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  1. Itchys I'm also creating a twilight sparkle tulpa, but I'm having trouble with the voice, any suggestions?
  2. So, are we talking about cactus? Or just straight up mescaline?
  3. HandSocks

    Tulpa and Drugs

    So did the guy who ordered cactus incense ever post a result / report?
  4. So, anyone have experience with cactus yet?
  5. Well, I've tried using cactus incense, and there is NO WAY to make it palatable, and I burned through all of it this weekend, so I ordered some more, and I will be putting it in capsules this time, I'll have a full report when I get it in. Later :)
  6. Yeah, I've done 25i once before, and that was before I knew about Tulpas. And it's cactus incense (dried cactus chips)
  7. I'm curious, has anyone had experience with mescaline, specifically san Pedro cactus and forcing? Share your experiences with drugs and forcing