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  1. I had written a paragraph for you sparrow to explain my words but then delated it because it was repetitive, stupid, and hard to understand. I didn't relize I needed to speak clearly since everyone wants to be a lawyer now. Sorry if you misunderstood me, I have a horrible reputation for being vague. Now let's move on to humor shall we? Sooooo what your trying to say when it comes to tulpae is that... "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted."
  2. Lacquer maybe some tulpa are just more real then others, who really knows... But anyway moving along the philosophical stuff, the reason I say that is that apparently when your working and your tulpa is doing their own things(building their castle or whatever) that they dont really feel the time. Like if they get bored they could just go into a sleep state or something (extreme form of zoning out?) and wake up whenever. To be honest tho, i dont really know what I'm talking about, but that what I gathered so far.
  3. Well from a realist standpoint. These are symptoms of depression. The losing interest. The not feeling like yourself. The getting bored of life. Some ways to get away from that is to make sure you have a goal and purpose. Have the best health you can maintain. Some new things and meet new people. From an anime point of veiw. 1. This is the calm before the storm. The protagonist is at their lowest point and they have to do something different to move on. Or someone from the outside pulls them up and encourages them to be better. 2. The protagonist is pulled into a situation they never wanted a part in and have no choice but to adapt to survive. Ps. I'm sorry if I don't help much, since this has nothing to do with tulpas. You could try and make a new tulpa to help, but this seems like a crazy suggestion too.
  4. Metatron (spellcheck kept changing your name to mettaton cuz I'm an undertale fan :P) that's only the first impression of a tulpa. I wanted to know more of the daily life of a tulpa and host. It's obviously very different depending on the person and I learned a couple of new things. Like how tulpas dont really have a good sense of time when their host isn't actively paying action to them and how all tulpas are different depending on how advanced they are and their relationship with their host. (This one seems kinda obvious but I didn't know how far those differences could go) Thx to everyone who responed to my questions.i learned a lot. :D i will still read any new responses and you felt like you missed something.
  5. When I mean fully developed tulpa, I mean you can have a meaningful conversation in your mind with your tulpa. To me seeing your tulpa in the real world and hearing them with your ears is kinda an optional step. I relize that "their world" can be misunderstood but I do mean the real world.
  6. January 10th 2016 it been more then a week since I started on January 2th. Over this week I had change my tulpa's name from alexis to Shikumara. I had been switching between working on personality, working on her looks, and narrating. I'll think I'll keep doing that for the next week too. Remembering her base personality traits has gotten really easy but I still need work and the more detailed personality bits. When I have tryed asking for head pressures in certain areas it took a long time for my tulpa to respond or I was ignored. I decided that I'm not gonna care if I'm parroting or not because some could be my tulpa trying to speak to me. I'm still having troubles active forcing because its hard for me to focus but I'm not even close from giving up. I try to passive force when I can but its extremely difficult.
  7. I started making my tulpa more then a week ago but I think I get the gist. When your are making your tulpa basically you are trying to trick your brain into thinking there's another person. It natural to doubt your tulpa and that why most say assume your tulpa is sentient or treat your tulpa as if sentient because you are training your brain to accept that as reality. That is also why it takes different times for most people because maybe some brains were already trained or just more opened minded or they were already insane and their brain didn't give a crap about it. As for the actual tulpa, someone told me that if your having doubts about your tulpa think of them as a baby mind and you have to teach them about the world and how to talk and later on even how to move your own body. When they first begin to talk they will try and grab what you expect them to say cuz its easier for them. But as they learn more and more they start to develop their own voice and personality.
  8. Sorry if its a little confusing. I just didn't know if one tulpa could be great at art and another be horrible at it. So far from all the answers there doesn't seen to be much of a difference between host's and tulpa's ability. I think it's confusing because of the way i worded the qeustion. "skillset" is kinda game termology and I'm a gamer. I could find any another word at the moment.
  9. Evil thx for the insight. Hopefully my own tulpa is developing well. I guess seeing responses for other tulpa is very encouraging for me.
  10. Yes I understand that a tulpa is ment for companionship and you can talk to them and stuff, but... (For host) how has your life change with a tulpa? (For tulpa) do you ever get bored of your host and being limited to their world {the real world} or is it more free then I thought? (For tulpa) what do you do while your host is working or at school? (For host) do you and your tulpa are get into serious fights or disagreements? (For both) do host and tulpas have different skill sets mentally or physically? Or is it a "anything you can do I can do" situation?
  11. The recap thing is mostly for embressing moments and it doesn't really have to had happened that day. It could of happened years ago. But I am still mad at myself for it. I relize it might be only me who does this since I have so much free time. Thx for the tip for forcing. I don't want to be lazy with shikumara. I don't watch tv but I can take a few nature walks.
  12. I had started a tulpa a few days ago. You could call it a New Years resolution. I had started the basic idea during the summer but I never started forcing. But now I'm am. I started noticing head pressure on the right side of my frontal lobe and I try to passive force as much as I can remember. The first few days it was really tiring because I usually don't eat breakfast or lunch on school days.(I also rarely drink water) But now that I'm making a tulpa I'll try and eat breakfast when I can. I named my tulpa Shikumara and she is fish person who can transform into a koi fish. Her base traits are kind, optimistic, and sociable. But I'm having a hard time looking at her face and active forcing in general. I noticed that when I try and force my mind gets super distracted with any kind of noise. (no really i got a 25% on the blocking out sound test) I also notice that I go into my "reviewing what happened over the day" mode and I completely forget about forcing. I also have a hard time in talking about nothing and everything. I could try pointing my "reviewing what happened over the day" thoughts towards my tulpa but it much different from actually talking cause its more like little videos in my mind then me pointing out what I did wrong. Could I do that? Maybe I could set up a tv in my wonderland and we could watch it together? Is that considered active forcing?
  13. When you draw the picture, I suggest you take the picture and talk to it if it was your tulpa. Imagine that the picture is the tulpa itself and belive your tulpa is really listening. Because its a picture I wouldn't ask questions and just say how your day was. You can even try imagining your tulpa's different expressions on the picture. And once it's in your head enough I'm sure that when you close your eyes you will be able to fully imagine every detail of your tulpa. You can think of the picture as some sort of training wheels i geuss. I am even newer at this then you are so it's just an idea I had.
  14. Actually I told my dad yesterday about tulpas and they were basically an advanced form of an imaginary friends that are created thru a lot of meditation. He said that whoever told me about them was completely crazy. And that anyone who had tulpas would have a one way ticket to a mental facility. I got a little offended by the way he reacted but I understood his point of veiw. I also told him that most people with tulpas dont tell people because of the craziness of the idea. Then he got upset that I would belive random people but won't belive in god. And then I was like "im a strong independent woman and I dont need no Devine force telling how i should live my life, I can make my own morals i dont need to read then out of some outdated book" oh yeah and I also told him that I would try making a tulpa and he just kinda rolled his eyes in a "go for it, I doubt its gonna work" kinda way.
  15. What I mean is, are tulpas imposed in the real world able to gather information and able to rely that information back to you correctly? I do not have a tulpa of my own and I am quite new to this type of stuff and unfortunately I cant test this out myself. For example if you pulled out a deck of cards grabbed one from the middle without looking and you ask your tulpa sitting next to you what card it was. Would they be able to tell you? I kinda got the impression that tulpas know everything you know but can make memories on their own in the wonderland but would those same rules apply in the real world? If anyone has a tulpa and is able to impose them In the real world could you plz try this little experiment and tell me your results?