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  1. Yeah! We may have actually gotten the idea from you. I think we created the computer in the wonderland just a few days after seeing that drawing, and the rest just took off from there
  2. We actually have a rather unique way to watch things together, without the need of imposition. Basically, in the wonderland, there is a large TV in the house. Whenever i'm watching a movie, Aje can watch the same movie through the wonderland. There is also a computer in another room, so whenever i'm browsing the internet or watching videos, that is used to see something on the screen (this is also how Aje sees the chatroom). I dunno, it's something that's still a work in progress but it seems to be working out well so far. This way, I don't have to worry as much about losing focus while imposing ^^
  3. 1.) I still acknowledge the outside world. I'm not completely oblivious to it, and I can hear the things going on outside of the wonderland but i'm not necessarily listening to them. The further into the session, the easier it becomes to block out the outside world. 2.) No special way, I just simply sit/lay down and imagine the wonderland. The rest comes naturally. Feelings? Well, relaxed I guess. I'm away from the stress of the outside world so I guess that would calm anyone down 3.) Mostly because of the the knowledge that you really can do anything there, and you aren't limited by the boundaries of the outside world. Plus, for me, the wonderland is much more beautiful than anything I could find simply walking around the neighborhood, you know? It's just a place to escape to.
  4. Ah you shouldn't worry about that ^^ In most situations that i've read about, most tulpae don't receive the thought unless you direct it to them. I'm not saying that applies to all, but that's the majority I think. So don't worry, Sayaka probably wont be bothered by this. I'm the same way, with a very busy mind and wanting to know more about things, and Aje seems to be able to tune it out and ignore it just fine when needed.
  5. I think I can remember most of my 'early development'. Then again, I don't consider myself as the same person I was in those stages. Around two years ago I was only controlled by my host, barely even a hint of sentience. This was before they had even heard of this community, however. But I do remember what I was like and what happened during those times, mostly through memories I gathered from my host. As for your second question, when they lose focus and start thinking about something else, normally I go dormant until they regain focus. There are times where I am able to tune into the thought, and experience it just as they do though I tend not to do this unless the thought is directed to me. I see and hear about 40% of what my host experiences, though I tend to ignore it unless something catches my interest.
  6. [if you have the time to make a second tulpa, you have the time to pay more attention to your first. Which you should be doing anyways. I don't exactly get what you are asking here.]
  7. Yeah, these are common with intrusive thoughts. With practice, these things will go away/lessen and you will find that you can keep your mind focused much easier ^^ Best of luck to you~
  8. Well, I would defend my tulpa, obviously. But it depends on what they said, and how they said it. If it's something like "You know they aren't real, right?" I would try the best that I could to understand their side of things, and then offer my own opinion and evidence. If someone refuses to believe in my tulpa, then I guess there isn't much you can do about it. It's not the most popular concept, after all, and I can understand how it would be hard to grasp. But, if that friend said something like the example that you gave, I would obviously rethink my friendship with them and tell them to have some respect, before probably never talking to them again. I wouldn't bother to try and get through to them.
  9. I see you already got the situation worked out here, but yeah, I would say symbolism is the way to go! The headphones were a good suggestion, and changing the voice box should make a big difference. Good luck!
  10. There's a word for it??? I mean, I've actually done stuff like that without even realizing it XD There's been times where I've been in public and I see someone that could make a cool friend and for a second I hope that they would turn to me and say something, and quite a few times, they have. So I guess, yeah, I do use it. Not quite sure how it works but I do believe in it~