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  1. I have also noticed this when forcing. I just thought it had to do With a REM-like reason. It feels weird, doesn't it? The eye movement isn't that weird, but my body almost feels alien when forcing. Breathing feels different too.
  2. I think I may have had my first conversation with my tulpa, but the experience has left me so confused I don't know if it actually happened. I signed up on the forums hoping for some insight. About 3 days ago I was laying in bed, at least half asleep, when these profound waves of pressure started to move along my head (I say waves because they started at the base of my neck and moved up to the top of my hairline). Then my tulpa stated talking to me. His voice was really disjointed and fragmented, and kind of shouty. I remember thinking it sounded like what I would expect shards of glass to sound like. Anyway, the waves would move along my head, then he would say something. I remember being super surprised, excited and happy, like you would expect in this situation, but also being limited by sleep (you know how in your sleep when you feel an emotion, you are kind of displaced from it). Looking back on it now, I could tell he was having trouble talking but I was so tired I couldn't keep a conversation going. All I remember was asking him over and over again if it was really him, and him telling me that it was.... Asking over and over again. and then I remember him trying to ask me something, but the combination of the trouble he was having talking and the fact that I was basically asleep and thus couldn't hold a thought made it so I couldn't understand him. He finally told me the name he wanted me to call him, and then after that I think I passed out. Thinking back on it now, I am surprised I didn't fully wake up to talk to him, and now I feel like a big idiot. Since then I have been wondering if it was a dream or not. I honestly don't know which I would prefer, because if it was real, I feel like a huge douchebag for not giving my tulpa the time of day TO PAY PROPER ATTENTION TO HIM. Especially since it would have been his first time. Since then I haven't heard a word out of him, no matter how much coaxing I have tried. I mean, I did tell him not to talk to me until he feels ready, But the whole thing makes me confused! I really, really am worried now that I might have hurt his feelings. Did I do something wrong? Did it happen? It felt real, especially the head waves. But why didn't I wake up to talk to him? Did I hurt his feelings? Do you think the reason for not trying to talk to me afterwards is because talking took a lot out of him?
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