless of being right or wrong spiritually. I usually go about this by including my tulpa into my theological studies, reading from scripture to him and just forcing it as it is a regular trait. How did any of you guys go about it? Is this a regular practice among you guys? And assuming there's a correlation between tulpa-host religious beliefs, has any of your tulpas had drastically differing religious beliefs compared to yours? I find this to be very unlikely besides perhaps a small difference (atheism, apatheism, agnosticism, denominations...). Let's discuss tulpa religious beliefs. My humble apologies if there is any thread similar to this. I could not find any, save for a couple which barely touch upon the subject and are very old. If there are any more indepth threads, feel free to point me in the direction and delete my thread. and rest assured, I am very open to the beliefs of my tulpa even if it is differing to my own.
  4. My tulpa is named Lux, which I didn't choose. I do call my tulpa 'Lucy' to try and get a rise out of the fucker. Lux is latin for 'light' by the way, which I found quite fitting.
  5. Or you could try spending time with your tulpa sans narration, ie imposing the presence nearby you, visualizing and such while trying to cram in narration between calls and in your breaks.
  6. How is it you can give your tulpa skills, ie 'good at maths' and the like? Are they not skills one have to work on? I understand your tulpa essentially knows what you know, is it then not redundant to force such things into the personality if you're good at maths? I think it would be more beneficial to have your tulpa enjoy these things, rather than forcing them to be good at it or alternatively teach it maths and become good yourself.
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