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    In reality I'm actually a Llama who has a history of being abused by my parents. I've been spat on, kicked out of our home sometimes, and I went to live in a hole by a human village. Learning their language and intelligence was fairly easy for someone as bright as me, though I had to hide myself constantly due to human nature and that's where I got my Paranoid title from. I've eventually gained this power where I can transform myself into a human. I got a job, rented an apartment, and got all these "products" and "technology" that you humans call it. That's how I now reside in a human home on the internet getting into tulpamancy, and I've been completely integrated into this human society. My old parents could go burn in hell, for all I care. I still have struggles, so please be kind to me and make me feel special. This is secret information I've shared with the government, you guys shouldn't even know about this.

    Whaaaaat? I'm not roleplaying!!

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