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    I'm a Practicing Tibetan Buddhist of 16 years. I'm an Artist and a Musician. I'm very spiritual and (GASP) I have Schizophrenia.
  1. I've heard reports of people having up to 500 tulpas I even heard of someone having 2000 tulpas. I think that is a bit too much and unhealthy to have so many "voices" for someone to deal with. How does someone keep track of so many beings in their mind? Does it get exhausting to remember every name of these Tulpae? I could be wrong but it just seems way to many headmates in my opinion.
  2. I have found by just reading by people's responses that people with mental disabilities when making a Tulpa have a hard time with their Tulpa and they become malicious in attitude in response to their doubts and fears. I made this guide to help those kinds of people. That is all I'm trying to do. I really do not understand the negative responses.
  3. I made this guide because there have been people who complained about their tulpa misbehaving. Like threatening their lives. Even I had to deal with my Tulpa because he had a strange idea of what reincarnation was and thought it was ok to threaten my life because I would just be reborn again and everything would be alright. And I didn't say for you to pray and smite your tulpa I said to teach it right from wrong. I don't see how most of this is cruel I took out the part about caging your tulpa.
  4. When you were a child didn't your parents tell you to go to your room for punishment?? that's like putting you into a cage. Besides, it's only for a short time throughout the day it's not like you are leaving them in the cage for days or anything. However ignoring them while they are in the wonderland is just as good I guess.
  5. In the past, I have read posts from people who complained about their Tulpa misbehaving. Sometimes their Tulpa would even threaten their host. I've read that some Hosts fear their Tulpa. I have come up with nine Guidelines to help develop a Tulpa and help it grow as a more compassionate being. 1 - When your Tulpa behaves well spend time with it and give it attention. Play a video game with it or Watch a Movie. Read a book or Graphic Novel. Do something that it enjoys. Ask it what it likes to do and do it. Send it feelings of Happiness or Joy. 2 - When a Tulpa Misbehaves you may need to P
  6. What is the username to? Vsee? iChat? Discord? I'm writing a book on how to deal with Schizophrenia. I'm almost done with it. It should be up on Amazon when it's finally published. It's titled "Practical Schizophrenia"
  7. Some people speak of how their Tulpa rebels and makes the host suffer in some ways. Even some people fear that their Tulpa may Possess them and cause them to cause harm to themselves in some way. I've read posts where some people complained that their Tulpas have threatened them. This is why I think there should be a guideline for to help guide Tulpas as they grow. I have been reading a book on how to raise Children to be compassionate and I'm working on a guide using the suggestions from this book to put up for people to learn how to help their Tulpas grow to be compassionate.
  8. We have all these manuals and instruction on how to make a Tulpa. But we have nothing about developing our Tulpas socially as they grow. We could really use something like that.
  9. It isn't bizarre at all.. I know a lot of people who use My Little Ponies as a source for their Tulpas. Some people even use Cartoon Characters.. I myself have used a Character from a Jim Henson movie. I even bought a stuffed animal fashioned after that character.. I use it as a catalyst to help me communicate with my Tulpa.. We cuddle together while watching movies and stuff.. My Tulpa loves that I use a stuffed animal to represent him.. I wouldn't even be concerned that you base or even use stuffed animals as a source of your Tulpa
  10. I could use some suggestions on how I could entertain my Tulpa.. He's been a bit bored.
  11. I just wanted to add that both the Dissapation / Destruction technique and the Feeding Technique could take several months before finding results.
  12. To want to permanently switch seems a bit unhealthy to me.. What is it your trying to escape? I would seek counselling instead of trying to switch like this.. There is a horror story about someone who wanted to permanently switch to satisfy his suicidal ideals.
  13. I'm a bit alarmed by the fact you are looking for power. Godlike power at that. Many people who sought for power never found happiness.
  14. The movie "Inside Out" has something that is kind of like Tulpas.
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