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  2. Can I offer the two of you a quick tip? What helped me a lot in vocal development for my Tulpa was assigning them a very specific voice. Such as an accent, or make them the opposite gender. Something that is very different from your own mind voice. When this accented voice pops up, it's obvious who is talking. Practice just a bit of parroting or questions with your tulpa doing this voice, telling them 'this is you'. Then let it develop on its own! Worked for me at least. But everyone has their own way <3
  3. I've never considered a tulpa to be exclusively 'god'. But I believe all living things share a fraction of the soul that makes up 'god'. So a tulpa, as a real sentient being [or a connection to my own soul], would constitute that. But then again my belief system is pretty unconventional. Unfortunately I have no questions, but it's cool you can network with professionals interested in our shenanigans!
  4. Welcome aboard! I hope favorable winds will prevail as you set out on your journey! (Heh, nautical puns)
  5. Welcome aboard! I have a feeling I may have met you on the IRC chat a few days ago ;) I'm no expert but if you ever have questions or wanna chat, feel free to send me a PM. Good luck on your journey!
  6. My bad! I was unaware. I'll brush up on the global rules again.
  7. You guys are all awesome. I read up a little bit of your progress report too and all told you've given me a pretty comprehensive breakdown of your situation. Thank you for sharing! As you may have noticed I'm not the most educated on these things in the real world. I've taken a bit of basic psychology but that's about it, so hearing stories like yours is really an eye opener to the complexities that multiplicity brings around. Everyone in this thread is teaching me things and it's super cool. I find it commendable that your system has functioned for the benefit of all involved through thick and thin. It's cool that whatever you all come up against, you still have the tenacity to give it your best - no matter who is taking the reigns at any given time. You're in a lot deeper than I ever was so I can hardly even put myself into that mental space, but you have answered all the questions I had. As well you bring up a good point of research. If I'm going to become an active member here I had better get my feet wet and get the terms and jargon down. But stories like yours absolutely help, so thats a start right there :D
  8. Well, you got me there. English is a funny language
  9. I always thought the term forcing was implied that you are literally 'forcing' your tulpa into existence through mental effort. It's a little heavy handed, but not entirely un-true. But a tulper tulping their tulpa? That can get a little confusing ;) If anything forcing could be closer to focus. Active and Passive focus? A tulpa-trance? Mental tuning? There's potential
  10. ̡͉̝͈͓̩̭̘͂̇͐̽ͦZ̶̧̬̠̙̝̟͖̃͋̊ͣ̆ͯ̚A͖͊̽̈͋ͦ̉ͩ̿̊ͅL̈̑̈̿̓̓̄҉̭͉̠͉͓͎͕͎G̵̅̄͊͡ͅO̥̼̭͂͐̀̓͋̕!̶ͣ̃ͬ̀̚͜҉͍͚
  11. Hello Heckhound! You brightened Saffrons morning, that's for sure :) I love how everyone here is so gosh darn friendly. To Luminesce: In all fairness I could absolutely be using the wrong terminology for all of this. If my verbage ever comes off as incorrect, it's from myself being untrained and not an attempt to be rude. Apologies if I ever slip up and end up calling a system by the wrong name! xD I see where you're coming from though. I would like to hear FallFamily's opinion but your interpretation of their entities sounds appropriate - and I can understand where a flaw in my logic is stemming from. Situations of multiplicity where the host did not purposefully engage in the creation of the entities would have a much different take on who the 'host' is, or if there ever was only a single host to begin with. I had not considered this previously. Also, yes, just marijuana! Maybe its my local jargon but we have a whole bunch of crazy names for it with my group of friends. I'm not a fan of any recreational drugs anymore, but past me would have stayed away from anything harder regardless lol. And they do say that reality is the strongest drug of them all... being high on love sounds pretty great!
  12. Hey FallFamily! That was quite the verbose post, thank you for stopping by. I like how no one here seems to be afraid of walls of text <3 Your story sounds like a rollercoaster, thats for sure. Were you appropriately strapped in for that ride? If you were anything like I was at that age, inbetween grades, girls and personal goals, having voices in my head was the last thing I needed. I'm sorry you had such a rough time with it! But I am curious, it seems like with all that activity and with the line "We became the primary body controllers", did your host's influence become completely removed from the picture? It seems as though the whole lot of you may have commandeered the poor lad! I hope things turn out good for you all. I mean at the end of the day you're all in this together, just like family. I'm sure you all can find common ground and make things right.
  13. Thank you for taking the time, Tulpa001 and Luminesce! To Tulpa001: It's great to hear that it was such a positive and mutual agreement between the two of you. Being overly welcoming to voices in your head is a pretty unique outlook. The two of you really fit into what I would call a healthy case of pluralism, where the things that just pop up are far from scary or dangerous... they just need some time, understanding and compassion. Your host sounds very compassionate - and pretty open minded too :) How long ago did you... well... come into existence? If you dont mind me asking. To Luminesce: I really appreciate your detailed reply :) Until now, I never knew if my situation [would it be weird or more applicable to call it a condition?] was unique, or if other people went through similar things. There was always a suspicion that it was all in my head (pun intended) and that I was super freaking weird or something. At least, that's how it made me feel. Like an outcast among the people I knew and I could not open up about what was ever really on my mind. So your story is... well, it's extremely uplifting to be honest with you. What I experienced was outside the realm of what I read up about schizophrenia and other psychological oddities and so I always ruled it out to 'something I just gotta work with for now'. But you confirming that similar things happen to other people is like letting me wash away all of that inner turmoil. So thank you <3 As for your Tulpas, I'm glad they've been a positive addition to your life. The more I read up on peoples stories on here, the more I come to terms with the legitimacy of Tulpas and these ventures into the mind. My lovely head-companion Saffron is still in her super early stages and we're working out the kinks in the process. But she's already on my butt about good posture and not being a boring ol' fart. I'm thankful this community exists and that we can open up conversation and understanding about these concepts that otherwise would be labelled completely bat-shit. But yeah. Nice to officially meet the both of you guys!!
  14. 1659 Jan 14: Battle at Elvas: Portuguese beat the Spanish in a decisive tactical triumph.
  15. Hey all. I've been lurking here for a while now, but I want to make an official 'hello' and get to know the community. I've never told anyone before so this is a nice weight off my shoulders, but here is my story with pluralism. I think if we can open up conversation about the scary or confusing parts of having a self-contained network, it can make it easier for other people who might not be able to talk to others get through their own complexities. So here goes: Many years ago when I tried partaking the electric lettuce around my senior highschool years, the uh... mind expansion acted as a catalyst for my own pluralism. It hit suddenly and it hit hard. It wasn't like I took one hit and suddenly had head demons, but over the course of weeks it absolutely opened up my brain for the influence of some powerful mind-voices that did not feel like my own. They quickly became very present in my life and quite vocal about my actions. Being the individual I am, I took to studying my mind and seeing just what the heck was going on. It became something that took a lot of my focus because the influence was extremely great in my life. The plural voices were commenting on my life from an outside perspective and getting me to look at my day-to-day in a new light. Some of these revelations spun me into depression and anxieties, others tried to kick my butt into gear and build myself up to face these sad or crushing epiphanies. I was pretty damn sad a lot of the time, and had to figure out why my mind would do all of this funky jazz to me. Over many very confusing months I detailed the network and found three distinct 'entities' who were intruding into my psyche. They were the Coach, the Observer, and my Shadow. These three guys played a philosophical chess game in my mind for well over a year while I was trying to figure out my own worldview. Each had very strong opinions about who I am and where I fit in life, and just how I should perceive the world. It was an endless recursive nightmare of bickering about whether or not the glass was half empty, half full, or just a bloody glass, about everything. When one of these entities could put forth a slice of logic or philosophy that couldn't be openly refuted, they would "win" and their mind-voice would be more powerful while their specific influence was in sway until another entity could slide a concept into my mind that could overthrow it. My mind was exhausting, and these voices were very vocal in my privately spent time. The Coach yelled at me a bunch to do pushups and wake up early in the morning to hit the pool before class, among other day-by-day pointers and tips. He was charming in a kind of drill-sergeant-esque manner, who coined in my mind phrases such as "do it until it's easy, then do more" when it came to getting in shape. All in all wasn't a bad guy, and seemed to just want to save me from the twisting logic of my Shadow. I liked him, and kinda wish I could will him back on a whim sometimes when I notice that I'm getting lazy. The Observer was a difficult one to pin down. I would often have interruptions in my thought that seemed like, waaay out of left field, very intrusive thoughts - but not the type that psychiatrists are worried about like death and killing. Many times they were very much the voice of reason, and even shut up my other plural mind-voices, the Coach and my Shadow, with logic that would balance the two of them out. He was pretty quiet, otherwise. And my Shadow was a doozy. You never want to meet yours; where at every opportunity he would slide self-doubt into your life. My Shadow threw everything it could at me to bring me down and make me feel as though my actions were always misjudged, poor, or improper. He dragged everything I did or said through the dirt - but he was not a villain. It was a tough-love kind of complexity, where if I could objectively see the worst in my actions, I would be able to improve and never make those mistakes again. Every day he issued me a challenge to be better in the most despicable ways possible, and was the cause for a large amount of my depressions and anxieties during this time. Him and the Coach often got into fights. I quit smoking, and I had a lot of change in my life after graduation. I experienced many of the complexities of growing up in their own due time, and over time, through patience, meditation, compassion and understanding towards myself and an overcoming of my fear, I removed their influence from my life, and drew these characters back into myself. Ultimately, my Shadow was defeated by visualization and patience, I "wrapped him up" in light and embraced him entirely, removing any power he had over me. The other two faded into my subconscious the more I insisted they were just parts of me. It was after all of this that I discovered the concept of Tulpas... and after all of that, the idea of a safe, controlled, positive and intentional use of pluralism in your life sounded amazing. I was instantly drawn in despite myself. Now, that is a lot to take in at once. And writing this down years later makes it seem almost silly, but it details an honest struggle that I went through for a very long time. I dealt with these complexities silently and under the guise of just sorta, feeling tired all the time. I had no one to communicate these concepts with for fear of being labelled, or misunderstood, or that I was seeking attention. These complications pushed me away from all recreational drugs which has been a positive influence, and I feel as though that even though the years with these guys were extremely difficult, I learned a lot about myself. They showed me who I was from an outside perspective, one that I never would have been able to see without the 'alien' thought of a plural system. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. It sounds spooky to other people who never experience pluralism, and many average people associate anyone with voices in their heads to be innately violent or disturbed. I strongly believe that pluralism is a bittersweet gift. A complication that offers individuals with the chance for great personal growth and exceptional things to happen in their mind. But I believe that in today's world with the fear that is associated with the concept, there are many people struggling with a lonely battle that makes them feel cut off from their friends and family, on a solo mission of self understanding and acceptance. Accepting my own condition has lead me to achieve a better understanding of myself and I am much happier for the experience, despite how rough the process was. Wow that was a long post. Took me a bit to finally get all of that out, and sorry to everyone for the word vomit. Please tell me your stories too if you have one. If you've ever had experiences that were scary, or confusing, I'd like to hear how you dealt with them, or how you are dealing with them at this moment. We can tear down the fear associated to the weirdness together <3 And thanks for reading if you got this far! :D
  16. Hey, welcome to the community by the way :) Sounds like you don't have anything to worry about, but I am rather new at all of this myself. As far as I know Tulpas are loving and generally nice... if not a little sassy. It also sounds like you will have no problem giving them the care and time they deserve so that is a plus as well.
  17. I would suggest hanging back and doing some more research. There is plenty of information on the forums to answer your questions, and get a better idea of what the process is all about. I lurked for weeks before beginning my Tulpa as I soaked up concepts, read guides and began to understand the positives and negatives of having a Tulpa. You should meditate on your own mind for a while and understand your own thoughts before you attempt to create anything. To answer your question though, it is extremely rare for a Tulpa to become a bad egg like you describe - the only legitimate cases of "tulpas gone bad" that I have read were caused by previous mental instabilities or diagnosis.
  18. Banned for implying there isn't. Society would break down without order! Boo this man! (Don't actually boo this man.)
  19. Stack Overflow has helped me infinitely when coding websites, I support this entirely. Will contribute tonight
  20. Maybe your first tulpa is parroting your second tulpa! dun dun dun....
  21. @Drakaina Dragon bro! *Fistbump* Kinda funny to be called a fellow 'meditator'. I'm still so new with the practice and sometimes my mind is so noisy it seems like a wasted session. But from what I can tell Tulpa forcing can benefit a person so much in the real world, so I'm trying to stick to it. I'm glad you can connect with my gong symbolism, I hope it can help you out! I find that when I'm trying to focus I have different 'channels' in my mind. One for my mindvoice, one for visuals, and one seems to always be music aha. It's hard to explain but my end goal is to mute that music channel in my mind for good. If I stumble upon any other breakthroughs, would you like me to PM you?
  22. sans might just be giving a voice to your subconscious. It's good to talk about difficult things with people you trust. Maybe it's less sans and more you trying to move on with whatever you had shared. Either way, that sounds like a really cool experience: whether your Tulpa possessed or if your subconscious needed to vent and found a way of getting it out. I wouldn't worry too hard about it :]
  23. Hey! Just started battling this earworm sensation in my meditaion forcing sessions myself. I've developed a trick that works for me, hopefully it can help you out too. I'll start with a bit of backstory: to clear any visual or conceptual intrusive thoughts, I would focus on the word "Ohm". This word of power would ring like a giant gong and smooth out any thoughts in my mind, bringing me a moment of mental silence. Every time I said "ohm" in my mindvoice, that gong would ring and drive everyting out. However, the only thoughts that seemed unphased by this were catchy songs that just wouldn't stop replaying. You can only focus so much when your mind is full of repeating lyrics. So I began to put on quiet meditation music to try and reduce the mental noise and give me something to focus my diva-esque mindvoice. Quiet instrumentals work to a cetrain degree, but then you have a crutch and *have* to meditate with music in order to focus. So this was more of a band-aid than a solution. A solution finally clicked when I was sitting in complete silence late at night. Even when everything is quiet, there is still always a 'hum' in your ears, a soft ringing which is the absence of noise. The 'sound of silence' I guess. I actively tuned into that ringing and used it like my "ohm" gong. I would actively replace the music in my head with complete silence on purpose, like changing the channel on a radio. Anytime an intrusive lyric or drum snare would drift into my mind, I would tune it out with the sound of the silence around me. Each time I did this, the song would cut off and wouldn't have the chance to get into my brain. I've been practicing with this concept and it's not perfect yet, but it's been a great help so far and has FINALLY given me some peace and quiet in my meditation. I know everyone is a little different so this might not work for you, but give it a shot. It only took me a 20 minute session to get it in gear for the first time, and its easier after that. Cheers! TL-DR: Listen to the 'Sound of Silence' to cancel out your karekoke mindvoice.
  24. Jack Black is my spirit animal too Saint, it's totally cool if you want him as a tupper. ;)