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  1. Yay my first client! I'll see what I can do. Uhm... it might be done late this night OR tomorrow if I'm too lazy to finish it tonight.
  2. Uhm... It's been some time. Here's some new sprites. And... I have something for you... wait for it... YES! The requests are finally open! Request away! I will update the OP with all the information and all that stuff.
  3. @Yuki Thanks! I actually thought about making some games but I'm shit at coding. @Sock Thanks :). Yes, I have some examples, but most of them are lost since my last PC literally died.
  4. Wow I din't know I will get such good feedback. You guys are awesome. Btw, @Alexx, yes, I will take requests buuut not right now since I'm busy with school and stuff. I'm also REALLY lazy, I mean I wanted today to do another 5-6 sprites and I did only one, but I'm glad people like my work :). Now, on topic: Okay so I had this motivation tonight to make one more sprite :P I definitely improved with the hair on this one. I also revamped some of the other sprites, and by some I mean all, since the hair was really bad.
  5. [align=center]Hello there fellow tulpamancers, and possibly tulpas! Now, let me introduce myself. I'm a student, and I do pixel art in my free time. I decided to post my sprites which are about my first and only tulpa(for now!), Yui. Requests OPEN! Okay so here's how it works. You need to post a reference picture if you have one (you better post a reference picture or ~I'll kill you~ it will be harder for me to sprite your tulpa.) And that's about all. Well, actually no. Be patient. I am lazy as f*ck and it might take a while, ranging from a few hours to a day or so. So these are the sprites, there will be more, and I'll update the post when I make more. (PS: I'm open for critique, feedback is appreciated.)[/align]
  6. Well hello there everyone! I just have to say in advance that I suck with introductions so bear with me. Okay so I created Yui, my first tulpa on March 28th (actually it could be 27th, since when I created her it was night,but her b-day is gunna be on 28 anyway.), 'bout 2 months ago, and she's like the best thing ever that happened in the past years. Now, progress? Well, she's not vocal, in a way. I mean, today I think she spoke the first sentences, but that could be me parroting, but it could be her talking on her own as well. I'm gonna talk with her before I go to bed -which is the only time when I can really force, the rest of the day is too much noise.- and I'll see tomorrow. Note: I'm called Neversync on Reddit, for those few people that could possibly know me.