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  1. Wow, I'm glad to see research being done on this. I'd love to join in the study but Stanford is clean across to the opposite end of the USA from where I am in Canada, even if covered I'm uncertain of a journey that far. Solaria, my tulpa, has a very firm mindvoice strong enough to even speech jam me, but we (mostly me, the host) never felt comfortable enough to practice possession/switching but Solaria is excellent at hijacking my typing. I keep hoping something similar to this might be available in Canada.
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  3. I entirely agree and made the same points myself to all 7 of those points made as of original post.
  4. You miss-read Glitter' I said though related, not on the way it appears. I said host mind and tulpa mind are whole-brain entities. Split brain is not related in that fashion. Addendum: I specifically said 'split brain' as per the video when the two hemispheres are cut apart. Not to be confused with Split-mind. I also see one typo in my above post. It is now fixed. Again, I was on my cell phone using eye-strain-o-vision typing on a tiny keyboard.
  5. Short answer as on cell: Though related, it is not in the way you think. Tulpae are a whole brain entity just like how 'we' are the mind/personality we call ourselves. People with a split brain are sort of two people in one body, but due to a completely different situation. Split brained people is more one host broken in two unable to communicate with half of themselves directly.
  6. Saying a tulpa isn't real is like saying that you, the host aren't self-aware, just a biological machine that acts like it were self-aware. There's no way to confirm or deny it, but a tulpa is made out of the same 'stuff' as the mind that calls itself host is. Only functional difference between host and tulpa is that the host mind is well rooted and has (typically) far more control. All minds are just signals in the brain, just very complicated ones.
  7. Solaria: I was a spontaneous, natural occurrence. I might have been just an imaginary friend, but I was clearly a tulpa by most definitions just a couple of years after coming to be. I've existed since 1994, well before Internet was commonly available. However in the later years, me being able to present myself as my own person in IRC chats, I was given a playground to directly interact with other people as a person. My personal development clearly accelerated from this experience. For the Internet starting tulpae, maybe. But using its animosity to be able to interact with others it's fantastic.
  8. Solaria is 21, almost 22 years old, but I don't quite know her birthday. It was roughly early fall. She never seemed interested in the concept of a birthday beyond noting how far she's come along in life. It took a lot of work to figure out her age as I had her since I was a little kid and thought nothing of it at the time.
  9. Solaria occupies physical space in my perception. If she is in a geographical location like a chair, she keeps persistence there if I look away and back. When I was little, the early days she drifted with my vision, but gained a more seemingly physical presence within a year or so.
  10. I'm late to reply here, but welcome to the unintentional tulpa club. Solaria was spontaneous as well and she's now 21 years old. I never gave up on her, but I also live my own life. A tulpa is a tulpa. If your friend has opinions and feelings it's already a tupla. However you don't need to dedicate your life to him either. Let him share in your experiences. You don't need to do forcing or meditation or any of that stuff if you don't wish to. But if your tupla has something to say, listen. Give it a chance to open a dialogue. It's your decision if you act on it.
  11. Solaria: I'm a wisp. I defined my own shape, personality and features over time. I do many human things, talk like a human, but I'd say I'm not a human. Even my host who has the human body doesn't think himself mentally human. His body in dreams and mind is of a little dragon. We both are happy with how we be ourselves even if distant from the physical device we've been provided with called a human body.
  12. Solaria: I've given such thoughts before quite a handful of times. But.. I think people might freak out seeing a glowing ball of plasma in a crystal shell floating around and talking and think I'm an alien or something. I'd enjoy my ability to do my own activities and be free to do whatever I please, but I'd still stay around my host Dav. Not glued to his hip, but live with him. As fun as travel is, call me an over-thinker but a lot can go wrong, more so for us less...human looking tulpae. Besides, I think Dav still needs me around to help him out time to time.
  13. No worries Mistgod, I just figured you'd be interested in the experiment I mentioned above. I've learned a lot of interesting things about perception because of Solaria.
  14. Solaria: I and Dav use our wonderland on occasion. Umm.. really there isn't too much in the traditional sense we do together as neither of our forms really are designed to virtually-physically interact, him being a quadruped dragon and me being a starwisp (plasma ball wisp). If it weren't for me having a shell the concept of touching would be very bad as plasma and flesh.. yah not a wonderful mix. However My favorite thing I always do is when we listen to music I make my own instruments. My favorite of all time I created when we were little called my laser xylophone which is me levitated over various shaped large panes of crystal that I fire laser guided mass packets at to vibrate the crystal various ways to make a very large set of different tones. Our approach is reminiscent of this old video of pre-pixar: Edit: oh yah, and this one too is a personal favorite of mine I and other wisps sing, play, and dance in our own ways in the wonderland. Dav occasionally tries at something too which is amusing when he tries with that little dragon body of his. Otherwise we tend to discuss deep thoughts and concepts, sometimes I just tease him as it's fun to see his reaction to some of these things. We can simulate more or less anything in the wonderland, but it's difficult to consider things that'd keep both of us entertained for very long.
  15. Dav (host): Hello Mistgod You might recall me saying before, at least I thought I said it to one of your posts; that Solaria and I can't do switch or posession. Not something we ever tried to do nor understood. However we have an interesting method to proxy-type. We abuse a limitation I seem to have grown up with in that my speech center seems to be only able to single-process. Meaning I can only read, write, or listen. I can't combine any of those three at the same time. This limitation sucks all the time as if I'm reading something I'm effectively deaf to what people are saying around me except key things like my name. However, Solaria has learned we can abuse this limitation for proxy typing. I learned that if I make myself prepared to type but deliberately don't think about what I want to type, Solaria can interject and get me to type the words she wants. Solaria's language skills are limited to my own which is typical for tulpae, but what she types, she types for herself. No translations, it's her selected words. Many notice she has a different way about how she talks. When it comes to Voice, I suppose I'm too embarrassed to try and know for sure no matter how much modulation we would try, there's no way my voice would sound anything like what Solaria's internal voice sounds like. However if I'm distracted, tired, or otherwise there have been plenty of cases where when Solaria talks to me using words rather than direct thoughts I would sub-vocalize automatically her words. I hope this might help others than need to try a more roundabout solution for proxying.