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  1. Darn I haven't won? It seems as though you guys are still as tenacious as ever... very well. I will concoct more schemes...
  2. Each poster adds OR subtracts a word. You can add/subtract from any place in the order of words. I'll start: I
  3. sequitur*. I'll continue from 'drips'. grips
  4. 12/10 goes over the max gr8 b8 m8 but i r8 8/8
  5. I don't even wanna know to be honest
  6. forum games already has too many posters
  7. Granted, but everyone gets so caught up in believing that their tulpas are family that they ignore their own family all together, deeming them as fake. The memories of their families become overwritten with memories of their imaginary friends. I wish I could skip to 3 weeks into the future from now.
  8. this thread just jumps all over the place i like it
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