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  1. Sushi, that was a wonderful response, but I've still got questions resulting in my skepticism. If it is a part of the unconscious mind that takes conscious control, and can be within your same body even sometimes with a different gender identity without you needing to think about it, is that not what Multiple Personality Disorder is? This website has guides on "creating" a tulpa, and it would be a conscious effort to create one. If you are having the character you've created control your body in the same actions as role-playing, except doing so as a different persona in the real world, then it's bound to happen that eventually this other individual will be able to develop more of a personality on its own without you thinking about it, but in the end it's still you.
  2. In response to Lord Tourettes, First, I'd like to say that I appreciate that you took the liberty of supplying a genuine reply instead of labeling my post as bait, that seems to be rather uncommon so far. As for your response, if the tulpa can entirely think for itself in a way that 100% of the time is COMPLETELY separate from the host body, then that qualifies as Multiple Personality Disorder (aka dissociative identity disorder) Often times people with that disorder have trouble proving it to others, which makes sense, but it is real. But if the tulpa is completely separate from other personalities within your mind, then why call it a "tulpa" instead of simply referring to it as a personality? Why are these terms apparently not synonymous? Some state that you can "create" a tulpa, and that often times is simply making one up, how is that a tulpa and not simply role-playing? If you do role-playing in the real world, it wouldn't be hard to eventually know your separate persona so hard that it eventually starts developing personality traits on its own, but in the end you are one individual.
  3. In response to Reisen & Enny, If you say you've been able to logically debunk the things that I have said countless times, Then why would it be such a hassle to do it again? Why is it that you are so hesitant? In response to Ichtys, I had honestly hoped that someone would actually be able to show me that perhaps this concept of a "tulpa" actually is something having a title (considering from what I can gather, it's nothing more than a made-up word that literally serves no purpose other than re-labeling role-playing and imaginary friends). When I posted this, I knew people probably would assume I was wrong, but I was actually hoping people could tell me HOW it is that I was wrong. So far, that has yet to happen.
  4. Of course you can try writing with your left hand even if your right hand is dominant, what is your point here? That does not relate to any of my arguments, it's completely irrelevant! You say I need a better approach, yet you have not attempted to debunk any of my arguments, all you did was claim I was a "troll" for finding the idea of a "tulpa" to be ridiculous. Yes, it can become habit to act as if you are another person, a "tulpa," but what does that even have to do with anything that I've posted? There is no need to act as if a "tulpa" exists when it is synonymous to role-playing! You act as if I'm trying to be "intelligent" for using exclamation marks without using any derogatory words, yet you've also tried to claim my age, claim that I am doing this solely to appear intelligent, and claim that I am also a "butt." I can assume you don't know what a fallacy is, nor do you know what should and should not be done in area formal debate, because you've just committed everything from ad-hominem to name-calling.
  5. What a meaningless idea this is, the "tulpa," it is the same thing as role-playing. Yet many seem to take it far too seriously, this I find troubling. It is not the result of a mental disorder, it is not the result of having multiple personalities, no - the "tulpa" cannot be the result of a tulpa but rather be 'created', but rather 'vent' through its 'host.' Creating and Making are the same thing, and when you make something through your mind, we call that 'making up' something; often times people try to reject that you can 'make up' a tulpa, yet the same people I've seen reject that do not hesitate to say you 'create' a tulpa. Had you a personality disorder, and there truly were multiple personas living within your mind, being a male and claiming this "tulpa" to be a female does not make it a female if it can only be expressed through you. If you have an x chromosome and a y chromosome, you are a male regardless of any personalities in your head, the sex of a person is physical. While it is claimed that the "tulpa" is created by the person who lives as it, is creating a character and making up a character not the same thing? Some may argue that a "tulpa" is different from role-playing as role-playing tends to require a backstory on the world around the character as well as events that may have happened, this is simply role-playing as a different being in the world we live in. I have heard the argument when that is SYNONYMOUS to spending time making up a backstory to make it seem more real. It is incredibly foolish how many people seem to buy into something that does nothing more than re-label the idea of an imaginary friend!