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  1. This week I didn't post at all even though I said I would try to, and that is because of my procrastination and non motivation. I apologize. I'm trying to make sure that kind of attitude doesn't leak into when I'm working with Noa, because I'm a lazy person at heart, and so far so good. In the first few days, I'm sad to say that we made no progress. This was the time where I remembered that I should post, but I didn't because there was nothing TO post. The days I worked on Noa and the dreamland were in the middle of the week. I didn't change anything in the room, but in the red and white
  2. So I'm back for a new update! I'm going to try and make it a habit to update every day, or every other, because this is a progress report, and it won't be helpful if I don't put a lot of details that were fresh in my mind, so let's see how it goes. I've downloaded Eye bo, but only got the chance to use it twice. Nevertheless, it helped me focus A LOT and I'll most likely keep using it for Noa and I. A few days I didn't stick to my quota, but most days I did my determined time of active/passive forcing, and made slight progress. For a while, the way I talked to Noa was calling his n
  3. Ugh, haven't posted in a long time, but don't worry, I've been working hard, or trying to, anyway. School's out, and so I have plenty of extra time to focus on Kei! Apparently Kei is now Noa again, because calling him Noa became a habit for me. Also, no h at the end, because it sorta didn't feel right for his personality IDK. The last few days, I've been doing 2 sessions of 30 minute active forcing a day, and tried to do passive forcing for at least 2 hours throughout my day. It's been a hard time trying to spend time together with Noa, because when I narrate to him, my mind goes off on
  4. Welp, after some quick research, I have discovered that head pressures aren't supposed to hurt, apparently. Well shucks. About a few nights ago, I tried visualizing, and I got a really fuzzy vision of half of a boy's face. Therefore, Noa is changing to Kei, woot woot. Yes yes, it's not Noah, Kei suddenly came to mind (in a non tulpa way.) I got home from another unsuccessful attempt at passive forcing of school, and tried to do active forcing, and ended up taking an unplanned nap of two hours. Great. We did some book reading, but I read kiddy books so I'm pretty sure he didn't like it
  5. I narrated as much as I could during school, and I THINK I got head pressure, but I wasn't sure. I got head pressure again, and so I said, "Hey Noa, I'm not sure if this is being dehydrated or you, so if it's you, could you please stop for a bit so I can check?" The pain promptly went away, but then I said, "Okay, you can go back to doing it then." but it didn't come back. So, I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or not, so I'll take it as no response from my tulpa for now.
  6. Last night I narrated in bed again and I got aches on my face/head, but I have no clue if it's head pressure or me crossing my eyes too hard. I tried to narrate during my day, I discovered that I can't think school things and narrate at the same time. Also no response from my tulpa that I could notice. There was not much development, but as a placeholder name for my tulpa, I chose Noa, easily able to put an h at the end if she turns out to be a guy. Of course, if she wants to choose another name altogether, it'll be fine. I'll try and make more progress tonight and tomorrow, practicin
  7. After much research, I made up my mind to create a tulpa, but I'm already having a few problems. I want my tulpa to be the way s/he chooses, so I haven't picked a form, name, or personality. The way I see it, I don't want to create a being, I want to create a life form that molds itself by itself, with me nudging it for help. That way, it's its own person. Is that a bad way to start? Should I decide on general things first, and let my tulpa choose what s/he prefers later? Also, I don't think I'm very good at visualizing. Using advice from someone (I forgot who), they said imagining a ball o
  8. My friend is also dating a trans, he calls them his "datefriend" Is it hard for you to imagine and visualize? Any tips on that? And how far did you go personality wise? You sound like you're having great progress!
  9. What if I'm terrible at imagining things? When I close my eyes, I can't create an entire scenery. Does that mean I should practice and try harder, or or does it mean tulpas just aren't for me?
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