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  1. Sorry to continue to ask you things. So I should kinda be looking around my room/environment while visualizing and not do too much with developing inside the dreamland?!
  2. I see, Thanks. And Another thing I was unsure about! Can the tulpa be seen by me out of dreamscape or Dreamland?
  3. Like after visualization will I be able to look the tulpa over to make sure I did it right.
  4. Thanks for the information. But how will I know what it looks like at that current moment I haven't started on it yet but I'm getting very close.
  5. So I am new to the whole tulpa thing and I want to make sure I don't mess things up. So I want to know What can I do if I mess up the model/Visualization of my tulpa? Is their a way to fix it if I add something I don't want? P.S. Can working on your tulpa for more than three hours a day make you exhausted or have major headaches. I haven't had any of these yet but I heard it is possible.