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    Greetings <3 Lets be friends.

    I've lived a few lives already. Half of my heart belongs in the rocky mountains at summer camps where I worked as a youth councillor and program director - the other half of me is a schooled graphic designer desperately trying to network into a career.

    I've always had an interest in psychology and pluralism, and had close encounters of the spooky kind with multiplicity in the past. I'm thankful to have found this community where I can start to peel back the self doubts I had about my experience with mental phenomenon, and grow to understand what it means to explore one's mind and be comfortable with whatever might be found. It helps that you guys are generally pretty cool yourselves :)

    I'm a pretty open minded and go-with-the-flow type of guy, so you're unlikely to get me riled up or ranting. Also, whatever you believe is cool man. Seriously, we can all be excellent to each other; and that's my doctrine.

    Feel free to message me anytime!
  1. Can I offer the two of you a quick tip? What helped me a lot in vocal development for my Tulpa was assigning them a very specific voice. Such as an accent, or make them the opposite gender. Something that is very different from your own mind voice. When this accented voice pops up, it's obvious who is talking. Practice just a bit of parroting or questions with your tulpa doing this voice, telling them 'this is you'. Then let it develop on its own! Worked for me at least. But everyone has their own way <3
  2. I've never considered a tulpa to be exclusively 'god'. But I believe all living things share a fraction of the soul that makes up 'god'. So a tulpa, as a real sentient being [or a connection to my own soul], would constitute that. But then again my belief system is pretty unconventional. Unfortunately I have no questions, but it's cool you can network with professionals interested in our shenanigans!
  3. Welcome aboard! I hope favorable winds will prevail as you set out on your journey! (Heh, nautical puns)
  4. Welcome aboard! I have a feeling I may have met you on the IRC chat a few days ago ;) I'm no expert but if you ever have questions or wanna chat, feel free to send me a PM. Good luck on your journey!
  5. My bad! I was unaware. I'll brush up on the global rules again.
  6. You guys are all awesome. I read up a little bit of your progress report too and all told you've given me a pretty comprehensive breakdown of your situation. Thank you for sharing! As you may have noticed I'm not the most educated on these things in the real world. I've taken a bit of basic psychology but that's about it, so hearing stories like yours is really an eye opener to the complexities that multiplicity brings around. Everyone in this thread is teaching me things and it's super cool. I find it commendable that your system has functioned for the benefit of all involved through thic
  7. Well, you got me there. English is a funny language
  8. I always thought the term forcing was implied that you are literally 'forcing' your tulpa into existence through mental effort. It's a little heavy handed, but not entirely un-true. But a tulper tulping their tulpa? That can get a little confusing ;) If anything forcing could be closer to focus. Active and Passive focus? A tulpa-trance? Mental tuning? There's potential
  9. ̡͉̝͈͓̩̭̘͂̇͐̽ͦZ̶̧̬̠̙̝̟͖̃͋̊ͣ̆ͯ̚A͖͊̽̈͋ͦ̉ͩ̿̊ͅL̈̑̈̿̓̓̄҉̭͉̠͉͓͎͕͎G̵̅̄͊͡ͅO̥̼̭͂͐̀̓͋̕!̶ͣ̃ͬ̀̚͜҉͍͚
  10. Hello Heckhound! You brightened Saffrons morning, that's for sure :) I love how everyone here is so gosh darn friendly. To Luminesce: In all fairness I could absolutely be using the wrong terminology for all of this. If my verbage ever comes off as incorrect, it's from myself being untrained and not an attempt to be rude. Apologies if I ever slip up and end up calling a system by the wrong name! xD I see where you're coming from though. I would like to hear FallFamily's opinion but your interpretation of their entities sounds appropriate - and I can understand where a flaw in my logic
  11. Hey FallFamily! That was quite the verbose post, thank you for stopping by. I like how no one here seems to be afraid of walls of text <3 Your story sounds like a rollercoaster, thats for sure. Were you appropriately strapped in for that ride? If you were anything like I was at that age, inbetween grades, girls and personal goals, having voices in my head was the last thing I needed. I'm sorry you had such a rough time with it! But I am curious, it seems like with all that activity and with the line "We became the primary body controllers", did your host's influence become completely
  12. Thank you for taking the time, Tulpa001 and Luminesce! To Tulpa001: It's great to hear that it was such a positive and mutual agreement between the two of you. Being overly welcoming to voices in your head is a pretty unique outlook. The two of you really fit into what I would call a healthy case of pluralism, where the things that just pop up are far from scary or dangerous... they just need some time, understanding and compassion. Your host sounds very compassionate - and pretty open minded too :) How long ago did you... well... come into existence? If you dont mind me asking. To L
  13. 1659 Jan 14: Battle at Elvas: Portuguese beat the Spanish in a decisive tactical triumph.
  14. Hey all. I've been lurking here for a while now, but I want to make an official 'hello' and get to know the community. I've never told anyone before so this is a nice weight off my shoulders, but here is my story with pluralism. I think if we can open up conversation about the scary or confusing parts of having a self-contained network, it can make it easier for other people who might not be able to talk to others get through their own complexities. So here goes: Many years ago when I tried partaking the electric lettuce around my senior highschool years, the uh... mind expansion acted
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